Let’s go 3 for 1!

A rather obvious new domain, a new author and a contest.

As you can hopefully see I moved on to a self hosted blog, essentially the same thing as before but minus the wordpress bit in the address. With that said I suggest you update your bookmark and rss feed if you make use of them.

I turned the redirect for the old wordpress.com blog so if you go there you should be redirected here for the homepage, sub pages and any posts. All of which, including comments were transferred over.

I will be tweaking the look and feel of the blog for a while longer though, adding bits here and there. One of those things that I want to get to is adding more people to the blogroll, so if you want to be part of it let me know.

Next up is the introduction of my friend and new co-author for Otagamer. When you see that Yukari picture and the name exilehero that means it’s not me writing the post. Same goes for the pictures in said posts.

In case you are wondering why I emphasizing this, that’s because in the past even though I explicitly mentioned there were not my pictures people still went and commented as if they were mine.

Anyways, exilehero is the one who deserves credit for my photography. He introduced me to photography in general and brought me my first figma when he traveled to Japan three years ago. This blog, my figure collecting and photography all came to be because of him.


Finally, the last thing.

A simple contest, all you have to do is write a comment. Here is the catch it has to be a meaningful comment, not hard right?

The prize will be simple either this or that.

Also, shimapan background.



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    • KaminariAnime, a blog I visit pretty much everyday. :P

      (I tried to paste a Kyubey ascii art hence the “contract?” joke, but this domain do not support unicode. :-( )

  1. Hi Miette and co-author exilehero =)
    congrats for moving to a own domain.
    Hehe nice that you’ve found a co-author who can do all your work now (just kidding ^^ )

    somehow I thought we’ve already exchanged links, but we haven’t :D
    I would like to

    • Thanks, it’s something I been considering for a while.

      Yes it is I labeled him with chief executive assistant title.

      Hmm, odd I thought we did too, will add.

    • Hello Fabienne, nice to meet you.

      I have no intention of becoming an assistant =P. Miette still does most of the “work” on the blog (though wordpress makes it redicoulously easy).

      • touhou character avatar chain :D

        Hi exilehero also nice to meet you ^^
        Im looking forward to see your posts
        And Im curious what they will be about.

  2. Hi, I stumble upon your site because I saw your comments on some similar sites that we visit. I enjoy reading your post especially looking at your collection because it’s something that I don’t have and figure collecting is not really something that I’m familiar off. I’m also quite new into blogging, so it’s nice bumping into your site. :)

    • I remember you too! XD

      I’m glad you enjoy my posts, hopefully you might become more familiar with it in the near future.

      I will keep and eye for your posts.

  3. Nothing is better than having your own domain. Welcome to the family of happy domain name owners, I myself am a figure collector so I’ll definitely have to bookmark this blog for future readings, just in case I don’t catch new entries and such on Twitter.

    Time to do some backtracking of previous entries and be jealous of you having stuff I’d love to have. >.<

    • Yes. the amount of control and freedom is amazing. I look forward what you have to say about my silly antics. May I suggest subscribing to the good ol’ rss feed? I find the feeds god sent to keep up with my fellow blogger’s posts.

  4. Partner-in-crimes are great — at least that’s what I think in my experience. There have been a lot of times when I forced myself to work on the blog just so I don’t fall too far behind Ashlotte — a little friendly competition never hurts anyone!

    Congrats on the team-up. May you two shine gloriously on the new domain! =D

    • Sure is, we are essentially taking our offline antics online, lets see how that works out. Yes, exactly that. for most of this year I been kinda in a slump, now though, I want to take so many photos and take care of executing several ideas. Friendly competition indeed.

      You know, you and Ashlotte were the drop that spilled the bucket. Hobby Hovel was what convinced that this can work and work great.

  5. Congrats on getting a domain! *hands over congratulatory bouquet*

    It really helps having a helping hand and a second opinion. But lol Yukari and Reimu, does that mean you end up on the trolled side of things? (since i get the impression that Yukari trolls Reimu a lot).

    I’d love to put you in my blogroll as well, but I frankly have no idea how to creatively do it hahahah HALP =D

    Whats the “copy this password” format for?

    • Thanks!

      Yeah well, lets just say the choosing Yukari was not just a coincidence.

      I’m no one to say anything since I only have some links, so as long as a link to my blog shows up somewhere on yours I’m happy.

