Alter Fate Testarossa Summer Dress

This time we’ll take a look at Alter’s loli Feito-chan. Though this Fate is a little different from many other figures out there because she is sporting casual clothes instead of the magical girl “armor” that she’s typically depicted in.

First off all the figure info. She’s by Alter, first figure I get from them. There’s actually 2 version of this figure, this one I got, and a limited release version. The limited release version’s right arm is held closer to the chest.

She’s based on the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st version of fate. Though I hardly remember her in something other than her magical girl outfit.

I got her from Figure Haven, though I think I bought the last one they had, they had a black Friday deal. I sorta got her on a whim when I saw her and was awestruck by her beautiful face. For some reason I think Fate is really cute when she’s in casual clothing.

Every time I go outside with a figure bad stuff seems to happens. It was really cold and windy today when we went to take the photos.

The reflector I was using was blow by the wind straight into Fate. She was about to fall a very nasty fall, but managed to catch her. However by doing so she got some scratches as you can see in this photo.

She makes a pair with a certain other Alter figure.

Yuri goggles. Though I think they’re just very good friends really.

She comes with Bardiche, her self aware weapon robot thing. I guess the proper term is Intelligent Device, and it’s in Stand By Mode.

And it’s pointy on the other end. Though I don’t remember seeing her use that end for anything.

Fate has nice legs.

When I was penetrating Fate I realized she was a very tight. I had a hard time putting it in and I thought she would get stretched out or maybe even break something. There was no other choice but to put some more force behind it and I was able to slide it in. Yet it was a very tight fit. So take care when inserting Bardiche into her hands as it may take some effort.

I can’t complain about her not using the other end anymore.

You can see the frills of her dress in this one. Also the detail of her belt buckle bracelet, very clean. She also arrived with a little smudge on her leg.

Did I mention she has really nice legs? I tend to get distracted by this a lot lately.

Ever heard the expression, “Fate’s ass is the miracle of the universe”? Well it applies here.

Here you can see her boots and base. Boots are very glossy, you can even make out reflections. Base is nice and simple transparent. Base matches with Nanoha’s.

The end.


  1. It’s about time someone put Fate in the limelight instead of that O.R. while devil… =.=”

    And yeah, I want this figure. Somehow I wanted the girls in their normal dresses instead of the Mahou Shojo modes.

    Also… “Fate’s ass is the miracle of the Universe”?? O_O

    *dies of extreme mindblowing*

    • I agree, I like to see the girls behind the magical girl suit as well. Even more so when it’s cute and quiet girl like Fate hehe.

      Haha, it’s a common place phrase don’t worry too much about it.

  2. I like Fate. Well, I like the look of Fate since I’ve never been able to get into Nanoha much.

    That’s a very tiny skirt she’s got on but the outfit is still adorable. Bardiche looks great too.. I like the shiny blue paint. The boots are my favourite part though, they’re pretty~

    Sorry to hear about the scratches. Luth kicked over a figure I was taking photos of yesterday but thankfully she seems unharmed. There would be tears if any harm should come to my little plastic princesses!

    • Now that you mention it, the skirt really does seems really short. I should have thought as much when I was getting a bunch of up skirt shots without even trying.

      The boots are really nice. Though they’re really really shiny and reflective. I had to move the reflector board a couple times so it wouldn’t be glaringly, er, reflected. And I just noticed right now, you can see someone reflected in them in some of the shots..

      Ah you were lucky. First time it happened I felt my stomach sink. Now it doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

  3. Ohman, your description of inserting Bardiche into Fate’s hands. I heard it first from Zai narrating it and did a big WHA?! until I read the context. Lovely photos btw.

    • I was merely describing how difficult it is to have Fate hold Bariche. I don’t know what YOU were thinking, haha.

      Thanks, I wasn’t all that confident about how they came out.

  4. Possible damage is one of the reasons why I keep my figures safe in my room, but that really limits the kinds of shots I can do since I have no props.

    Fate’s legs do look very nice, hopefully you can get rid of that smudge on the back. Also, your description of putting Bardiche in was o.O

    • Yeah, I try to take care of them but sometimes the wind is just too strong or my fingers are way too cold to react fast. I’m willing to risk it if I can get interesting photos.

      I think I got whatever she had off now. I just rubbed it a bit with a cloth.

      Hahaha, I was joking around with Miette when we were out there taking the shots and I said, “hey, I’ll just write that in the post too!” seems to have gotten a reaction.

  5. It’s quite a nice figure, but the face doesn’t convince me entirely to be honest. There is something…about it I can’t tell, but looks a bit weird!

    • Hmm I’m not sure if I know what you mean because for me it was the complete opposite. I thought the face looked really nice in comparison to other Fate figures I’ve seen so I decided to get her.

      I think it’s different in that she has a little fuller cheeks and a nice blush and smile. And she has really deep red eyes. I really like her!

  6. the wide article style looks very good.

    “When I was penetrating Fate I realized she was a very tight”
    Omg! you can’t write something like that, I nearly spit out my tea. XD

    Fate here in a more casual outfit looks cute, she appears well made and the glowing red blushmarks are really nice, somehow they should have used the red color on Nanoha’s blush as well. Bardiche looks very well made, even though he never was used by Fate in casual clothes ^^

    Well Nanoha and Fate are friends at first, but in the third season and in the manga afterwards they have a lesbian relationship, believe me.

    • Hahaha, I think I’ve heard you say stuff like that before. Nothing as explicit though. But I was being very vague about what I was talking about so it’s not my fault if people take it the wrong way!

      Yeah I was noticing that Nanoha’s face wasn’t like that. She does have some though just not as marked.

      No way, of course really close friends can share a bed and have a child together. They don’t have to be lesbians to do so!

  7. Why, I enjoy penetrating Fate too — and I don’t even own the figure! It’s good to see other people who enjoy penetrating her just as much as I do. =D

    I really dig those shot of her lower half. There’s something about that glimpse of loli ass and the rim of her panties that’s just exquisite — even more so than a full frontal view. You, sir, are a true master of loli asses.

    • Oh Chag, if you keep talking like that I’m gonna get jealous. She’s mine! Hahaha.

      I don’t know about master lol. Just a peek is much better than showing the whole thing. Imagination is probably the single most powerful aphrodisiac!