Top 5 Anime Openings!!!

Lets take a collaborating look at both mine and exilhero’s top 5 anime openings!

Do keep in mind this is our opinion and you might disagree and comment about it. Better yet agree and comment about it. Also the listing of the openings are in no particular order.

We had only some simple rules:

Only one song per franchise and only 5 songs for each one of us.

Miette’s picks

THIS IS IT!!! My favorite Precure opening at this point. From the original Futari wa Precure to the currently airing Suite Precure.

This overly energetic song has everything I love about Precure, the excitement, the girls, the flashy transformations poses, hints to the drama. I specially love how the song has a nice build up through out culminating with all the girls running t up to the last boss to punch, kick and use awesome dramatic finishing moves.


I also really like this song. I love how dramatic it is with the backup singers going “fire fire~” and all. I also like that it gives a little bit of time to each one of the girls so you get to see what makes each girl unique. I guess that’s what openings are supposed to do. Though Precure 5 sounds a little different than the rest of the Precure. It  feels more Super Sentai kind of deal, so I wouldn’t call this a representative song for Precure as a whole. It’s really awesome still.

Also, I like the fact that neither of us has actually watched Go Go 5 but still you chose this opening.

Gundam sure has had countless openings through it’s long run and I have yet to watch them all.

Ash Like Snow sure is a somber song, not necessarily something that hypes me up as openings are probably intended to. However, I think it reflects the sudden change in Gundam 00 to a more darker tone. In particular, I love the scene with the Thrones and the moon, combined with the song at that point I find it quite foreboding.

Not silly like that original Gundam opening.


Yeah while were were talking about the post we came across a bunch of Gundam songs. I like a couple form SEED, Destiny, Zeta, and hell I also like the super cheesy first Gundam opening.

I think I like this opening because it was at a very dramatic part of the anime. So I always watched right before the show and got me ready for some mecha/politics/angst fuck yeah!

I would like to mention that I was gonna pick the Zeta Gundam opening but since Miette chose this I decided that gundam was well represented already.

Also, Sumeragi’s boobs! yay!

I love Pegasus Fantasy, always reminds me of the how this show filled my childhood with so much hot bloodiness. This song has always been memorable since it would tend to play in key scenes that were filled with pure awesomeness.

Scenes such as when Seiya takes on Gemini Saga at the end of the 12th Zodiac Temples in a last ditch effort to save Athena.


This opening is gonna attract the Latin America, and Spanish peninsula people. For some reason there’s a bunch of Saint Seiya fans there haha.

I like this song too. I like a bunch of arrangements that are on YouTube. Those guitar riffs are really neat. Though the opening itself is kinda cheesy for my tastes. I used to like the show a lot as a kid but looking back at it now I’m not as thrilled. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched it properly now that I’ve grown up.

Eden of the East was such an unexpected favorite with me. The characters, the visual style, the plot, all so endearing and interesting to me.

The opening is quite different from the norm as well. I like how it used a western song, in this case Falling Down by Oasis, and focused on typography and art design.


I liked the ending better for Eden of the East, but this isn’t an ending top 5!

I guess what strikes me about this opening is that I can actually understand what they’re singing. Other than that I don’t really find it particularly interesting. They went for a more metaphorical approach of showing what the anime is about, guess It fits the style of the show.  I like the show regardless.

Denpa Onna probably takes the prize for cutest anime show in recent memory for sure. I love this silly opening focusing on simple shapes and the characters.

I specially love how it showcases just how cute the girls are in this show are. The part with Ryoushi, ah I mean Ryouko, ridding the bicycle always makes me smile. Silly people kept saying it was kinda bad, they just lack refined ears.


I get the feeling you’re just picking this one because you’re pissed at the internet people calling this song bad. Though I see nothing bad about it. Maybe people didn’t like the high pitch sound of the voice, I think it’s fine.

I think this song fits the quirqiness of the show really well. I love the last part with the umbrella, I think it sums up what the anime was about nicely in a very symbolic kind of way.

