Hakujuji Mayoi – Photogenic Loli

This is Hakujuji Mayoi, she's a Loli. She's from Bakemonogatari. She's a Figma.

She comes with an umbrella.

Which also comes in the closed variety. "Hiya!!"


In the anime she's a huge tease with Arararagi (main character guy).


But there's more to her than meets the eye. "Shhh".

"No not that you pervert!" Ecchi thoughts are bad.


She has lots of little details.

And has great poise and expression.


This is her back side.

And this is her back side.


"Can you keep a secret?"

"Truth is..."

"I also have a huge backpack!"

She also comes with hands to wrestle. "Wraarr!! what where you expecting. You lolicon!"



  1. Haha, awesome pictures XD I really love this Figma of her, and do want. I do believe this is the only Figma from Bakemonogatari that I actually want to get. Looks like she turned out great :D

    • Thanks!

      I really liked Bakemono but the characters by themselves don’t appeal that much to me. However, Mayoi is a different case. She’s all over the place in the show and has some really nice expressions. I’d like to do some silly comics with this one or something.

  2. Why am I keep getting Data_Feed_Error from my brain upon seeing Mayoi doing some IMPOSSIBLE to pose without using a stand?

    A photogenic loli is photogenic. XD

    p.s. one of the pic should be written as “Underside”. XD

    • She’s actually very well balanced, even with the backpack on. I dunno how they did it but it melds right in and doesn’t affect the center of gravity that much.

      Haha yeah, It was supposed to be in BOLD to differentiate the two. I was shooting for something of a double meaning, but I guess the blog style ate it, haha.

    • Hmm, now that I think about it I’ve only really put attention to this Bakemono Figma… IT’S NOT LIKE I’M A LOLICON OR ANYTHING!..

      Oh crap i didn’t notice that until later. She has floating sleeves so they tend to go all over the place if you’re not careful. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time.

  3. Finally, this has come. :3
    Photogenic Mayoi is photogenic.
    “Wraarr!! what where you expecting. You lolicon!”
    What?? I’m sorry… you must be pointing to another person… :3

  4. Great use of the various poses a figma gives you. Shots like these is the reason I’d consider a figma in the future as they provide superior expressions to a scale. Until my joint phobia passes though which I’m afraid won’t be happening anytime soon I’ll stick to static figures and admire figmas from afar.

    • Joint phobia? First time I hear of that. I used to really notice and dislike joints. Figmas do a really good job of obfuscating them compared to other jointed things. After a while of handling jointed figures I just stopped focusing on the joints really, it went away.

      You know what’s the best way to get over a phobia? Confronting it! haha.

    • Haha thanks.

      I was going for this one illustration of Mayoi with a ribbon in her mouth. But i forgot how it went so I just winged it. Glad you liked it!