Yotsuba Fights Iron Man

What’s up! This time it’s a comic of sorts.

I’m mostly making this to use my recently acquired Iron Man mk. 6. He has not hands to hold stuff! Had to tape that.

Yotsuba is still in shock so she hasn’t reacted.

So Iron Man has way to many joints. And it’s kinda harder to pose than your regular articulated figure. Harder than Figmas anyway. Yotsuba is standing on Kuroneko’s chair here by the way.

Making speech bubbles is pretty time consuming. I should get a dedicated comic maker… I tried one out but the trail was kinda limited. I should stop being stingy and get it.

Haha I love this one. Effects courtesy of Miette.

Don’t worry folks! He’s OK!

Yotsuba had a little speck of dust or something in her right eye when I took the photos. Kinda makes her look a little more freaky so I left it.

This one was fun to set up! Hope your monitors aren’t too bright! Or else it ruins the illusion.

So as I was saying a couple pictures ago, Iron Man can be a pain to pose. He has way too many little joints to move and position. What do you mean I need to know basic anatomy to pose figures?!

Yotsuba was confused on who she was fighting all this time. Also, the Robocop Figma was delayed. Much to Miette’s dismay.

A sudden turn of events! Danbo flies in out of nowhere. Because he’s a robot.

Will Danbo defeat Iron Man? Will Iron Man ever stop being such a prick to little girls? Will he ever install that Popsicle-eating feature? Why are they suddenly outside? Tune in next time when we will answer all zero of those questions!


    • This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!

      Haha a tea party would be an unexpected turn of events, that just makes me want to do something even MORE unexpected! I shouldn’t set expectations too high though…

    • It’s not that Stark is a wimp, it’s just that Yotsuba is so much stronger! Tony was just holding back though, since he was “fighting” a little girl.

      I was having trouble coming up with a motive for Tony to fight since he can just buy whatever he wants. But then I came to the realization that it doesn’t matter if he can buy it, he just does whatever he wants because he’s a little prick haha.

  1. Built in a cave with a box of scraps vs. built in a little girl’s room with a cardboard boxes…this will be a battle for the ages! Well done dude, The Iron Man effect part works like a charm on Danbo. =)

    • Tony might be a genius millionaire playboy, but Ena and Miura have him beat with IMAGINATION!

      Haha thanks, it was kinda heard to balance Danbo there since he only has one peg-hole and the exhaust cloud has 2 pegs.

  2. Behold the most advanced technological melee weaponry: THE PAPER FAN!

    Hahahaha poor yotsuba, eating that “irony” (sorry i cant help it)

    • Only Tony Stark could have come up with such a technological marvel. I believe he has a paper fan function in his suit. Contrary to popular belief, Tony knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

  3. I’m betting my money on Danbo as well, unless of course Robocop gets in the mix perhaps. Yotsuba is still as cute as ever, she’s perfect for comics.

    • Sadly I don’t think Robocop is part of this. Though Miette has a lot of plans for him yet.

      Yeah she’s good for this, I wish I had more faces for her though.