Upcoming Videogames!

Be ready to die, over and over, and over.

As you may or may not know, this blog is also about videogames! No, really, I’m not making this up. Go look at the name of the blog. Yes, it has a name. No, it’s not miettechan.com. So I will talk about the games I’m anticipating for this year starting with Dark Souls.

That guy got bored.

What Is it

Dark Souls is an action-adventure type of game with some RPG elements, like leveling up your stats and such.  It is made by the creators of Demon’s Souls. It is meant to be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, which was infamous for it’s difficulty.

Well that's a pretty image...

Why I’m anticipating it

I enjoyed it’s predecessor very much, no, enjoyed is not the right word for it. There’s this sense of immense pressure while playing it. You’re trying not to die with all your might, and when you manage to persevere all that pressure and angst turns into this huge satisfaction. Only to get killed again right after. This combined with it’s dark story and imagery is why it’s predecessor is so appealing. Dark Souls, from what I’ve seen, is more of that mixed anxiety/satisfaction feeling, but expanded and improved.

Why you might also be interested

If you’re a masochist If you’re up for a challenge and you can handle a game that doesn’t hold your hand then you might like this as well. You might also like this if you have a sense for exploration and collection, as there’s a new huge interconnected world and many armors and weapons to uncover and use. Dark souls is schedueld to be released October 4th in North america for both PS3 an Xbox 360. 

Pew pewNext up is Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

What Is it

It is the next installement of Ace Combat by “Project Aces” of Bandai-Namco. It is an “arcade combat flight” game according to Wikipedia, but I think it’s more of a here’s-a-plane-go-shoot-down-all-those-bastards-oh-crap-I’m-out-of-missiles-now-I-gotta-use-my-crappy-Gatling-gun type of game.

New over-the-shoulder camera makes stuff more actiony

Why I’m anticipating it

I’ve played a couple of the Ace Combat games before. Each of them has very dramatic and engeging story-telling. You always feel very heroic as you mow down enemies, bring down evil dictators, take out super weapons and the like. Miette compares Ace Combat 5 to Gundam. I’m expecting this new installment to be as interesting as the last games. There is however very big changes to this new one. They changed writers and are basing it on the real world. They are trying to appeal to the Call of Duty demographic it seems. I don’t think it’s bad, but I hope they didn’t change the core of what makes Ace Combat fun while doing so.

New "next gen" effects for damage and stuff.

Why you might also be interested

Ace Combat is about shooting down stuff and saving the world. If you like to save the world you might want to look into this game too. The developers also were talking about making the game more engaging by adding an over the shoulder type of camera. They were saying that, usually, in this type of game what you spend most of the time looking at is your radar so they wanted to amend that by adding it. Assault Horizon is scheduled for October 11th in North America for PS3 and Xbox 360.


Next is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Since It’s already stupidly popular I’ll just skip to why I’m anticipating it.

Random war scene A

Why I’m anticipating it

COD is just plain fun to play with friends and enemies. I’m looking forward to the new guns and maps. Can’t wait to shot stuff. Also, I find the story interesting. It comes out November 8th for PS3 and Xbox 360. Anyone else planning on getting this on the PS3? Let’s play together!

Now for some Mario.

What Is it

Super Mario 3D Land is a new Mario installment for the 3DS.

I better get some fireworks!

Why I’m anticipating it

This game is somewhere between Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros., And Mario 3. It mixes the gameplay of Mario Galaxy with some side-scrolling levels that you would expect from old-school Mario. It also has tanooki Mario back! I’m really looking forward to how they will incorporate all these things in the final game.

Mario show's off the latest fashion

Why you might also be interested

Mario games are usually really well designed, game play wise. So this is a game for anyone really. If you like platformers, like having fun and have a 3DS handy, you’ll want to check this one out. It comes out November 13th for the 3DS.

One of my all-time favorites, Zelda!

What Is it

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is the next Zelda game for the Wii. It uses the Wii’s motion plus add-on for the wiimote. I’m a little worried of that part since game play relies on precise slashes, so I hope they tweak the controls to be just right. The art style of this one is somewhere between the more realistic style of Twilight Princess and the cell shaded one of Wind Waker, looks interesting.

Why I’m anticipating it

I’ve been a big fan of the Zelda series since I was a kid. I just love the sense of exploration and the colorful worlds where they are set. As far as I can tell this one is no different. The fact that that you use giant chieckens cuckoos mysetious birds to fly around makes me think this world is plenty big to explore. There’s also the new item upgrade mechanic that seems interesting that I’m looking foward to.

Why you might also be interested

Zelda is all about exploring big worlds and fighting your way though a bunch of dungeons. If you like sword fights, gadgets, and puzzles you might want to keep an eye on this game too. It comes out November 20th for the Wii.

Mario Kart!

What Is it

Mario Kart 7 is the next in the Mario Kart series for the 3DS, but this time it has underwater racing and air gliders! And it’s in threee deeee (3D).

Why I’m anticipating it

Apart form the races and the usual stuff, what makes Mario Kart sadistic fun is the multiplayer. Whether it’s shooting down your friends with a turtle shell right before they cross the finish line, using the infamous blue shell on people or just smacking them aside with a heavy character, Mario Kart has always been one fucked up entertaining game for me.

Why you might also be interested

If you have friends to torture play with this might be a game worth looking into. Mario Kart has been one of the best multiplayer or party games out there and this one seems to be coming along nicely. Friendships end December 4th on the 3DS.


