I like Touhou cross overs

Man, that one picture was more trouble than I expected.

I like Touhou for many, many reasons, among them are the cross overs.

Recently I saw a Touhou x BRS drawing that inspired me to take the above picture.

However, this wasn’t without trouble. Have you ever had this image in your head that no matter how hard you try you just can’t put into words, draw, etc.

I had this image for a picture that I wanted to take but no matter how many pictures I took, how I moved the figures around or changed the angles and lighting I couldn’t get it exactly right.

This is highly annoying but that’s that. The above picture was one of the many I took.


  1. I have feeling that B*RS will get herself Fantasy Sealed… (knowing how Reimu is)

    Liked the lighting, makes B*RS sword glints. Also… how DID you make Reimu, err… “floating”? I don’t see any strings or stands…

    p.s. good thing that you didn’t use the “happy face” for Reimu. XD

    • Yeah, I can see that happening.

      The lighting was an interesting experiment on my part glad you like it. Huh? What are you talking about? Isn’t it Reimu’s ability the power to float?

      Argh!, I forgot, I was gonna take a picture like that for kicks. Oh well so much for that.

      Remember what I told you before, all you need to be is clever with the figma stands and the angle of your pictures.

  2. cool picture, I envy you for your figma posing skills ;)
    even though you aren’t really satisfied with your picture

  3. nice pic! love Reimu’s pose and placement of chains.

    I think BRS’s pose is too static though, maybe more dynamism would have breathed more life into the photo? xD

    • I concur, I actually wanted to pose BRS as if she was lunging towards Reimu but that posed problems with her balance. I would have been forced to use a stand which I really didn’t want to.

    • I played the demo for the second one, I read that there is an English version coming in the near future so I’m waiting for that.

      Indeed, I feel it would be one sided as well.

  4. really? Because I really like the pic you took!
    But can totally agree with the cant draw whats in your head scenario… -sighs-
    I hate that especially when you draw anime styled things and it just doesnt bloody look right D< LOL


    kudos if you can understand that (Y)