Exilehero’s picks

I think I picked this one out of nostalgic feelings. When I watched Fullmetal Alchemist I was really getting into anime again so I remeber it fondly. I also like L`Arc~en~Ciel (fancy name) so I guess that plays a part too.

I like that the song kinda pumps you up for the actual episode so I remeber getting really excited right before waching. Fun times.


Ah, the original FMA, one of the first shows to elicit an emotional response from me. Just remembering that dramatic few final episodes reminds me of those feelings. Still, not particularly fond of this song, if anything I like it more for it’s inclusion in Ouendan.

I prefer Golden Time Lover from the Brotherhood the best if it’s about FMA openings.


I love this song. It feels like a mix of surf music and a romantic ballad, with some guitar riffs here and there, very cool. As for the actual opening itself, I don’t know if it describes the show well or not. Then again the show is kinda all over the place so descriptions are probably not gonna make it jsutice. Nevertheless it had more Yakuza than I expected. I really like when they dance in the middle there. It shows all the girls making cute poses. I think I chose this song because I really like the show more than anything.


 I love Seto no Hanayome.

Best love comedy show with yakuza mermaids. Plus, Sun-chan is just so awesome, I would totally like to marry her even if she is a mermaid.

I like how the opening starts quite typical and turns into something more unique reflecting the show… may be.

This opening is pure awesomeness. You get typical shaft silliness, guitar maids, colors everywhere, boobs, orgasms etc. It also has some really nice animations, Mariya jumping on the ladders and the ripping open of Matsurika’s bluose are really neat. I don’t know if the rainbow motif is suppsed to be a shout out to the lesbianism in the show or not, but it makes the opening very bright and erm colorful.

The whole love and peace theme that flashes every now and then makes it seem like Kanako is begging Mariya to not do any more mean things to her, hilarious.


 This opening is cool, it’s Shaft being Shaft. Shaft always likes to do and use strange things in their openings, for a more extreme example there is the Zetsobou Sensei openings. Hmm… Madoka was pretty normal though… then again..

Anyways Maria+Holic was such an enjoyable show, not at all what I expected.


I like a lot of little points of this opening. The really detailed drawing of Ikaros in the begning, the pointing to other characters as if passing the scene to them, the little relation diagram that Ikaros is drawing. All in all I think this is a really well done opening. It tells you everything you need to know about the show, who the characters are, the silliness, the ecchi parts etc. I really like the tune too. It’s catchy and I can’t get it out of my head.

There’s an alternate version of this opening by the way.


 This manga is fun, so much ecchi, so much awesome, so much stupidity.

The funny bits are well, funny, the more serious bits are awesome, I like it all around. Never watched the actual anime of it though.

The opening is a pretty apt description of the series in my opinion.

I chose this one because of the song. I like a lot. The guitar, the unusual voice, the excellent use of silence, the sustaing if the voice where you least expect it. I love it. It has this feeling of anxiousness that goes really well with the zombie apocalypse kind of thing.

I don’t see why Miette didn’t like the show. Boobs, guns, zombies eating people, boobs, zombies getting splattered, did I mention boobs? what’s not to like?


Ergh… this stupid show, by the end I was forcing myself to finish it.

Still, the opening is fun, I love the how the animations and transitions are in sync with the song. The paint splatters and colors really do reflect a world gone mad for me.



There is probably some missing awesome songs that we just didn’t remember that we probably will after the post has been published. If you noticed it is mostly relative resent stuff, probably since it’s more fresh in our minds.

If you want to look at some of the other openings we considered take a look at this youtube playlist.

This list is again our opinion, the openings chosen for a variety of reasons. The animation, the song, how well it reflects the show as well as many different things or just one of them.

So, do you skip openings and endings? Or do watch them every time? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Totally agree that Ash like Snow is great, probably written during one of her depression episodes but Daybreak’s bell isn’t that bad if you exclude the silly song style change near the end, Its quite remarkable they got a good melody from the chaotic instruments especially the way the piano comes in so messily

    Just to share a few favoriate openings of mine
    Average animation for its time, great song and a classic series ->Maison Ikkoku

    Average animation for its time, catchy song and early moe ->Saber Marionette j

    great animation for its time and an excellent song, lousy series -> Himiko Den

    average animation, average song but an incredibly cute opening like its series ->Midori no Hibi

    Great animation, great song, great series even if its bipolar -> Angel Beats

    • Whatever the reason was, Ash Like Snow being darker sure was a perfect fit for the second half of Gundam 00. I can’t say I have watched most of those shows with the exception of Midori no Hibi but all of them felt so nostalgic, the type of songs and animation is similar to what I started with.