That’s it for this the games I’m looking forward the most this year. Does it coincide with yours? Are you looking forward to any other games?


    • Worry not, while not on exilehero’s list it is surely on mine. Building a PC and all that to be able to play it, as long as Sega actually releases it in the west at least.

    • Hahaha, I’ve never played PSO before believe it or not, but Miette has been nagging me about it. I was gonna play it way back in the Dreamcast days but I never really got around to it. I am curios about it though. I might just play it if I can update my computer and Miette hypes it enough.

  1. Wow, lots of games! The only one on the list that I’m getting is Call of Duty: MW3 on PS3, which will probably take up all my gaming time with its awesome multiplayer. At least I hope its awesome. Feel free to add me on PSN, my SN is Mistahappy. Mario Kart 7 looks so cool, wish I had a 3DS…
    Other than that, I’m really looking forward to the next installment of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. I know I’m being extremely optimistic on them coming out by Christmas, but I can hope, right?

    • I’ll add you as soon as I can since my PS3 is miles away haha. My PSN ID is exilehero btw if you want to add me first.

      Oh yeah, I’m looking forward to the next Starcraft 2 chapter, but for the story of all things. I can sorta see that one happening before Christmas but good luck with Diablo 3 :p. I don’t mind Blizzard’s “it’ll be out when it’s done” policy so much as at least it’ll have a much higher chance of being a cool game.

  2. I was leaning more towards BF3 than MW3 initially, but now that I know Luth and you guys are going to be playing it, MW3 is pulling me back towards its side. As much as I want to try something new with BF3, I also want to play with actual friends as opposed to random 13-year-olds and frat boys. I bet dominion would be a lot less infuriating when you can have at least a few people on your team to communicate meaningfully with. CURSE YOU, PEER PRESSURE!

    If I end up getting MW3, you guys had better play with me many, many times.

    • I’m kinda interested in all the vehicles from BF3. The videos make it seem really dramatic and all. But I’m kinda turned off by the fact that it looks and feels so much like Modern Warfare now, at least to me. And I’d rather just go play COD if it’s like that.

      You’ll probably play with 13-year-olds and frat boys regardless of what you play ;P.

      I played dominion for the first time the other day. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. My teammates kept screaming at me or something. I got the hang of it around midway and then I started to not die as much. I’m way too rusty in LoL. There’s a bunch of new characters I don’t know. That shadow dude’s a melee dps? Looks like a mage to me. Aw crap he just killed my squishy in less than 2 seconds and my stuns were useless.

      Haha, don’t worry Chag, I’ll play with you if you get MW3. I know I’ll be playing it a lot.

  3. I’m looking forward to the new Ace Combat game. I’ve played Ace Combat 4, 5, Zero, and 6, and I enjoyed all of them so chances are that I’ll like Assault Horizon too.

    • I played all of those but 4, but I hear it’s really cool too. I had a blast with them. And that’s also my mentality with Assault Horizon, if the last ones were good this one’s bound to be good too.

  4. Im not a big gamer and It’s been some time since I played a new game, but I always likes to see whats new, there’s a good tv show called GameOne in germany which I watch for that reason.

    From your post I think Ace Combat: Assault Horizon would interest me the most,it looks great.
    I remember that I’ve played one Ace Combat title on Dreamcast ^^ and I just like military jets and helicopters.

    Zelda also looks like fun

    Now I need a console , PS3, WII I don’t have any:D

    • There used to be some video game channel over in the States. Well it still kind of exists but it wasn’t ever really good. I used to get most of my info from magazines before the internet haha.

      Ace Combat is all about military planes. They have a lot of real ones like the F-22. It’s kinda like plane porn haha.

      Ah not even one? You could get a handheld. Those are cheaper and there’s a bunch of games for them now a days.

  5. Exilehero, even if BattleField 3 is cooler than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as what beta testers say, I’ll still get MW3. I want to have a grip of the story that is the continuation of MW2. Seems the graphics and system is the same on all MW’s but it looks like it has improved.

    Also, I have my eyes on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. The graphics are great and I sense a hard gameplay here… o/

    • I haven’t actually heard what beta testers said about BF3, but if it’s good then that’s cool The more good games the better!

      Yeah I kinda want to play MW3 for the story more. I didn’t even touch the multiplayer till years later when Miette wouldn’t stop talking about it and I started playing out of curiosity.

      I think that’s one of the biggest things they did in Assault Horizon. They really gave a modern warefarey look haha. Kinda makes it exciting.

      • Miette was noisy about that eh? Now it’s good you got in the world of CoD.

        Yeah, I agree with you about the new modern warfare for Ace Combat. Well now I will get my hands on those new highly technological air-crap…

        Yes, it’s air-crap… for a funny reason.

  6. I still don’t have a 3DS but if I did I’d likely be getting the Mario games. I grew up on Mario and they both look fun. Would also like to try out the Zelda game but still haven’t played the first Wii one.. Needless to say I’m years behind on console gaming. :s

    • They seem to be including a bunch of references to the older games in Mario Land. The tanooki suit, the 2d scrolling parts and such. It’s like they’re trying to reach for people that grew up playing them, and it’s working. At least in my case haha.

  7. I hardly play games these days. but if i had to choose id pick the mario cart so that i can play with my sister and friends, i prefer multiplayer games for everyone now…

    • I understand. Playing games with friends and family is way more fun. You could probably play any game with loved ones and it would be entertaining. Mario Kart is one of those games that anyone can play and have fun with. Then again it does have stuff like the blue shells that can get people annoyed haha.