FREEing Makoto Nanaya Figure – Stripperiffic and Squirrelicious

Hey all, this time I took photos of Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue. Incidentally, Google suggested “squirrelicious” when I was searching for squirrel related puns. I think it works quite well.

I’m a big fan of BlazBlue (BB) from where she’s from. I really wanted a BB figure but I didn’t like Rachel’s angry expression that much. Even if I like Rachel better overall. I’d almost say I got her so I could talk about BB. Also she’s from FREEing, which is the same as my other figure and it’s absolute coincidence I swear. For some reason FREEing tend to do characters I like. They have good taste.

Here’s a little video of her in the game. She plays quite fast and a little mocking, it fits her character. BB was made by Ark System Works. Same people who made Guilty Gear among other things. BB is very flashy and smooth. It has really nice and Hi-res 2D sprites which is pretty different from all the newer fighting games, except the upcoming KOF13. Well enough about BlazBlue and how awesome it is. (Go play it)

As you can see she’s quite curvy. I like the arc in the back that can be seen nicely in this shot. Also her tail is supposed to be very soft, but in the figure it’s hard plastic…  I guess you can’t have everything.

For this photo shoot I wanted to experiment a little more with the lighting. I took a lot a photos but I wasn’t completely happy with any. And after a looking at videos online and looking at pictures at I ended up with something like the first two shots which I was happy with… Except for the DUST! Damn you dirty boxes I used to set up the lamps!

So I never really frequented that much until I started to do some research for the lighting. I discovered it’s pretty neat, never used many of the features there. So I promptly created an Account so I could turn off the NSFW filter.

Absolute Territory!

The painting on this part of the figure is a little rough, and apparently you can force cast her off and she’s anatomically correct. Though I don’t think I’ll be stripping her.

One of the tonfas or whatever the hell they are that she fights with. The shape is reminiscent of a cross because she’s a soldier from “The Church” in the story. You can take them off.

Overall Makoto is very nicely sculpted. The only downside of her is that the painting is a bit lacking.

She has quite an outfit. See how many fetishes you can find. I can count at least 4.

Boots. She just thinks it’s more practical to fight in something that is easy to move. If she was going for sexy she’d have high-heels on or something. Not that I’m complaining.

I read an excerpt of the BlazBlue manga where she had supposedly lost her panties. She said that because of her tail they become loose and she doesn’t notice when they fall off. But it was not the case with this figure apparently.

Miette liked this one so I included it. “Yes I know I’m busty, look at them!” Her head can turn left to right and even a little up and down. Gives her a little more personality.


And that’s it boys and girls. I really enjoyed playing with a curvy figure like this. I really wanted to experiment with different types of lighting to emphasize the her shapeliness but I ended up with a lot of other types of photos. I would like to try shooting another sexy figure, we’ll see what happened. Also, BlazBlue is awesome!


Next time… More Iroman and Danbo!


  1. It’s good seeing FREEing improving their craft even if they have a long way to go still. The waist appears too thin and it feels like laziness explains the lack of a more furry looking tail. Other than that, I quite like the fighting stance and the rarely used color combination of black, orange and gold. There’s something neat about silhouette work when there’s a female wielding weaponry as well.

    I’ve really come to enjoy shooting curvy figures myself as of late. They are usually far more interesting to work it, be it exposed or not.

    • The tail is a little disappointing it feels a little too simple. But I think the FREEing guys tend to go for simpler designs. The waist I think is on purpose, Makoto is pretty thin and dynamic in the game too so I think it fits her.

      The color scheme is all Arc System Works, they really do a good job of making each character individual and unique. That’s one of the many reasons I like BlazBlue.

      You can get a lot more interesting shadows and silhouette from curvy figures. I think you could get them from more modest girls as well if the sculptor is good enough though.

  2. The paint job could have been better but what to expect from FREEing, I like her character and glad she got a figure.

    Would be interesting if they had a anime adaptation of the scene where she loses her panties ^^

    • The paint is really not so bad. Some of the shots are really close up so you can see all the little errors, it looks pretty good in real life.

      I would love a BlazBlue anime! The game itself has a couple of anime cut-scenes and they just leave me craving for something more. I’m satisfied with playing the story mode for now though.

  3. A sexy squirrel girl, her outfit is really cool with these scanty cutted clothes and the colorsheme.
    Also the pose of her seems to be well made and interesting even though it’s more on the static side with both feet on the ground. It’s a cool feature that her head allows it to be slightly turned into different directions.

    Yeah the paintjob could be finer and a bit shading could have improved her overall appearance, she looks still better than I’ve expected.

    The lighting in the first few pictures looks really good. You should review more sexy figures, it’s a lot of fun to take pictures of them, the sexier, the better ^^

    • I like the pose. She has her arms extended as if she was gonna punch but her but her feet are kinda pointing towards the middle so she looks kinda girly and clumsy. You can turn it quite a bit, almost 90 degrees in each direction.

      Yeah I think with a little more shading her sculpture would really pop out a little more. I tried to do it with actual lighting since she doesn’t have much shading in the her abdomen.

      Thanks! It feels good to have another opinion. I thought they looked good but I wasn’t quite sure. I did work a lot to get the lighting that I wanted, it was pretty fun. And I’m thinking of a couple other sexy figures, but some maybe be a little TOO SEXY, so I still haven’t decided if I should get them.

