Haruhi teaches Kirino a lesson

Today we’re looking at Kirino and Haruhi. Is the title misleading? I almost feel like Sankaku Complex for naming it with such a tricky tittle. But I digress.

My last post was supposed to be about Haruhi but it ended up being more about Yotsuba. So this time I wanted to focus a little more on the movie version Haruhi Figma I got. Anyway Enough talk.

Haruhi out of nowhere!

Kirino getting caught up in Haruhi’s flow.

Kirino a little unsure of herself.

This is getting good.

Kirino, you’re saying no but you’re not being very assertive here.

Darn, now we’ll never know what happened!

Tsun tsun~

Haruhi is acting like some big shot producer.

Haruhi’s all like, “Deal with it, kid”. What’s with her and the word kid anyway? Also, feel free to just skim through Kirino’s rant.

Ouch! That’s harsh even for Haruhi.

Such a cliched line. But I like it.

And that’s that. Hope you liked it. If you’re wondering about the backgrounds, it was a run of the mill day where me and Miette took Figmas around and took pictures. Miette did most of the shooting, since he has the ridiculousness that is the magic camera. The idiotic story is by me. See you next time!


    • Unfortunately the cameraman was so shocked at the content of the missing scene that the camera was dropped and the whole thing went unrecorded. That cameraman now lives with PSTD and is locked in a room and won’t come out. With only a lingering and faint sound emerging from the door, *fap* *fap* *fap*.

  1. give it to her haruhi! :D
    Interesting story … “don’t point into my distance kid”
    The shouting face of Kirino looks very funny, maybe just an idea but I would have liked it if you had parted Kirino’s long bubble in three pics next to each other, to better show how pissed Kirino is.

    • Haha, yeah I sorta intended on people skipping it. It’s supposed to represent the feeling Haruhi gets when Kirino is complaining. That is, she’s completely ignoring Kirino’s rant.

    • I believe this is the beginning of a love-hate relationship between Haruhi and Kirino.

      Yes, I wonder that too. The owner wouldn’t be happy with that though.