A Visit to the Scarlet Mansion

Sakuya Izayoi hard at work at the Scarlet mansion, doing housework.

Hello. As you might or might not have noticed, I’m not the usual person. Miette-chan is on leave this week, so I’m taking care of the shrine till then.

Let me tell you a little about me.


I go by the handle name exilehero. I like anime and manga and the like. I’ve also been into photography for a while. Miette and I have been friends since years ago. I’ve probably have been mentioned here before. Whenever Miette says something like, “Oh I spent the whole day playing with my friends” it was probably me. Here’s the avatar I’ll use; Miette posted it before.


I want to take photos of things I like. I like anime and manga stuff so figure photography seemed like a good idea since it combines many of my interests. Also, I know Miette has been blogging about figma- erm, figure photography for a while so my dear friend invited me to post on the blog.


The plan is for me and Miette to alternate by week, so every 2 weeks or so I would make a post.

Anyway bring in the maids.


So, this week we’ll be visiting the Scarlet Mansion.

Sakuya’s finnaly done with the cleaning. Spotless…

“Hey Sakuya, since you’re a maid, do something cute for us, here put on this nekomimi and pose.”

“Common, you can do a better pose than that.”

“Oh what’s that? you have something to show us?”

“Oh, you say it’s getting late? I don’t think it’s particula-“

Miette edit: ZA WARUDO!!!

“Urgh. I’m not feeling very sharp all of a sudden. I’ve got this cutting feeling something’s wrong. But that’s beside the point. Let’s continue.”

“Oh what’s this? Sakuya how kind of you to bring tea. Though I can’t quite make out what kind it is.”


After taking out the trash, the diligent maid continues with her housework.

All clean once more!

Thank you for reading!

Here’s something extra. By Miette’s request.


  1. Well hello and welcome exilehero ^^ I enjoyed the pictures and accompanying story, all a day’s work in the life of the Scarlet Mansion’s maid. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  2. Hi there exilehero, nice to have you here ;)

    I also like figurine photography at but Im not talented with putting figmas into interesting pose so I prefer to take pictures of the static ones. Nevertheless I like to look at the stuff people are able to do with their figmas.

    That was a funny short story, Sakuya seems to be a short tempered maid XD
    The second gif looks really cool and well done. Hehe and Sakuya looks so adorable with her mop ^^
    the background/underground is quite fitting is that some kind of coated film?

    • Hello, nice to be here.

      You should try it some time, it’s more a matter of patience than anything. Keeping them from falling over, now THAT takes talent, maybe.

      I’m glad you liked it. She’s just taking care of guests as usual.
      No, it’s real marble that I purchaser and installed square by square just for this photo shoot (kidding, it’s Plexiglas on top of paper).

  3. Nice photos and nice to meet you. I am not to knowledge when it comes to figurines or will I ever go and purchase a bunch of them. However, it is nice to read the post and see what others are purchasing or what is new. Looking forward to seeing you around and reading your post.

    • Thanks, nice to meet you too.

      I’m kinda new to buying figures myself. I’ve known about them for a long time because of frequenting related websites and because of Miette, but I’m barely starting to get figures of my own.

      Looking forward to more comments =P

  4. Hi exilehero! Just got this figma recently and she is cool, love all the little knives she comes with. But damn, does she look good with those nekomimi

    • Hello,

      The nekomimi are actually from the Azusa figma. Sakuya can be posed in some really neat ways, and she comes with interesting faces. She’s really fin to play with, especially since she comes with some hilarious Touhou emotion stickers. Btw, she’s Miette’s =P.

  5. The last shot blew out of the seat. =P
    Looking back, I love the ZA WARUDO (Sakuya’s World… =3) image slide animations…

    Overall, nice Sakuya figure. And darn, it had also a nekomimi mode? :O

  6. Nooooo why didn’t you do any pad jokes.

    Anyways, nice edit on that ZA WARUDO. I wonder if Miette will actually do sets that can demonstrate danmaku bullets/knives.

    • P- pads? What pads? S- saku- the beautiful maid of the scarlet mansion Sakuya Izayoi, ha-has always had some, I-I MEAN! Ehem, she has always had a moderate, and adequate sized bust. Th-therefore I do not see what you mean by this p-p-pads business. And no, I am not being held a-against my will and being f-forced to say a-any of this.

  7. HNNNG~! You’re tempting me more and more to get Sakuya…
    (problem is, the said allocation is also reserved for gunplas…)

    • I’m not trying to convince you or anything but I doubt gunplas have control over time-space :p.

      Hmm maybe the Double 0. However, it won’t look good in nekomimi!

      • Wait. I’m going to tell the 00 Raiser’s power at the expense of telling a non-related topic:

        Credits to FeuerFremder on YT.

        Its quantization… (look up on wiki):

        Because? of high GN-output and speed, certain area around 00 Raiser is “bent” from the usual space-time dimension, meaning that 00 Raiser moves according to quantum physics and normal physics do not apply.

        When achieved, “in-bubble” time goes faster than “out-bubble” time. For setsuna it might look that he “gets away” by normal speed, however in “out-bubble” territory we can see that 00 Raiser splits into quantum particles due to its speed, aka teleports.