A day out

A group of familiar faces, performing a familiar scene.


I always wondered, how does Biri Biri manage to not get hurt when she kicks the vending machine. I mean that has to hurt right?

Due to the recent string of vending machine vandalism the owners hired the Imouto security agency.

Ah slip, I sure hope there is nothing above.

You know it took me some effort to get over the no pants thing on Strike Witches.

“This!” Requires a serious expression apparently.

Alright who didn’t see this coming? I mean, it is Miyafuji after all.

Hmm… I wonder if Mikuru is even conscious.


  1. haha a very entertaining picture story, it looks so lively :D
    It’s cool that you’ve managed to pose them without the stands.

    Biri Biri feels no pain from kicking a mere vending machine haha

    • Glad you liked it.

      Gotta admit though that I did some trickery for a couple of shots, but yes I like figmas with good balance.

  2. Aww, cute story! Battle waitress Mikuru is such an adorable figma.

    It must be so much fun to own both Biri Biri and the imouto figmas.. I’m sorta jealous!

    • She is quite… useful indeed, so dynamic.

      Other than paying more than anyone should pay for a single figma, they are quite fun figmas to have.

  3. Haha, I loved Misaka in the background, not to mention Miyafuji falling out of the sky. I would’ve imagined Haruhi raping Mikuru instead though.

  4. Gorgeous digirama/comics… I love your effort to the whole background setup… they are gorgeous… mine always use the boring white background only… sigh…. keep up the good works ^__^

    • Thank you, it’s not as much effort as you might think.

      One you thing you can do is simply print assorted backgrounds and paste them on a backdrop.

  5. Nice comic, I love the vending machine kick. The posing was also well done. I always admire your dioramas, they look so pretty. Took me a second to figure out where that dog came from in the corner, then I remember Metis came with it xD

    • I’m glad what effort I do put into does not go wasted, makes me happy to hear someone say they like the silly stuff I do.

    • Biri Biri and Misaka-imouto are fun, if I could I would just stick them in all my figma photos.