It’s nice to have a job <3

No worries about whether I will have money for this and that really gives me peace of mind.

The lack luster list from last time.


Rei sure has been delayed a lot, heck figures that where announced after her ended being released first. I hope it’s not because of some production troubles or anything like that.

I wonder if I’m the only one that liked Kirino, every one else seems to be on the hate wagon when it comes to her. I have a theory that people dislike her because her mannerisms when it comes to otaku antics hit to close to home for some people.

Anyways, I do hope those crossed arms of hers fit other figmas. There is at least one other bossy girl I would like to use that pose with.

I really like this figure, it’s simple,  elegant, doesn’t pop up too much. Just like Kanade herself, plus because it is a simple a figure the price is not too high either.


This is probably the first and last Mirai anything I will buy as I’m not fond of her design that much.

I find this Mirai to have come back in full circle for me. If I hadn’t stumbled across Danny’s site 4 years ago, I don’t think I would have gotten into figure collecting at all. It was because he got his hands on the original figma Yuki that I became interested in figures, 50+ figmas latter here we are.


This is gonna be Nanoha figure number 5, 6 if you count my Nanoha dollfie. All of those, dollfie aside are of Nanoha in several variations of her barrier jacket. A Nanoha figure in her uniform is a nice change of pace plus she has hair down giving her a different feeling.


I’m not a big Miku fan, I only own the original figma version after all. For some reason I found this version incredibly cute. Hell, I’m not even into glasses or anything.

Next up is the next figma in the Touhou line. The drunkard oni that loves to party, I look forward to many fun pictures with her.

Still, stupid Otacute, what’s with the high mark up?


Finally we got Yukari, I like this figure, so Yukari like.

I been following this figure since I saw the unpainted version at some event. I was happy to see she was available at AmiAmi as well since Chen wasn’t. I do hope though that as my first Phat figure she doesn’t disappointmt me.

There you have it, these figures I will get for sure since I can’t actually cancel any of them.

Might add some more if money is available.

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  1. I cannot aggree more with your header.
    dont know what id be doing whitout a job, im so lucky ^^
    nice orders you got there, quite a few figma.
    Im looking forward to suika and her chibi self.

  2. I like Kirino~
    Didn’t end up preordering her Figma but still might pick her up after release if she’s cheap.. she has some pretty awesome facial expressions and I think she’d be a lot of fun to play around with. ^^

  3. I love Kirino XD
    It might be that her arrogance and mannerisms do hit too close to home for some people. I love her because she’s a girlygirl who likes 2D stuff – she cares about both fashion and VNs/anime and won’t give up on either, no matter what anyone thinks.

    I’m not a huge fan of Mirai’s design either, but I preordered the figma to show my support XD

    • Pretty much my thoughts on her, I do wish more people would find a balance like that though.

      Yeah, I find it a nice nod to get her figma version since my bread and butter when it comes to figure collecting is the figma line.

  4. It’s nice that you can nearly buy what you want now ;)
    The more I look at that Rei figure the more I want her, mainly because of her cute faces.
    You’ve chosen cool figures for you, the lovely Nanoha and the Lat type Miku, I’ve also ordered. Yukari is so beautiful I should consider to get her for myself, that pose is great^_^

    • It is really nice but also really dangerous.

      I find the expressions on Rei to be quite nice, was surprised though since I seriously can’t remember making her any of those expressions in the show.

      I look forward to those to figures but not as much as Yukari, too bad she has the farthest release date.

  5. I read somewhere that the reason Rei was delayed so much was precisely because of production difficulties, at least we’re getting a decent figure after all this waiting.
    Ahh, Kirino, lets just say I am enjoying these recent OVA episodes very much.
    And woot for Lat Miku! Its rather convenient that shes cheap too.

    • Eh… worry some indeed, I hope Rei turns out well.

      Lol… many people have found themselves enjoying the Kirinoless episodes quite a bit.

      Indeed, such a cute bundle for such a nice price.

  6. It is indeed nice to have a job :)

    That Kanade poster must’ve slipped under my radar, I don’t remember seeing promo shots of her anywhere until now. Now I’m thinking of getting one.

  7. I wish I had a job… oh wait, I do… I wish I had a PAYING job. lol.

    That’s an interesting statement you made about the Mirai figma. Could start a whole discussion about it, but probably shouldn’t. Hey, what’s your msn btw? Drop me an email with it, ya?

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