Pre-order list time!

This time it’s not too long of a list.

The list from last time.


The lone figure for July, can’t wait to own her as the good Nanoha fan that I am.


Still got the cutesome Lat Miku on my list and look forward to her as well. This is one Miku figure I can actually understand the hype for.

I look forward to good ol’ Suika, good some neat ideas for a few photos featuring her.

I can’t believe this is actually happening, It’s Robocop, a figma Robocop, Robocop!!!

Funny though, I watched the movie as a kid a lot. When I watched it when I was older I was quite surprised it’s definitely not for kids.

I bought the three other Cures from Heartcatch gotta complete the set with the elegant and strong Cure Moonlight.


Still makes me happy I can buy her at AmiAmi, I think out of all the figures on this list this is the one I want to see in my hands the most.

Then there is Madokami, I’m betting on there being a Homura figma otherwise I will find this too be not as appealing.

At least I will be able to take a picture of Kyubei and a certain other magical girl.

This is my tentative list until August anyways.  There are plenty of other figures that I would like to pre-order but with August being a heavy month I will wait. I’m hoping for some delays to spread out things a bit more.

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  1. Ahh… Suika, you’d be one of the most expensive loli(-like) figma ever (well, not if they make Tewi, that is…).
    Robocop WAS a surprise to me, really. never had come to my mind that Max Factory be doing him(!).

    And boy… that’s some list (good thing not as long as your previous one, lol).

    • After Misaka-imouto nothing will seem expensive in comparison. I’m still annoyed at the higher that usual markup from Otcaute.

      Robocop really came out of no where, I never really expected that prototype I saw to become a regular release.

      Even though I could possibly buy all I want, I am making at effort to spend responsibly in terms of my hobby.

  2. I knew it you would have suika figma in your list, its a definit must have right? =)
    Otacute bulk up the price of her >< shame Amiami or hobbysearch arent selling her.. i wonder why.
    hopefully more touhou figma will come out in the future =)

    • Indeed, if there is one figma line I’m not missing out is the Touhou figmas. The reason has to do with the guidelines ZUN, the creator, has set. Mainly AmiAmi and Hobbysearch do not sell doujinshi items.

      Yes, Cirno, I want Cirno, and Yukari among many others, but primarily those two.

  3. Nice orders, Miette :)
    Yeah the 1/7 scaled Nanoha look very nice here and will probably turn out great :)
    So you’ve ordered Lat Miku in the end ^^ Im not that interested in Hatsune Miku as character, but this figure of her is too cute too resist. Still don’t know what the Lat means, latin?
    The Madoka figma has a very nice dress, she looks quite moe ^-^

    • She is nice, Alter’s previous Nanoha figures were really nice so I have high hopes for this one.

      I did, can’t really say I’m a Miku fan but this one is so cute. The Lat comes from the music video where she was featured.

      Madoka? I can’t wait for Homura though.

  4. Almost all of my preorders for this summer are nendoroids. I think the only scale figures I have ordered are the Shining Hearts girls and the Azunyan figure by Max Factory.

    • Swap nendos for figmas and that’s pretty much how I roll. I’m surprised though that I want so many scaled figures in the second half of the year when in the first I barely wanted any.

  5. Lat Miku! I actually wasn’t interested at first but she grew on me to the point where I grew stupidly excited about her. She’s probably my most anticipated figure this year now.

    Was thinking about ordering Suika for a bit but ended up passing on her. She’s cute though and I’ll look forward to your future photos featuring her. :D

    I’m not a huge fan of Madoka’s character but she’s such a good looking Figma that she was instantly pre-ordered anyway. There better be a Homura Figma released though..

    • I’m not a Miku fan but I just find Lat Miku irresistibly cute, can’t pass on her.

      If there is one line of figmas I’m not skipping on it is the Touhou girls.

      I really don’t care much for Madoka but I’m also hoping on a Homura to go along with her.

  6. Man, I had overlooked figma Robocop but he looks pretty cool, especially his leg-holster. Still don’t know if I’d get him but I’m looking forward to seeing reviews.

    I’m looking forward to figma Madoka. Not so much for her by herself but when all 5 Puella Magica’s are assembled, it will be pretty epic. Homura will be cool but I’m pretty sure my favorite will be Mami.

    • I was all ready to pre-order Robocop, then I saw the leg hostler and I suddenly wished he was in my possession already. Can’t wait to get him, my childhood is on full gear with him.

      Yes, pretty much my reasoning for buying Madoka. One of my regrets from the show was that the five girls where never really assembled working together. I’m hoping the figmas will rectify that for me.