      I liked Angel Beats going from extremes, quite a fun show. As for the opening it was one of the ones I considered, I really like how it is stylized like the show and most of all I love the song. I particularly like the piano bits with Kanade.

    • Man, half your openings are before my time haha. I like the Himiko Den opening looks really nicely animated. But you say it’s a bad series so…

      I read Midori no Hibi but never got around to watching the anime, the opening looks like it fits.

      I also really like the Angel Beats one. I especially like little flashes of the episode, when the music goes from somber to very energetic. Gets me excited for the episode every time haha!

  2. That’s a nice idea for a post, I also would like to write about my favorite anime opening and ending songs,
    but I don’t know where to start :D

    Remarkable that you can comment positively about the picks of each other, without saying rude things :D.
    I’m bad at describing music, so please bear with my lack of details.

    on Miette’s picks
    Gundam 00 was really cool I should rewatch it someday
    I don’t know The old Saint Seiya, but it looks a bit like Saber Riders ^^
    Hades looks a lot less androgynous than in Saint Seiya – lost Canvas XD

    The Eden of the East opening from Oasis was very cool; the show itself had many western references in it. Too bad that the movie ruined my impression of this show a lot.
    Haha, well I actually bought the CD with the Denpa Onna opening, I loved this song and always pushed the volume to the max when watching it. It was also a very playful and creative
    I don’t understand why people would hate it.

    on exilhero’s picks
    The Seto no Hanayome OP has a nice beach feeling, quite funny. I enjoyed when Seto no Hanayome concentrated on the romance between the two.
    I never watched Maria+Holic, maybe I should, the op is cool, like a lot of other ones from Shaft animes.

    I also like Sora no otoshimono opening, as well as the one from Sora no otoshimono forte.
    I always heard that the manga would be better, but so far I’ve just watched the anime.
    Tomoki is a perverted rat, but I love the girls ^-^
    Highschool of the dead – yeah, yeah great song, it’s sad but extremely powerful.

    I love anime songs; I only try to skip them when really I hate them
    I have a ton of favorite OP’s since I’ve watched over 300+ animes so far, I’ll give you a few of my random faves,

    Here is the first anime opening I liked, Neon Genesis Evangelion – Cruel Angel’s Thesis sounds like disco, haha

    Eureka Seven, my favorite anime has many great songs in it, but my favorite opening of it is the third one Taiyo No Mannake E

    Penguin Musume Heart – Renai Jiyuu Shoujo

    Natsu no Sora – Fly Away
    I like the band Thyme, who performed it a lot

    Ookiku Furikabutte – Dramatic

    and a pretty old one Saber Riders
    great guitar solo ^^

    I hope the links work…

    • It did take us about a week of talking about it together and then a whole day to actually sit down, choose and track down the videos. Hey, we are friends after all we get along.

      Yes, Gundam 00 was pretty cool, one of my favorite Gundam shows. That’s a shame to hear about Eden of the East, I really liked it for being so different. I have yet to watch the second movie but I always been expecting the resolution to be something that might turn me off from it.

      I love that Denpa Onna song, I guess people took the silly singing a bit too seriously.

      Ah that Eva opening, not my thing, much like the rest of the show. That has more to do with the idiotic fandom behind them more than anything else. As for the song itself I like it well enough, I like Megumi Hayashibari and many of her songs.

      I have Eureka Seven ready to watch, I look forward to watching it.

      That Penguin Musume opening is fun, as crazy as the show itself and that’s my impression from only the first episode I watched.

      Ah Saber Riders, I watched that when it aired on TV when I was child. Can’t remember for the life of me much about it but I liked it.

