Puella Magi Madoka Magica x Touhou

Who is up for a one off cross over picture?

I really like Touhou crossover with other series.

A long time ago, I tried doing this one picture. That picture was a far cry from what I was trying to attempt.

I always wanted to try and revisit the idea in the future, I originally thought of making a remake so to speak of that picture. Plus I been wanting to do something with Homura and Sakuya.

A while ago I though, wouldn’t it be interesting if Homura and Sakuya ever fought. Two time manipulating combatants who use their powers and conventional weapons in a similar manner.

Thus, this picture was born. After hours trail and tribulations of both me and exilehero this was one of the many pictures I took.

I finally got to do my original idea with a shout out to Embodiment of Scarlet Devil with a red moon as a backdrop.

So, who do you think would win?


  1. I woke up this morning to find my Homura posed with that exact weapon, haha.

    Anyway, nice picture! I’ll go with Homura simply because I don’t know much about Sakuya, lol.

    • You know, for using knives Sakuya ends up doing more long range combat that close.

      It didn’t occur to me to make Homura aim at Sakuya, more linke Homura jumping into the fray.

  2. Waaah!! I missed 2 to 3 of your posts!!! =O

    Well… a very late greetings of “Happy New Year” for you two…

    Well… at this post, I’d say Sakuya. Sorry Homura… when it comes to battling Sakuya in any aspect, you lose. =3

    • Happy new year for you too, hope you had a good one.

      Haha, almost makes it sound like Sakuya is invincible.

    • Indeed, I can’t thing of a suitable resolution other than stale mate. Whatever they use can pretty much be countered by their time stopping.

    • Yes, I concur, anything Touhou is always nice.

      I wonder, at least I can tell you a bigger moon would have been more troublesome. Had a bit of trouble framing things at it was.