Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays!!!

Dang it, a white Christmas was off by one day. Silly snow, you are supposed to fall on the 24th and 25th not on the 23rd.

So, it snowed and the snow actually accumulated, that makes a grand total of two times this year. Which is something that hasn’t happened since I was a child.

So I did the one thing everyone should do when it snows.

Go out and play.

In my case, going out to play means taking pictures. These are a few snaps that I braved the harsh snowy winter for.


Enough beating around the bush, both exilehero and me wish every one a merry Christmas and happy holidays. We hope all our readers, visitors and regulars have a great time this weekend.

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    • Indeed, hope you had a nice break too.

      Don’t worry that’s what she wore on a game where she experienced and endless winter.

      I love me some rain too, snow though is more special since I rarely get it.

  1. Merry X’mas and happy holidays.

    Where I stay, we get heavy torrential rain that might result in flash floods up to two feet high at some low-laying areas.

    p.s. Homura walks in the field of snow like a boss. =D

  2. Merry Christmas guys! I’d love to experience snow on christmas someday.. ’tis a bit of a farfetched thought when you live in the southern hemisphere though, haha.

    Gorgeous photos, by the way.

    • Well, if you ever do I would be very very worried. Still a white Christmas is something I been wanting for years. It was so close this year, so darn close.


      Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Merry Christmas to you! Seeing figure and toys pictures taken in snow is always exotic to me as I don’t get snow over here. Reimu looks as if she doesn’t want to be there with all that snow though… Maybe it’s too cold? ^^;

    • Yeah, I remember those days, so foreign to me too. Then it ended becoming common place.

      Snows is pretty rare here too, namely why I took these pictures.

      I imagine here going with a “not again” kinda deal after PCB.

  4. What a shame! It is my first time visiting this blog. I should have come here before. The figure photo shoots are so neat and the backgrounds are well-chosen.
    I know I have you as a contact in Flickr but never came to the idea to visit your site (´?` ) .
    Anyways, happy happy holidays!

    • Ah don’t worry I’m much the same way. Many contacts on flickr I look at their photos but not always follow through to their blogs and what not.

      Happy holidays!

  5. Happy Holidays!

    I wish there was more snow on the ground here. It all melted and froze during Christmas so now all we have is dirty ice, not pretty at all.

    • I’m so happy we got some snow, more importantly that stayed long enough for me to enjoy. As usually by noon it is some dirty sloppy mess.

      Hope you had a nice time too.