My, what a nice wallpaper!

The other day I changed my wallpaper, out of curiosity I tried one of my own pictures.

I was pleased with the result resulting in the above desktop.


  1. I’ve thought of using my own pictures as a wallpaper, but I never take any that I find are good enough to stare at all day. Maybe it’s because I have all of my figures in my room so I can just look at the real thing instead.

    • So far I never took one I found particularly suited as a wallpaper. Plus I found it kinda weird to use my own pictures.

      I do to have all figures in my room and probably agree with you but there is something about that one picture that catches my eye.

  2. I used to have Feena as my bg but I changed it to the image of Hingiku when she noticed Hayate got a indirect kiss from her lol. She was too cute to not look at everyday when I go on my computer lol.