Kirino gets in trouble with the law!

I bet no one sees what lesson Kirino learns coming at all.

So recently I received my Kuroko figma.  Waited pretty much all of last year since the game she comes bundled with kept getting delayed.

The game itself is a visual novel with some quick time events here and there using some rather nice 3D models. While I’m not fluent in Japanese I can vaguely understand what’s going on… except Kuroko, I can’t for the life of me understand anything she says other than her sentence ending “desu no”.

Now that the setting is… er… set… we turn to Kirino.

I found these figma sized cola cans a while back, been wanting to use them forever now. Glad to see that I finally get to use them.

Hopefully this sequence of events is not too obtuse.

Also, hmm, what a familiar arm band, what a familiar gun too.

“Nice shooting there, son.”

Yes, I know what you are thinking, the can in the air part was magic… or if you are exilehero, why is the can still in one piece?

I bet if you watched the movies as a kid, I bet you tried to do this. I tried, it’s really hard actually.

Hopefully the gif played for you and loops, if not, make sure to open it in another window to see it.

Alright, who actually guessed anywhere close as to what lesson Kirino learned?

Also, this was pretty much just a shout out to this scene from Robocop 2.

To end it off, a nice PSA from Robocop!

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  1. OMG~! You got RoboCop~!

    Yes, with him around messing with the law is THE last thing anyone would do.

    Also, impressive gif animation of him twirling his gun. =D

    • Yes! I love it, best out of the blue character to get a figma in my opinion!

      Stupid animation, I tried to make it nice and smooth but gave up on that and just made what you saw.

    • Look at this way, it’s kinda like buying a scaled figure and it comes packed in with a game! No idea about Kuroko but at least Biri Biri is not too expensive nowadays.

      Still, I curse GSC and Max Factory for not making them a regular release. At least Index didn’t come in a bundle too.

  2. Kuroko is cute <3 and finally a good Robocop action figure, even though I don't know why they produced him now haha.

    theres some nice depth of field in the pics, looks movie like ^^

    The rotating gun gif is really funny, stop motion pro ;D

    • I like Kuroko, she is really fun, the figma totally shows that.

      I wonder too, seems rather out of blue if you ask me.

      Thanks, glad you liked the pictures and gif.

  3. Tsk Tsk, Kirino should know better than to litter. Where did you get that cola can btw? I wonder if it’ll look right with nendoroids.

    • He sure is, more shiny than I expected. I haven’t done it myself but I seen a few pictures that show it to be quite promising.

  4. Canaan flashing her piece at the end? NOT SMART. I don’t care what kind of crazy eye-powers she has, because unless she’s got a big tub of peanut butter on her, she ain’t getting off easy.

    Also, have I ever complimented your diorama set-ups? They really are great. Using the camera as a makeshift TV screen is a brilliant touch, and the paper cut-out are very charming. =)

    • Hey, it’s like reflex for her, I don’t think she thought it through.

      Yay, thank you, I don’t know if people realize but as simple as they are they are still a pain to do sometimes. Still find it pretty fun and rewarding though.

      Also, silly Chag, while a great idea to use a camera as a makeshift TV, that IS a TV.

  5. Robocop. Wow that was unexpected. Aside from the fact that I’m still thinking why did GSC ever make figmas of him, the tin cop is really vigilant about littering huh? XD