Haruhi T-Rex Hunting

Hello everyone. Today we’re going to go on an expedition of a big game. Haruhi will be our expedition leader.

By the way, after much nagging from Miette for me to write one, I wrote a lengthy about page of myself.

Wonder who that shady dealer is. Hopefully we’ll know someday.

This man has no hopes and dreams!

Well she is allegedly¬†God and all. Oh but this is the movie version…

Ah, so that’s the purpose of all this.

What are pegs doing in a jungle anyway?

Ah such a harsh punishment. I expected nothing less of Haruhi. Wait what’s that?

Nom nom nom.


  1. “no dinner” Haha Haruhi is always so mean in your posts :D
    the small piece of paper goes so well with figmas, I should try that with my new Mayoi figma.
    Well after my favorite lens has been repaired *sob* sob*

    cool dino btw ^^

    • Haha, I don’t intend to make her mean, I just get caught up in the moment.

      Anything small seems to work well with Figmas. Oh I’m getting her too!

      Ah, I hope you can use it again soon ^^.

      Pretty cool huh?

  2. lol, it figures that the one that didn’t believe in dinosaurs gets eaten by one. If Haruhi wishes for something, it’s only right that it happens since she is God herself.