Still in Canada…

So this time our local tour guide took us to the great Canadian wilderness.

Together with Chag and exilehero we made our way to a deep and secretive location within the Toronto High Park. So green, so pretty, so not dry like a desert.

The Toronto Park is filled with many pretty sights. Nature sure is photogenic.

I can see why Chag came here to take those awesome pictures of Alter’s latest Saber.

As we made out way through it how I wish I had brought some of my scaled figures. I found perfect spots to use as a backdrop for several of the figures I own.

I also really wished I brought my dollfie Nanoha, so many nice spots that would have made for a really nice photo shoot with her.

So jealous of the people here in Canada, go outside and take pictures.  Since I live in a desert I would kill to have nature this pretty and green near me for most of the year.

Toronto High Park is quite big, I’m surprised such a huge amount of nature is right smack in the middle of a large city.

I hear the park has some cherry blossoms, I wish I could have seen them. I have seen them countless times in anime, manga and photos but never the real thing with my own eyes.

I kinda wish I had come to the Toronto area during the spring or summer. I can’t imagine how much prettier everything would have looked.

Nature is fun, walking within it, taking pictures of it, enjoying it with some friends. I had fun during this outing, I look forward to see where else me and exilehero end up going during our long stay here in Canada.

Much like before, if you are around the Toronto area and have free time during the weekends we can meet up and have fun.

Alrighty then, see ya next time!



  1. I actually had to google where this park was, that is already pretty far out from central Toronto. Living here isn’t pretty in the winter when you have to shovel snow.


    • I really have no idea where the park is in relation to Toronto. I would love to shovel snow the first time around for sure, I never seen so much snow that it would need to be shoveled out. Any time after that I probably wont.

      • Shoveling snow is like lifting water, excepts it’s cold and just as heavy! An 8 week stay in Toronto is pretty long for any type of vacation though. It isn’t that far out as I’m pretty sure you can get their pretty easily by subway, just outside the core Toronto area.


  2. nice post, I liked how you told two whole different stories with text and pictures :)
    The Misaka sisters are so photogenic I also like the mini T-rex pix.
    haha and that huge rifle is great

    that seems to be a wonderful spot Chag showed to you, well green nature is always nice.

    btw is there a special reason that you are able to stay in Canada for so long?

    • Hmm… yeah the pictures and stories are more unless unrelated. I’m glad you like the pictures, this time around they took physical effort on my part. The great outdoors is hard on the body of people like me who don’t experience nature often.

      Really nice spot indeed, even nicer a few months ago apparently. If I ever got the chance to come in the spring and summer I would go back to take pictures.

      I’m here for work, me and exilehero get to stay in the Toronto area for eight weeks. Three weeks down, 5 more to go. Only thing I wish that would make this trip better was if the other Canadian bloggers didn’t live in the other side of the country.

    • The stories are not unrelated at all! T-Rex are native to Canada and it’s their national bird, or something like that. We just happened to come across one at the park and took pictures of it.

  3. “I would kill to have nature this pretty and green near me for most of the year”

    I don’t know about Toronto, but the part of Canada where I live only has that kind of scenery for about 4 months. One month is spent with trees losing their leaves and for another month, they’re growing them back. For half of the year, all we have is snow, which is basically the same as a desert, except white.

  4. It’s amazing how accurately that last photo reflects my reaction to the sight of you guys busting out the figures in public– thank GOD the dollfie was left home! =P

  5. It’s so awesome meeting up with like-minded people met online, eh? ^///^

    I wanna meet you!

    Join some of the comrades in Singapore – they’re HARDCORE with the outdoor figure photography. XD

    • Sure is, I wish there were more people to meet on this side of Canada, don’t want to impose too much on Chag.

      Me too! Such a shame you along with several others I wanted to meet are half way across Canada.

      I wonder if I have the stamina for the stuff they do, I’m so silly American after all.

  6. I’m a bit jealous that you guys got to hang out.. I wanna come too! I also wouldn’t mind getting my hands on your Misaka figma, lol.

    It looks like you guys had a blast and the park looks beautiful. But down with cherry blossoms.. nothing gives me hayfever more than those!

    • I wanna hang out with you and Luth too, next time I drop by Australia we should. Misaka figmas are cool, if only on the expensive side, too expensive on Misaka-imouto for sure.

      We did, it was cool experiencing so much green nature we don’t have in out little desert corner of the world. I wonder about the cherry blossoms, I tend to get allergies from flowers and such I wonder how they would affect me.

  7. That looks like a lovely park to photoshoot in. I also wish there were places this green and nice year-round to shoot in. This area feels like wasteland most of the year, which really takes away from nature shoots and giving my figures some actual scenery rather than backdrops. Great shots though, the T-Rex was a cool idea :)

    • I agree, where I live it’s a desert so finding pretty places to use as backdrops. Then again I could just not be looking hard enough. The giant park with the lake and pretty scenery is something I prefer.

  8. Looking good, i liked a lot the creativity put in and the scenery makes it 100% time better.
    Also nice you met up with fellow comrade Chag, good to see readers getting together.

    My favorite shot… must be the pantsu in the beginning ^^