Why do you have such sexy legs?

Today I’m gonna talk about FREEing’s Ookami Ryouko. Incidentally she is the first ever figure that I buy with my own money. By the way the title of this post is a spoof on Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?, or something like that.

Ryouko is from the anime Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, which I believe is a play on Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The anime portrays fables spin offs in modern settings, like little red riding hood, 3 little pigs and the like. I liked the anime well enough but I really liked Ryouko’s character design, she’s supposed to be the big bad wolf. Though she’s not bad at all.

She is made by FREEing, which for the longest time I thought was just a subsidiary under under Good Smile Company, but I believe it’s the moniker of the sculptor as well. I’ve always liked FREEing’s stuff. Long before I ever considered buying figures I felt tempted to purchase his work, but I never had the money for it. But now I work!

I really Like royoko’s face. I dig her tsurime.  You can really appreciate the sculpting from this angle.

One the biggest appeals of this figure are her very sexy legs. You can also take a peek of her midriff in this shot.

Very detailed boots. Nevemind the ant.

When I received her she came with a little bit of paint transfer on her leg, but I don’t mind that much. I really like how her hands are sculpted.

Her pose is very nice. Her back arches in a way that makes it very attractive.

These are the Neko-Neko Knuckles which are essentially taser-boxing gloves. They leave as mark of a cat when you get punched. They also make a nyaa sound when punching.

She has really nice and long hair.

A clearer shot of the midriff.

You can take off the Neko-Neko Knuckles.

The knuckles actually help to counter balance her. Once I took them off she lost some of her stability and tumbled face first into bricks. Her bangs got a little scratched…

Originally I wasn’t going to post a panty-shoot because it doesn’t really suit Ryouko’s character but she was so detailed that I just had to share.

In the end I am pleased with my first figure. I really enjoyed taking photos of it. However I get this feeling that something is missing with scaled figures. I think I’ve played too much with Miette’s Figmas and I miss making the kooky poses. Until next time!


  1. FREEing is under the umbrella of GSC yes (They handle stuff like distro, advertising, and funding) but FREEing the company is far more then just one fellow. ~_^

    Anyway she’s not half bad looking for a figure from them. I’m like you I wasn’t that crazy about the show itself, but her character design was quite nice! Good to see her get some figure love.

    • Ah I see. Thanks for clearing up that FREEing bit for me.

      She’s quite nice indeed, I really like her. I hadn’t seen much pictures of her in the past so I hope this gives her a little more exposure.

  2. Ryouko’s skirt is so very bizarre. It’s like the unholy love child between the high slit of the china dress and a pleated long skirt, which results in something that reminds me of a loincloth. Yet it works so well! I never finished the anime itself, but it’s mighty hard to forget Ryouko’s unique fashion sense and her legs.

    Very nice photos, by the way! The brown bricks and tree trunks go very well with Ryouko’s hair. I haven’t seen much of this figure thus far, so thanks for sharing =)

    • Loincloth is not a word that I like to associate with Ryokou, girls, or anything for that matter. I prefer to think of it as a slitted long skirt over a pleated miniskirt. But I guess whatever it is, it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on her.

      Thanks, I wasn’t quite sure if the bricks would work out or not. Good to hear someone liked it.

  3. I love Ryouko outfit =)

    She turned out better than I’ve expected, I have no own experience with Freeings quality, but the things I’ve heard were more on the negative side. She looks nice, the pose is interestig, especially her arched back looks hot ^_^

    That was well chosen location for this figure, the brickwall somehow gives the impression that Ryouko is looking for delinquents to beat them up ;D.
    Can she really stand without base?

    • I really like the sculpting.Though there was some over painting issues with the ribbon buckle, I’m happy overall.

      Haha, I didn’t think about the brink wall that way before but I like your idea better, so let’s say that was the intent all along.

      She’s surprisingly stable. Though the accessory apparently provides a lot more stability, since she fell when I took it off. And she got chipped…

  4. Congrats on your first figure purchase. I think Ryouko is one of the more under-appreciated figures because the anime wasn’t too popular. She looks really nice, although it’s a shame that there was already some paint transfer when you opened her up.

    This makes me wonder though, how did you convince someone to buy all your figmas for you?

    • It seems there’s a bit of a misunderstanding. The Figmas are Miette’s, they have all come from my dear friend’s income. And it is me who recently got into buying figures, thought I’ve been playing (and breaking) with Miette’s for a while.

      I did think she went unnoticed by a lot of people. I enjoyed the anime but I guess it didn’t have enough of an impact for people to stay interested in it for long.

      The paint transfer kinda sucks, even more so that it’s on her pristine legs, though it doesn’t bother me too much.

  5. Congrats on your first figure purchase! I’ve never seen Ookami although I have seen the opening and the NekoNeko Punch looked pretty cool and just sounds awesome. Love the design of her dress/skirt thing, its sexy but gives her a little more of a warrior look. Or maybe thats my imagination getting away from itself, lol.

    • Thanks.

      I’m guessing she’s trying to look tough, kinda like a yankee girl. In the anime you see that in her past she was a very gentle girl that wore girly dresses, and she’s trying to change that. I would like to see a figure of her in a girly dress though.

  6. Not bad for a first figure, welcome to the hobby :P You could probably clean that paint transfer up with some Mr. Super Clean or some generic version of that, it worked for some of my figures at least. I always liked her character design myself, but the anime didn’t really impress me enough to want a figure of her. She looks great though, I think it would have been cool if she could wear the neko knuckles.

    • Oh I hand’t though about actually fixing the paint transfer, I’ll be sure to give it a try, thanks.

      Yeah, if she could wear those neko knuknes it would be really interesting. Then again I’ve realized that I would probably be happier with something you could play with, like something articulated. I’ve spent too much time with Miette’s Figmas it seems.

  7. Is it me, or am I noticing a red scratch on her left thigh?

    Anyways, nice figure. And you really had to do a panty shot. Oh you.

  8. Ive never been a fan of freeing, but i must admit that im liking this figure, the details are nicely done. A good job with the paint. impressed

    • I’ve always been curious about FREEing. The figures they release seem to be in-sync with my tastes, as all the characters they sculpt tend to be favorites of mine.

  9. And wow. Another nice “high-quality” figure. I do like Ryouko and this anime.

    Darn it. Even in the pantyshot, her everything under there is so detailed. With this and the boots you know the figure is so detailed… *sighs*

    • Very detailed indeed. I really wasn’t expecting something that you don’t normally see to be so detailed. But I guess if you think about it, that’s what most people will peek at when they first get a figure. Not out of a dirty mind of course, but out of the question that comes out of natural human curiosity: “I wonder if she’s anatomically correct down there”. Thinking about it this way it is natural to assume that they’ll do a good job sculpting her down there.

      • Well I agree with that. I really never expected a figure to have a pantyshot then when it has, it’s in high detail. Not out of perversion, but out of curiosity, I will take a look to see if it’s alright.

        I wonder how I can get this fast… :D

  10. Congrats on your first figure exile! Ryoko’s character design is charming enough but making her into a figure brought it out even more XD