Such a busy and fulfilling weekend

Fun and busy weekend for me.

To start off I will mention the highlight of my weekend.

That above picture was featured in the “Picture of the Day” for Tsuki-Board. Pretty nice, ditto for the blog view increase.

Other than that, I did a bunch of stuff, cook out at my brother’s, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, acting as anti depression counseling for my friend, cleaned my room. Fun times once more.

I forgot to post this picture for last week’s post. The resulting picture at that particular moment was this one.

I find it kinda interesting people were actually impressing by my silly backdrop.

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  1. Haha that set is awesome!

    Damn you for making me want those figmas…Marisa and Reimu make a pretty awesome pair. ~_^

    • I got them as part of my Touhou fanboyism, plus at the end of the day I can’t think of Reimu without Marisa and vise versa.

      Happily enough for me, I find them really fun figmas to play with.

  2. I’m wondering, what is your bulbs’ wattage? Because I always ended up increasing the brightness in Photoshop…

    Uuu~ When is Reimu going to be reissue… /o

  3. oh quite busy weekend indeed ^^
    congrats for the “Picture of the Day” title ;)

    your backdrop isn’t silly at all, the cartoon look is very cool.

      • Wow, you really must be a busy person.

        And, really? Guess me and you will get along just fine then, since I’m also a big fan. Actually trying revive a project I had running for it at another blog, but now posted it up on mine.

  4. Haha, I have the same kind of lamps as you, 2 desk lamps with tissues taped all over them and an LED lamp. Unfortunately I can never seem to use all 3 at once due to the LED lamp having a much different light color but yours turned out OK! Perhaps I need to try your giant box/diffuser thing…

    • I know exactly what you mean. My LED lamp is so much brighter than the other two, has a bigger spread and different color.

      The diffusing kinda evens them out, if you play close attention you can still see the LED’s white/blue light though.

  5. Congrats on PoTD, Miette-chan!
    My weekend was so bland compared to yours! I mostly slept.. :D
    Lol, my backdrops are boring so it’s not hard for me to be impressed but I’d be very proud if I managed to make something like you did.

    • Thanks!

      I would have loves to sleep, specially after going to sleep at about 6 am on sunday.

      I actually find it fun, makes want to put more effort into it.

    • You guys give me more credit than I deserve. I say the hardest part is coming up with what to do, once that’s done it doesn’t take me more than hour to set it up.