Pre-order list: the OMG so much $$$ edition!

It’s been a while since I done one of these.

Last time it was back on late June.


Ergh, so annoying I was so looking forward to have Yukari waiting for me at home after I came back from my business trip. Alas, she was delayed until the end of October, I hope there is no more delays for her.

Everybody watched Working!! right? Such a fun show, out of all the girls I must say Yamada is my favorite of the bunch. Such a fun character, Alter’s rendition sure displays that.

Man, I was so hyped for this figma. I mean, it’s Robocop, Robocop!

Much like with Phat’s Yukari Robocop was delayed until the end of October.

This is odd, I been collecting figmas ever since their introduction a few years back. All of them have been exclusively girls, now though I want quite a few guys.

I look forward to getting Touma, been wanting to continue that CNN9 report I did back in February.

So, I know how people feel about Kirino and Kuroneko but what about Ayase?

I don’t really like her but just look at those faces and cuffs, she is bound to be fun for pictures. Even more so with that unluky Touma figma I’m getting.


November can’t come soon enough, I can’t wait to get Homura my favorite Puella Magi.

Although, I must say, Homura needs more guns, no assault rifles? no light machine guns? Makes me a bit sad.

For a while Kuroko was my favorite Index girl. She is such a perv, I love it.

Sadly I gotta pay extra for her much like with Biri Biri and Misaka-imouto because of bundled in game. Still I look forward to use her on that CNN9 report continuation.


Earlier this year my lack of employment led me to miss out on this awesome Dizzy figure.

As a fan on Guilty Gear and Dizzy, I’m happy to have the chance to rectify that.

So I hear NISA might bring the BRS game to the west, including may be that special edition from Japan.

From that game comes this version of BRS. I think she looks quite cool with the wings and the more manageable cannon.

I’m getting all the other Index figmas so no surprised I’m getting Index herself right?

I’m curious to see how the use of cloth will turn out with her and the other figmas that make use of it.


Joining Madoka and Homura is Mami.

Was she always this busty? I really don’t remember her being this busty on the show. Anyways, I’m quite happy with the selection of expressions for Mami.

We all have figures we wished we had bought, or had the chance to buy.

The original Alter Aigis was one such figure for me, so I quickly jumped at the chance of owning this figure. After all Aigis is my favorite girl from Persona 3.

People go about how this and that character is GAR or manly but none can compare to Guts.

Just look at him, Guts kills the type of things that are final bosses on a daily basis. You want manliness go for the guy that kills Eldrich abominations as if it was a walk in the park.


Sigh… this girl… out of all the Puella Magi she was the one with the design I liked the most. Too bad the rest was a lost cause. Still I look forward to owning her, too bad there is no expression to go for when she snapped before she died.


I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for Ika Musume next year. Everything that makes her so awesome is well represented in this figma. Plus just look at the crying face of her, so darn cute.

So there you have it, biggest pre-order list I had up until now. It’s only missing one figure, the Queen’s Blade version of Noel Vermillion but her exclusiveness and high price is making me hesitate to commit to buy her.

So, anyone getting any these?


  1. WOAH that is A LOT of preorders, especially figmas! Definitely getting Aigis, and Dizzy. I’ve kept my preorder list as small as possible, as I’ve run out of room now… :(

    I am trying to obtain the Queens Blade Noel through some string pulling… might be tough though. LOL!

    • I think I ran out of room sometime last year.

      I don’t buy many scaled figures but those two are a definite must for me being a fan of both their source material and the characters themselves.

      Hey, if you manage to pull through make sure to ask for two okay XP.

  2. Okay… I’ve got to load my pre-order list now… then. -_-
    I think I will get on my own these: Yukari, Yamada, Mami, Homura, and Patchouli*

    And I got surprised as to why you have selected a Reimu picture having ALMOST NO money in her donation box for the pre-order post… uuuuhhh… O_O

    • I approve of those choices!

      It’s more like an inside joke for myself, if you look back on my previous pre-order posts I use pictures relating to Reimu and money.

  3. too bad that Yukari was delayed again again and again.
    Yamada is a cute waitress, with the shaking tablet.
    Well the outfit is more normal than this from Waitress Mugi.

    Soon you have a whole figma village with robocob as sheriff ;)
    Mami always had such fairly sized boobs, if I remember correctly.
    Personally I think Sayaka is the nicest figma from the Madoka lineup,
    she isn’t my favorite character, but looks nice and adorable as figma ^^

    Ika Musume figma looks really kawaii, I love these faces of her.
    Maybe she would be something for me =)

    • Yes, Yukari has been the one scaled figure I wanted as soon as possible after I pre-ordered here. Yamada sure is nice, I like the shaking tray, such a nice touch for her character from the show.

      Yes, Robocop will become the law enforcement in the future for my various photo stories. I don’t know, somehow it feels like the figma is putting more emphasis on them, kinda like that beach queens figure of here. Yes, I agree, not a fan of her character but I am a fan of her looks and design.

      Oh yes, Ika Musume is now my most anticipated figma, too bad it’s still a while away.

  4. Your pre-orders look expensive. But then, I am also getting all the Puella Magi Figmas and Ika. And BR*S Beast. A few misc figures are on pre-order but they’ll all probably get cancelled.

    I know I’m going to end up spending like an hour getting Ika to hold all of Sayaka’s swords with her tentacles.

    • I wish they only looked expensive…

      Yes, getting all the Puella Magi, gotta catch them all after all. Ever since someone mentioned how the BRS Beast’s crown looked like the BK crown I can’t get that out of my head. Still pretty cool she comes with the art book .

      Oh god yes, that sounds cool, I look forward to seeing that come to fruition.

  5. What in the… So many, and up until March 2012? D=

    Well, there’s one thing that I had to say it…

    *sounds the klaxon*

    p.s. I just got to know on how to clean/reduce stains from soft PVC/POM of figma, stay tune. and no, not with soap.

    • Yes, way more than I thought I would.

      Oh I needed those shelves sometime last year, some more would nice right now.

      Oh, that sounds quite intriguing, I do have some figmas that need some stain removal.

  6. Lots and lots of pre-orders! Reminds me of my peek lol. I’ve gone down drastically in the amount of pre-orders I make, right now I only have 4, 2 of which are in transit to my house. One of those 4 happens to be Ika Musume Figma though :D Very happy to see her coming out, I’ve been holding back getting any Ika Musume figure in hopes that she would get a Figma and it’s actually happening! I skipped out on the Puella girls simply because if I bought one, I’d want to get them all. I loved the anime but I don’t want to end up going crazy like I did with other series. Every single figure on your list looks great though, and I’d probably get most of these if I knew I could afford it.

    • Yes, ever since the first show aired I been wanting an Ika Musume figma, so happy one is getting out.

      Yes, that happened with me, pretty much why I’m getting all the Puella Magi, even if I don’t like some of them.

  7. Lots of figma i see, great to see that you have the musume on your list.

    Also looking forward to see all the gang from index together, make sure to take group pictures!

    and dam, i didnt know that Yukari figure would look that great, at first without painting i wasnt sure but ive got to admit very tempting.

    • Indeed, never get tired of them not matter how many I buy, I still prefer them over scaled figures.

      Oh will do, got a few ideas to try out with the Index gang.

      I got interested when I saw the unpainted version, after I saw the painted version I knew I had to buy her.

  8. Space has become a mjor issue for me so my preorder list has decreased drastically. I don’t think I have any of the same figures as the ones on your list, though I do have some nendoroids.

    • Indeed, space is seriously more of a problem than money or exchange rates right now for me. Should really look into addressing that problem.