Mikuru’s close encounter!

Who is up for some vaguely Halloween themed post? Aliens are totally scary and Halloweenish right?

Did I ever mention I’m a big Aliens fan? Specifically the second movie.

They are coming out of the walls! They are coming out of the god damned walls!

Yeah… been wanting one of these since last Novemeber. Back then  I ended up choosing the Futari wa Precure girls over this guy here.

Good thing for me Revoltechs get re-releases every now and then.

I feel fulfilled now, been wanting to do this little idea for months now.

I will leave you with this gif of some test photos I took.

Happy Halloween and so forth!


  1. good for Mikuru that Alien has no tentacles XD

    That was a cool little story, actually more scary than I’ve expected.
    Yuki’s posing in picture 3 looks so natural.
    She rather leaves Mikuru in danger than helping her…
    Maybe thats alien cooperation.

    • Well, there is always those face huggers…

      It was fun doing it, and much less work than usual.

      It’s alright she will just go save Mikuru togother with Kyon or something, gotta keep Haruhi oblivious after all.

  2. Poor Mikuru… T_T

    ps. my grunt team is more than willing to mount a rescue op. Heard them saying about “stabbitism” or something…

    • It’s alright, it’s not like she died, she will probably just end up impregnated and then have an alien burst out from her… oh.. so yeah, rescue mission huh.

    • It did have Mikuru and she is cute and it did have that Alien so that’s creepy. I will probably make more gifs in the future.

  3. Awesome, I love the Aliens, been a big fan of the original artist H.R. Giger and his twisted creations for a long time. I need to get the Revoltechs.. I used to have Aliens toys ages ago.

    • I can’t say I’m a fan of all his stuff but he sure makes some interesting designs, quite different from the norm for sure. I kinda want to get the one from Alien too, even more so since it comes with a face hugger.

  4. They always pray on the weakest first lol. Yuki has psychic powers and Haruhi has “unique” powers lol but what does Mikuru have xD?

  5. I remember seeing Xenomorph ice trays from Kotobukiya a couple of weeks ago featuring the creature’s head. The head looks SO phallic! I think Ashlotte told me that the design is meant to be the embodiment of rape. If that’s the case…well, it was good knowing you, Mikuru!

    • Now, why would anyone one to drink their beverages with a bunch of phallic objects in it?

      Indeed it is, the Xenomorph’s modus operandi is pretty much inter species rape. Still once you see that penis head is hard to unsee.

  6. Man that’s some cool lighting..can totally imagine the entire scene happening..and if I were to take somebody..definitely juicy delicious Mikuru…XD

    • It is, too bad I can’t for the life of me remember what it is that I did to create this lighting. Yes, go for the defenseless moe blob rather than nigh invulnerable alien magician.