  4. Ah, good, been hoping to see some more impressions of her, as I kind of want it. The paint doesn’t look too bad, at least. And she’s on sale at Amiami now, too…

    • It’s really not so bad, the worst you can see in the close up of the chest. The rest looks pretty good, it looks better if you’re not right smack in front of her though. These amiami sales… man, really make me want to buy stuff.

  5. Fetish? 5 by my count if the last one is considered as a ‘ fetish’ rather than a preference XD Furry, Kneehigh socks, Underboob, Oppai. Shorthair.

    I kinda skipped her out because i thought that she wasn’t dynamic enough. I main makoto in CS2 and i play her competetively, so its kind of depressing that her pose wasn’t as interesting as I would’ve imagined…then you mentioned she’s force cast-offable. My interest meter rose (btw what did you mean force cast offable?)

    • I’ll add tomboy, navel, zettai ryouiki, armpits, nape, hell everything’s a fetish nowadays.

      Yeah, the pose is kinda just there. It would have been interesting to see Makoto in the pose she makes when she uses her Drive or something.

      If you look at this guy’s photo you’ll see that she’s without her top. She even has shading for the nipples. But you can’t really do that, you have to actually cut the top off to “cast it” off. She’s very pretty underneath the top too.

  6. Hell yeah, Makoto is by far my favourite character in the entire BB cast. Too fad I suck at fighting games, because I could never pull off the dragon punch motion consistently, let alone nailing the timing for Makoto’s drives. After dying to Tager over and over again in the PSP’s tower mode, I decided to switch to Tsubaki because she’s EZMODO, but it just wasn’t the same. I thought about getting BB for the PS3 and getting a stick for it, but cowered away from the rather expensive investment. I think I’ll get a stick when DoA5 comes out, which gives me plenty of time to recover from recent game-related expenses.

    Anyways, the figure is pretty nifty. you’re right about the paint being a bit rough, though. Makoto’s great midriff really could’ve used some shading to adorn it, but hey, overall the figure looks a lot more appealing than Rachel — and nowhere as near as expensive, too!

  7. She’s such a nice friend, she constantly has to smack Neol and Tsubaki to get them to their senses. I haven’t played with her long enough really, I got her one time that Miette shared the DLC with me and played a little with her but didn’t get far. Doesn’t help that I couldn’t find any good combo guides for her at the time. Tsubaki is EZMODO? I don’t know why but I have a hard time with her, she has a weird timing for me with her charging meter and stuff.

    I have CT and CS in the ps3 if you ever want to play. I also kinda wanted to get one of those arcade sticks but I dunno, I don’t play enough fighting games to make it viable.

    Yeah shaded midriff would have been nice. And I don’t know why but I just didn’t like the Rachel figure. I was gonna get it anyway since I really like her, but as you said it was way expensive.

  8. Quite curvy indeed ^.^

    She has a very nice sculpt, it’s disappointing that the paint job in some places could be better. I think she looks good overall though.

    • She looks pretty good overall really. The paint job isn’t that bad when you look at her from normal distances, rather than super up-close like in some shots.

  9. It’s squirrelicious alright! Very sexy and squirrelly. Her curves are very nice. I have never played BlazBlue, so I cannot comment on how true to her character it is. But I love the orange and her outfit! Though I would have liked it more if she was a cat girl. haha

  10. This is like… Ran Yakumo’s one-fourth-Suppa-Tenko mode… pfft…

    Yes, I know her from BB, now I got surprised to see her in this form.

  11. Always been curious, but never played BlazBlue. She looks pretty cool and I really like her colors. If I had a chance I’d take shots of her with Pomock, my squirrel Shinki :3

    • I’d recomend it. If anything BlazBlue has a really nice story mode that anyone can enjoy.

      I didn’t know there was a squirrel Shinki, there sure are a lot of types. Hell I didn’t even know there was that many squirrel girls to begin with!

  12. Well exilehero, she reminded me of someone from another game… what was that again… somewhat belonging to .hack// series… A girl with glasses and pink hair and has pretty huge chest too… uh…

  13. I’ve only played the first BlazBlue so I’m not familiar with Makoto but she sounds like a fun character. I usually like swift characters (e.g. chicks) in fighting games but somehow I just really like playing Ragna in BB. It helps that he has Kyon’s voice.

    It’s good to see figures being made of characters from the game, so many great designs. Unfortunately Rachel looks like she came out horrible, I got a chance to see her in her box and ouch. It looks like Makoto came out better though, especially the face came out nice. Also, the shots of the Hobby Japan Noel make me cry, I was really looking forward to her

    • Well she’s a swift as it gets in BlazBlue, maybe Taokaka is swifter.. I play as Ragna too though I imagine his voice more like Gintoki from Gintama, they’re both the bored hero kind of deal.

      Rachel’s that bad huh? I did consider her for a long time but in the end I didn’t get her. Maybe it’s for the best.

      You didn’t like that Noel? The pictures I’ve seen of her are really nice, especially the thighs. Maybe I’m missing something. The biggest problem I see with it is the million yendollars that it costs, being exclusive and all.