A certain Decepticon’s sunny day out

OTL…. this is too much work… like seriously… good thing I had a helping hand this time.

Anyways, enjoy this “high production” figure story and make sure to see those two gifs.

A continuation of this other figure story.

Now, behold the power of animation!!!

City gets attacked again? Sounds like a scoop to me.

Aya, diligently performing her work as usual.

A little to flashy with that title there Aya.

That sounds more like some MC building hype than reporting if you ask me.

Did I ever mention the Pretty Cure franchise is really awesome.

In paritcular Heartcatch is my favorite show so far. It’s like mixing Casshern Sins, Kamen Rider and magical girls.

You know, this bugs me to no end. Why is Precure not popular in the west? It certainly has great appeal for various audiences.

I mean, if you like stuff like Nanoha, any Super Sentai or Kamen Raider show then Precure is for you. Also goes for magical girl fans in general, heck Precure is made by the same studio that brought Sailor Moon to the world.

Enough ranting about that.

This sequence of events is pretty typical for a Heartcatch episode.

In case you are wondering for the reason behind the attack, it’s just some ploy to overthrow Megatron… or steal energon… or something or other that Starscream would do.

So I learned that for being such a distinct sound effect, that transforming sound has no consensus as to what the onomatopoeia for it is.

As one comment on flickr put it, legendary dialogue… legendary indeed XD.

exilehero helped me out with some of the special effects. It’s so nice to have help with this stuff, while not necessarily hard to do, it is time consuming.

Hmm… I don’t think I have a comment for this one.

This is the sunny in the title, the third Heartcatch Precure girl. She is cool, she knows martial arts and stuff.

Yes, Precure fight using tactics and strategy every now and then.

Now this is one of the things I love the most about Heartcatch… the finishing moves and the combos using them.

I wanted to add sound to this animation, but exilehero was telling me that would be making a movie rather than some gif animation.

Boasting, the number 1 cause of defeats for evil doers everywhere.

These girls so totally did this in the show proper as well. Really awesome plot relevant episode.

Poor Starscream totally got hit head on by the attack. This means only one thing.

Bad guy explodes!

Go Starscream, explode all Megaman X Maverick boss style.

Indeed it was Aya, this is how Precure roll.

One last thing to mention, when I first watched Precure this is exactly how it was for me.

I watched Futari wa Precure first, I did expect something like Doremi but boy did I get something else.


  1. I love your action comic posts, its so funny and entertaining “more than meets the eye” ;D
    Nice explosions this time, Starscream is such a showoff, but he is easy prey for the girls.

    I would like to watch Futari wa Precure soon, since then the outfits became a lot more girly it seems.
    I like magical girl outfits, but Heartcatch Precure! looks really pink and vibrant in terms of outfits.

    • Starscream was always more of a pushover than anything else. I put some effort into the explosions this time.

      YES! Go watch it, do keep in mind that it is the first show so it’s a lot more episodic than the latter shows. The first show is a nice start for the series either that or the current airing Precure show.

      Hopefully you become fan, Precure should really be more popular in the west.

  2. Oho~

    Starscream, as always, ambitious yet silly.

    Dayum… loved your setup. :< *paruparuparu*

    (p.s it's feint, not faint. ^^;)

  3. Crushed by a bunch of colour-coded brats — this can’t be good for the self-confidence of the would-be leader of the Decepticons. If nothing else, Starscream is persistent!

    • I’m surprise he still has confidence after getting beating so many times, having to beg for mercy or having his plans backfire.

      But yes, the power of a color coded group of magical girls.

  4. Really cool comic and gifs to go with. I still haven’t watched much Precure but I’ve seen a bit here and there. Maybe you should try making a little movie sometime out of these.

    • Yeah, put way more effort into this one than any of the previous ones. You seen Precure? That’s surprising, barely anyone watches it outside Japan. Makes me happy that you do though.

      A movie… yeah I wonder how that would turn out, or rather how much time and work it would take.

  5. Ah, good ol’ Starscream… I remember those days.. This one isn’t the original release, is it? I remember my cousin had a Starscream. I had a few of the other less important jets. There was a purple one with fans in its wings, and now that I think about it, that one looked far superior than Starscream I just wanted the Starscream because my cousin had it, and it was one of the main characters in the series. Ah… the memories…

    Too bad though… he got loved and tolerated the shit out of. :)

    • Indeed, always one of my favorite transformers over all. No he isn’t, he is part of a classic line reissue something or other line from Hasbro that they released a couple of years back or so.

      Yeah, I can understand how that was. My brother used to have a large collection of transformers toys which my parents always told me about. That I never saw, that every time I was told about I just wish I had it rather than being some back in the day story.

  6. I went lmao at Starscream…
    Having received love in SUCH A WEIRD way… \o/

    And heck yes, ZUN’s alleged girlfriend, reporter Aya.
    I love how she reports events not even in the Gensokyo… lol.

    This is the most epic of the figure stories yet… Good Job Miette!

    • Yes, Heartcatch and Precure is all about love. Showing your “love” to your enemies and “purifying”.

      Yeah, never questioned that, that’s how fast she gets scoops I suppose.

      Thanks glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Someone once told me something along the lines of “Precure is about magical girls beating shit up while powered by the elemental plane of lesbianism”. Of course, I immediately watched all of Heartcatch. The statement was pretty accurate.

    The Figuarts of Marine and Blossom still seem off to me, but Sunshine looks much better. I’m still waiting for Infinite Silhouette, myself.

    • Yes, that’s Precure in a nutshell. Althgouh the yuriness does vary from show to show.

      I like them over all, they do fill very flimsy, more rubbery than a figma. Cure Black and White feel more sturdy and solid though. As for Sunshine she is my least favorite so far, loose joints don’t amuse me. I was impressed by Bandai’s quality but now I’m kinda doubtful. As far as the looks I’m quite happy with them… Marine needs way more expressions though.

  8. Lovely special effects and gifs. Everyone can totally see the dedication placed in this entry XD
    Starscream not getting enough love, must be the shrill voice that turns off our primary color obssessed ladies.

    This is Fresh Precure right?

    • Glad you liked them, even more so since it was a bit of hard work to make them. Poor Starscream never gets any love indeed.

      The girls come from Heartcatch Precure, the show that came after Fresh.

    • It sure is, as long as someone appreciates it I’m good.

      Still, thank god I ended up splitting it over a week rather than way day as before.