World’s end…

Hey, look at that pair I wonder what they are up to.

You know, these two are quite alike, going all out form the beginning and using beams like there is not tomorrow.

Most importantly though, they both show their “love” in a very similar fashion.

If you haven’t noticed I finally got my hands on Marisa, thanks to some good soul from Tsuki-Board. He had a price I couldn’t resist and free shipping to top it off.

By the way, this is my 100th post. I had planned something big and fancy for it. However, due to the Japanese earthquake, shipping and release delays that was not to be.

I will postpone it a bit.

… and thus the world ended in the mist of Nanoha and Marisa befriending each other.

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    • So happy to both reach my 100th post, didn’t think I would last this long. Also really happy to have Marisa after craving her for a year.

      Come to think of it, all the girls that end up fond of Marisa do so after a good beating, just like with Nanoha.

  1. Oho~! Finally you managed to get her, eh? And your 100th post some more. =D

    Somehow, this reminds me of my post where Marisa was dueling with my ReZEL-C, where technology vs magic (mega beam launcher vs master spark).

    Now… wished Max Factory re-release Reimu… T_TT

  2. oh, the 100th posts congrats
    cool, that you was able to get Marisa in the end, I know how it feels to be unable to get a figure.

    looks like Nanoha prefers blondes for befriending ^^

    • Thanks, once I got Marisa in my hands I wanted to do so many different photos with her at once but got to pace my self.

      Oh lol, hadn’t noticed that at all. I guess Nanoha does have a thing for blondes.

  3. Ooo, you got her! She’s adorable and looks like so much fun to play around with. Love the expressions she comes with.

    Grats on your 100th post too! That seems like such a huge, unattainable amount to me, ehe.

    • Trust me, I can’t wait to play around with her… hmm… I will think of a better choice of words for that next time.

      I do weekly posts on average so to me 100 posts really signifies a testament of my own commitment which makes me quite happy.