This time let’s go out with Mio and Mayoi <3

It’s been a while since I posted some pictures of the good old figma + food variety.

So as a continuation to a couple of previous posts this time I had Mio join me.

Mio wasn’t by herself though, exilehero’s Mayoi came along for the ride too.

Shortly after coming back from Canada exilehero and me were invited by our friends to go to a newly opened Korean BBQ.

After my hotpot experience during Canadian thank’s giving I was craving a similar experience. It was cool, pretty similar in the end, you only pay for the meat and all the side dishes you can eat are free.

Delicious, I particularly liked the one that was seasoned with something or other. However, make sure it’s cooked, in this particular restaurant our waitress took care of that for us.

Speaking of the waitress, she asked me about my picture taking shenanigans, long time since anyone had done.

Not terribly expensive either, even more so since it was four of us. I did end up craving more of it by the time we left though.

It was a cool experience over all. Wouldn’t mind going back.


  1. Looks cozy and not so busy (which is good for photo-snapping figures) the place. My area don’t have such eatery, the most would be is a Western (semi-posh, due to the price and ambiance) one that serves steak and other exotic meals. But still lots of (well-to-do) folks are there, which is kind of busy.

    My, Yayoi is really dominating the scene there, eh? :D

    • It was pretty empty when we arrived but more people started arriving as the evening went on. Hey Mayoi had just arrived, gotta give her a bit more attention than my regular Mio figma.

  2. *laughs* And here we have the eternally blushing “waitress” Mio.

    Oh wow… that sure brought memories… *sighs*
    I remembered looking back at the previous posts from the post I responded that brought me here to your zone.
    Yeah… I caught that post. ^^

    • Ah! I just go reminded of that Mio waitress episode, such a nice episode.

      That’s always a fun thing to do, even for my own posts, heck even more so because it is my own posts.

    • I bet there is, isn’t it usually the French? However, why would any one want snails when you can have cow? I sure love me some cow for my outings.

    • Oh lol, you had the same reaction as exilehero did, funny. Nah, the food was good, we enjoyed it. I’m guessing Mio is just being Mio.

    • Sure is, wanna go there again for sure.

      I don’t know, I guess people are too surprised or embarrassed to deal with me or something? They sure love to point and make funny faces though, that’s more common.

  3. Love the sky look youve done with the poses and face on Mio, so true to her character!
    Really need to get my hands on Mayoi as well, exploitable faces are exploitable!

    • That’s good to hear since I tend to fail at making sure characters are in, well, character. Yes oh yes, I wish Mayoi was my own, she is just one of those overly photogenic figmas that come around every one in a while.

    • Lol, can’t really take credit for that one. I’m pretty sure I got it from some official image or may be that one neat gif of figma.

  4. Another reminder that I should have gotten Mayoi. Of course I still like Mio, but Mayoi seems very photogenic. I think she’s my favorite out of the Bakemonogatari Figma series.

    • She sure is, I’m so glad I convinced exilehero to get it. Mayoi really is one of those photogenic figmas that are just irresistible.

    • Yes it is, really looking forward to going there again.

      Figures are always nomalicious too, the perfect side dish.