      • Of course you two are very close friends, but It could have happened that one of you really disliked a certain opening, that the other one liked ;)

        The resolution of Eden of the East was somehow … = I

        In my opinion Eureka Seven is a masterpiece, hope you’ll like it as well.

    • Holy crap that’s a long post Fab, I didn’t expect it lol.

      I think we got good at calling each other’s tastes crap without sounding insulting after a while of being friends haha.

      Seto no Hanayome is really funny indeed. Though I remember there being more romance with Masa-san :p.

      I haven’t read the Sora no Otoshimono manga lately but the anime was a very good adaptation of it. They changed a couple things here and there but no major complaints.

      I was gonna go with EVA’s OP because I really like the song. But I ended up picking the HSTD one over it in the end since it’s been so long since I saw eva and I didn’t really feel as powerful right now. Still like it a lot though.

      Heard a lot about Eureka Seven but I’ve never seen it. I like the song, very rocky.

      Holy crap that penguin opening. Did that polar bear just punch those penguins so hard that it shot a beam to outer space?! Wait now there’s a bear mecha fighting a penguin mecha in low orbit? Man that show looks awesome. Though I think i’m getting the wrong idea here haha.

      Cowboys, In Space! Looks crazy, and old :p.

      • haha yeah I thought it it was a bit long after I posted it, but since you’ve put so much effort into this post.
        I wanted to write a bit more :D

        Well, the HSTD is a better song in direct comparison, but NGE was the first anime I’ve ever watched, without NGE I would’ve probably never paid attention to anime in the first place. The OP is more of nostalgic worth for me ^_^

        Haha penguin girl isn’t exactly as awesome as the opening, but its hilarious and the characters are cool.

  3. Pretty nice selections from the both of you. I have many picks for favorites, but not at exactly feeling up to mention them at the moment. Too many just to pick a few anyway ^^
    As far watching them, I usually watch the OP & ED at least once or twice. I enjoy the music (especially if it is from an artist I like such as Kalafina, Kotoko, etc) and the animation. Also if a pivotal shift happens or it uses a new OP and ED I am more inclined to watch. However, usually, I just skip them and get to the content.

    • It was hard to make these picks, I bet if we made this list again without adding any new shows our choices would probably be different.

      That’s exactly how I watch my openings, watched them a few times and then skip them. Unless I really like it where I end up watching them every time.

  4. Another one here who is all for the Denpa Onna OP! I can see why people wouldn’t like the song but I love all it’s cute quirkiness.
    Eden of the East is a great show but I don’t really like Oasis so I skipped the OP most of the time, lol.
    That FMA song is my favourite from both of the shows too. I also really liked the 4th opening from the original.
    I think I liked the High School of the Dead opening a lot more than the actual anime itself, haha.

    I’ll always watch the openings and endings everytime unless I don’t like them or I’m marathoning something.

    As for my personal favourites, it’s really hard for me to pick! It’s probably between Evangelion’s Cruel Angel’s Thesis (probably purely for the nostalgia value) or RahXephon’s Hemisphere.

    • I love it, I like my quirky openings for sure.

      I liked Oasis in the past but so much nowadays I think it was a nice fit for Eden of the East. I like most FMA openings, I don’t know what they did for both shows but they sure picked really nice songs. I agree with you about HOTD, after reading some of the manga it looked more promising.

      That’s more or less how I watch openings.

      Picking is hard, even more so picking just one over all to be a favorite.

    • Both FMA shows had really nice music. I especially love how they would start to play the ending song and lead out to the ending proper while stuff was still happening in the show itself, making it that more dramatic and cliffhanger-y.

      I use that approach with openings and endings, if it’s something I’m watching weekly I’ll watch it every time to get ready for the show. But if I’m marathoning I watch it once or twice and then just skip the rest.

  5. I’m on Gundam 00 and Seto no Hanayome Miette… :D

    Now I’ve got to say my Top Five too:

    – “Ash Like Snow” of Gundam 00
    – “Pride” of Gundam SEED Destiny
    – “Tozasareta Sekai” of Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer
    – “Cras Numquam Scire” of Dantalian no Shoka
    – “Toki O Kizamu Uta” of Clannad: After Story

    • I love those two openings, awesome picks for awesome shows.

