Iron Man Vs Danbo – The Revenge of Tony Stark

This time I’m trying to give more of a backstory (Not that anyone cares) as to why Iron Man is so hellbent on eating ice cream bars. It’s a little shorter and nonsensical this time. But first a little recap of our story so far.

Robo Yotsuba was created by Tony Stark to counter Yotsuba’s faction fast advances!

Experiments went horribly wrong!

Tony Stark kidnaps god!

Danbo is in some deep schist! None of this actually happened in the last story by the way… So don’t look!

Back to our main story… In the past! This is all over the place…

I was going for a Phoenix Wright kind of point at you thing here.

Have you guys played the new Zelda? This gesture is in it, I found it really amusing.

Back to the present and.. To be continued…


Next comic a conclusion. I promise. And dammit why does Yotsuba keep saying Dambo instead of Danbo!? Keep to the script kid!


    • Yeah, Miette put them in randomly so I made up some skit for them. I think I had a better idea what I wanted to do with them than with the main story hah!

  1. muhaha, thats a crazy story ^^
    Next time I want some explosions, once I placed an old action figure
    on a sylvester rocket, the Seargent was never seen again XD

    • Explosions huh. Yeah I guess I can work those in somehow. Those repulsion things Iron Man has make stuff explode right? Well hope I don’t forget.

      Though, I’m not putting Iron Man in a rocket just so you know. He was too expensive! =P

  2. What the? I’ve opened up yesterday didn’t see this and today it appears and dated on… 4th… Blazes~
    *blast a random server*

    Look like ol’ Tony is all out in this one. =D
    And… did he kidnapped… happy endless eight…

    • Eh seriously? Miette got some crappy hosting then. But it was cheap! You get what you pay for I guess.

      He must! He’s defending everything he sands for. Like chocolate covered ice cream bars and eccentrically!

      He thinks he kidnapped her, in reality she was going along with it because she was bored. I expect either for Tony to forget he did in in the first place or for her to wander away when she gets tired of it.