Red Sun

You know that was supposed to be a red moon.

Oh well, next time I will use a picture of the moon to add features to the surface.

No Embodiment of Scarlet Devil shout out for me then, then again it was Remilia with the red moon as her background. Should find a clock tower for Sakuya I suppose.

By the way I hate Sakuya’s knives, every little bump kept making them fall off. I also ended up losing one of them during one such occasion. I wish they knives where part of the hand like the one with the pocket watch.

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  1. It would have been a red moon if you added a scarlet mist effect with Photoshop. XD
    But then again… SQN (Sakuya) is more appropriate with clocks or a clock tower.

    note: SQN is something from Ochinchin-Riichi’s doujin, titled “~In Gensokyo, danmaku dodges you!~” where Flan assumes leadership of the Scarlet Mansion.

  2. Argh i dont like putting out her knives for the very same reason aaaargh.

    Why not place Sakuya with a mansion background so you’ll have more creative leeway with the lighting :D

    • Indeed, I need to go look for that knife I lost.

      Yeah, that might work better, it was pain dealing with lighting. Couldn’t really illuminate the girls with out messing up the background.