Hey, something looks different again!

Noisy picture unrelated.

So, there have been some changes made to blog.

First change, bigger pictures. Yay! As you probably seen in exilehero’s beautiful Fate pictures.

Alright, lets go over the important changes that have been made.

1. There has been some slight re-branding, the title of the blog has changed to Otagamers since there are two of us.

2. A new item has been added to the menu called Blog clicking of this item will take you to the usual list of posts as before or as you normally see on most blogs.

3. The other new item is the Blogroll, the blogroll has been removed from the side bar and instead become it’s own item.

4. The home page now displays only a slider with the five most recent posts, it automatically scrolls but you can click on the arrows to advance through the items.

5. The pagination on the bottom shows your current position on the list, clicking on any of them will take you to the appropriate post.

As mentioned before clicking on the Blog menu item will take you to a list of posts which you can navigate, or go to the next page of posts. The blog page shows ten blog posts per page.

The Blogroll menu item is a drop down list with all the different blogs we either exchanged links explicitly, visit on a regular basis, or simply give a nod to as an act of thanks.

If you want to be added just let us know, we would be more than happy to do so. The more the merrier as they say.

I hope the changes we have made have been for the better, I hope you will enjoy the bigger pictures as much as we will. If you find anything out of place let us know, we did mess with the template quite a bit after all.

Until next time, don’t forget to make use of the RSS, Twitter, and flickr links on the bottom.

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    • Stealthy? You must be pulling my string. To be honest stuff was broken for a couple of days while we modified the theme and figured out how stuff worked. Just so happen not many people visit during those middle days of the week.

      Yes, the main reason we messed with this theme in the first place was that. Now on a post you get the pictures and only the pictures front and center, nice and big.

      Also, the blog now comes with more “ze’ than ever before. That’s important too.

  1. I really like your new and stylish design ^-^
    Im planning since a long time to change my theme and look, but Im too lazy to take care of probably occuring problems XD

    • Originally, this was intended to happen when I switched over to self hosting. The previous theme being only temporary. Alas, we took or sweet time and finally bought a theme. After some tinkering the end result turned out pretty neat in my opinion.

      Yes, I remember you mentioning it on twitter, what ever happened to that?

  2. Oh gawd that makoto!

    I think this one is singleminded and more focused to a photo-review blog, so i guess it works

    advance(-posted this on dec23) Merry christmas and happy new year!

    • Indeed, that was pretty much the original purpose of moving in the first place. Didn’t get realized until now. We are happy with it, nice big pictures are good.