  6. Oh awesome!
    welcome to the world of having its own domain….
    anyway nice layout new great and welcome to miette-chans world exilehero!
    hope to see more of your post along with of course miette-chan ^^
    anyway thumbs up and oh contest i see!
    btw took me ages to type that password D:

    • It is awesome, so many things I can do now that I couldn’t before.

      I’m still gonna try and tweak the layout and theme a bit to suit it to my tastes more.

      That should have been removed already so you should be able to comment like always.

  7. Congrats on the new domain! Hope the transition went smoothly for you both. The changes you have made so far look really nice and I’ll be looking forward to new posts from the both of you!

    It’s pretty nifty having a co-writer. It means I can afford to slack off due to being busy/lazy or whatever but my blog will still be updated with new content, woooo!

    Goodluck and I hope you two have heaps of fun working together! :D

    • It was kinda smoothly, got into a bit of problems with the redirecting and the new feed, hopefully it all is happy now. I still plan to tweak the layout and may be change the theme.

      Sure is, usually I can manage my usual weekly post but it’s nice having a the breathing room. Plus this allows me to do things in advance which I haven’t done since I started working.

      I’m sure we will, after all I’m out of my slump and want to get serious.

  8. Congrats on the new domain. I remember when I moved my blog over from wordpress, it’s like you’re all of a sudden free from the chains that once bound you. I’m looking forward to seeing what other changes you’ll make around here.

    PS: I’ve updated your link on my blogroll.

    • I know exactly what you mean, so many things I can finally do that I couldn’t before. Although there some things I never knew I had to take care of now.

  9. Congrats on the move to self-hosting and to exilehero for joining the fun! Self-hosting is sometimes a bit of a hassle with the constant upgrading and self-managing but ohman, the freedom to add whatever plugins you want and full control over the CSS, more than worth it. Also, looking forward to the new perspective that you bring to this blog exilehero! More figure reviews is always a cause for celebration

    • Heh, even I’m not quite sure what that perspective will be. Though I do plan to have fun with the posts, and hopefully this fun translates to the readers too.

      I plan to talk about talk about the figures rather than actually review them. I’ll let you guys do the judging.

    • It is, I got a little taste of that dealing with various things here and there, but it is nice having full control. I’m sure exilehero will bring in some new fun things.

  10. Congrats on the new domain. I probably will not move mine for awhile, but seems it would be worth it. Looking forward to seeing the new figurines you get.

    • It has been almost two years of using WordPress to blog, you could say I was starting to feel constrained. Making this move it is liberating so much control and freedom.

  11. Hey wow! Congratulations on getting a domain, and getting a friend to co-author! I’ve updated my blogroll to reflect the new address. Shimapantsu background is totally win.

    • Ah, thanks, I do find it quite nice, after all exilehero made me get serious about photography after my slump.

      Yes, you are awesome, finally someone mentioned the shimapan background.

  12. Looking pretty neat on your new home, I see. Not bad for my first visit!

    Anyways, this makes me remember of the time I moved out of the wordpress.com domain and into my current non-restricted domain. I hope you’re prepared for all the horrible problems independent hosting has to offer, like non-updating WordPress core files and malfunctioning RSS feeds.

    Also, shimapan lines are meant to be horizontal, not vertical.

    • Ah yes, I had my taste of just that. My site going down with no warning or explanation for about an hour, problems with my feed. Thinking about it, wordpress.com did give a 100% uptime the almost two years I was there.

      Hmm… yeah, should have rotated the backgrounds… so I guess that’s regular stripes?

  13. Nice Yukari image there. *winks*

    Shance, you’re correct… that pattern for shimapan is horizontal.
    Can you still have the time to correct those, Miette??

    • I like that Yukari picture, so Yukari like.

      Indeed it is, I will keep in mind for next time I use that backdrop for sure.

    • Indeed, had a bit of trouble at first so letting people know, changing the feeds, redirecting didn’t went smoothly as I thought it would.

  14. The new domain is nice, I’ll update my blogroll and all that ^^ I often wonder if people realize my wife posts on my blog sometimes using a different avatar as well. She doesn’t do posts that often but when she does I doubt everyone notices. I guess it’s easy for people to forget about other authors unless they post frequently, and I like how exilehero is doing things here. Also, nice Misaki wa Misaki. It’s pretty awesome that the person that got you into figures is now becoming a figure collector :)

    • Yes, someone people don’t really read or notice at all, that’s why we went out of our way to point it out several times it was another person writing the posts.

      I noticed, different writing style and choice of topics usually are a tell sign for me but I doubt most people pay attention to such things.