      Pride was a big contender, if it wasn’t for having only one song per franchise I would have picked Pride too.

    • There sure is a lot of Gundam love. Of 00 I think I liked how the last opening with the song Namida No Mukou fit the series the most. I also liked the first one of SEED the one with TM Revoltion.

  6. My top 5 right now (in no particular order, and its ‘right now’ because my top 5 changes depending on my mood =D)

    1.) Gensomaden Saiyuki OP2 (Still Time)
    Boy band look aside, the entire song went well with the anime itself. (Not like the last OP of gundam seed destiny that totally went tangent). It totally brought the atmosphere of the series to life. I remember someone telling me that anime OPs are there in order to act as a ‘door’, it signals you to focus now on the anime you are watching. Only thing i disliked was the bondage scene there lol

    2.) Eden of the East -Paradise Lost- (Future Nova)
    Among the EotE OP sequence, i preferred this the most. The simplicity of showing moving typography amidst past footages of the series really felt like this was the prelude the last chapter of our heroes. Funny thing, almost everything there, from the door full of text to the crown were all gotten from landmarks and things found all over the world =D

    3.) Clannad -After Story- (Toki wo Kizumo Uta)
    Kimi dake wooooooo~
    Nostalgic, and reminiscing; this OP never fails to bring about feelings of nostalgia and hoping for a better future. That’s how the song came across to me at least ^^

    4.) Durarara!! (Complications)
    I was juggling between this and Ao no Exorcist’s 2nd OP (both songs came from the same band). The band reminds me of Simple Plan hahaha. So much angst and you can feel it from their song! It also helps that they sing for animes that feature teen characters. How apt.

    5.) Darker than Black (Kakusei Heroism~ Hero Without a Name)
    As opposed to the darker mood tone in the previous OP, i preferred this OP as it really relates to Hei more. I wouldve really really loved this anime opening if i didnt see the PV of the band who sang it “Antic Cafe”. Oh lol:

    I would place Toradora’s Silky heart or the new op of Bleach from SCANDAL (Harukaze) in the list as well, but i was trying to go for variety as well when i made the list.

    Oh yeah, since you guys obviously like touhou, have you seen this already?

    • Eden of the East sure had nice openings, I liked the ones from the show and first movie.

      It was quite hard to chose over any of the Key adaptations, I have quite the emotional attachment to their openings.

      Durarara is a show I should really get around to watch, good feedback from people and I liked the first episode I watched myself.

      I really liked that Darker than Black opening, I think I watched nearly every time.

      Hmm, never seen it before, wonder why the choice of using real life as a backdrop.

    • I like the song for the Gensomaden Saiyuki but man, that opening almost looks like a cover for a yaoi fanook :p.

      Nice Eden of the East opening. I was really hyped with the show when it was airing but I completely forgot about the movies! I gotta to watch them.

      Jibun wooo~ er, I mean… Key really likes their dramatic openings huh.

      If Durararara has anything it’s style. Wait a minute, they’re doing that thing with the names form Baccano! I just now noticed.

      I liked the first Darker than Black opening rather. The rocky feeling and the little verses from the beginning make it for me. And hey, looks like standard visual key nonsense to me haha!

      Toradora had some really nice ones, I like the fluffy feeling of them.

      Touhou outside Gensokio?! Madness!

  7. From the list above i have to go with the Seto hanayome, Denpa and Angel beats.

    mostly Denpa, i even bought the single because it was simply weird, weird in a good way. got stuck in my head for weeks. ^^

  8. agree with most of them, i’m glad that seto no hanayome’s made it to the list considering it is an old show (compare with others)

  9. The Denpa Onna opening was annoyingly catchy, I had it playing in my head for over a week. That Maria Holic song sounds pretty good too. I think I’m going to write a post with my top 5 openings now.

    • Oh yes, that’s how it was for me too. I like Shaft they tend to have interesting picks for their openings and closings.

      I look forward to it, this seems like one of those interesting things I would like to see people make a post about.

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