A loli with a gun – Good Smile Company’s Henrietta

Alright, people keep arriving to the blog by searching for loli so here you go.

Today we’ll take a look at one of my grail figures, Good Smile Company’s Henrietta from Gunslingir Girl.

This Henrietta is a re-release that GSC graciously did last year in late September. The figure originally was released all the way back in 2006.

Henrietta comes from the anime and manga Gunslinger Girl.

You can catch a bit of it on YouTube courtesy of Funimation. The show is readily available on streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix and ridicolously cheap to obtain on Blu Ray and DVD. At the very least this applies to the US, can’t speak for other countries.

Gunslinger Girl was one the shows that I watched after I started to actively seek out anime when I entered college. As such it made a big impact with it’s rather serious portrayal of lolis, the relationships with their handlers, each other and their emotional development.

A far cry from the usual anime and manga nowadays isn’t it?

I mentioned Henrietta was one of my grail figures.

She is part of a group made up of GSC’s Instructor Nanoha, Max Factory’s Flame Haze Shana and Sawatori Makoto and Alter’s Kos-Mos V4. Kos-Mos is rather easy to acquire if I’m willing to drop the money but Makoto is another story, any one willing to part with theirs?

It is for that reason though that GSC simply doing a re-release of Henrietta makes me so happy, so much easier than dealing with second hand markets.

As an older figure Henrietta is rather simple nothing like the marvels we see today. Even then she is filled with nice details here and there such as her handgun or the violin case she carries containing the popular P90.

Henrietta has rather stubby proportions making her appear very child like. I think that this only makes her look really adorable.

It’s been so long since I wanted this figure that I do not particularly remember why I wanted it in the first place. I end up thinking the same of my other grail figures for that matter.

I can say though, every time I look at her I get this feeling telling me: yes, I really like her.

I totally neglected to take more pictures of the base so this is all you get. Rather simple with three pegs, although worrisome I had to forcibly bend her right leg so it could go into the peg.

I think the face the looks the part, so I’m happy with the looks, although the style of the figure is a bit different from the anime.

Quite saddened I got some paint chipping going on with Henrietta’s head on her fringe and hair band. Not entirely sure if it came like that or it was me who caused it, can’t remember.

GSC also recently released a figure of Triela from Gunslinger Girl, I wonder if that had anything to do with the re-release of Henrietta. If it does makes me quite happy it let to this release.

Nothing much to say other than, I’m so happy to have Henrietta in my possession.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention.

Taking pictures outside is tiring, concrete is hard, and you can scare family members by randomly sprawling in front of your house to take said pictures.

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  1. She has short legs :p what is her height?
    Henrietta has this elementary school girl look.

    Its good that you was able to get her as re-release.
    Her design is simple but overall its a figure that leaves an impression. The pose is well done for her.

    The pictures you’ve maded are nice, especially the ones from higher angles and the last one are really good.

    • I’m not sure she is quite small, I think her age is something around 12 or so.

      Yes, this figure is quite fitting nice juxtaposition with here innocent looks and the gun she carries. Quite fitting given the source material.

      Thanks, I rarely get complimented on the pictures themselves so I was quite surprised people liked them so much.

  2. Oooh, can you open her case to see the P90 inside? Surprising that GSC have rereleased such an old figure although I suppose that Saber figma that was rereleased recently was about as old as well.

    I think I’ve given up on any old figures I wanted because there is so much new, cool stuff I’m having to pass on already. That’s not to say I won’t pick a rerelease if the opportunity presents itself as it did for you and Henrietta. Congrats!

    • Sadly enough you can’t, it would be pretty cool if you could see the P90 inside. This one is even older than that, I don’t think I seen a figure from so long as go as this one get a re-release before.

      I don’t actively seek them out, I buy them when an opportunity such as a re-release presents itself. I think only with Sawatori Makoto I wold drop current figures in order to get her since I have found her to be quite elusive.

  3. Oh great, this has been brought up.
    For a loli, she still has weird leg length. =P

    The figure might be just above average in my opinion, it got leveled-up by your shots. Nice work again. ( o_o)-b

    • I wonder why though, Henrietta’s depiction on the manga and anime is not as stylized.

      It is a simply figure, the biggest reason I like it though has more to do with the character and the work that she comes from.

  4. As a huge Gunslinger Girl fan I badly want this figure.
    She seams well sculptured to me and maybe it’s not that
    fancy like other GSC work but it look all natural.

    If I can get a chance to grab here I might take a visit to
    bella Italia to take some pictures :)

    • Exactly, when I originally learned about this figure after watching Gunslinger Girl I knew I had to own her some day.

      That’s some hardcore fanboyism going on there, I suppose there is no more fitting backdrop than Italy itself.

    • I was a bit unhappy with that, buying her then seeing it on the bargain bin. I could have saved some money.

      I’m glad the pictures changed your opinion, it’s a nice simple figure.

  5. When I saw the first picture, I thought “wow, that figure looks old”, I guess 2006 really is quite a while back now. I like Henrietta’s skirt and the case she’s holding. They are indeed simple, but still have a bit of detail to admire.

    • It is, when I was typing the post I kept thinking, wow this figure came out 6 years ago.

      She looks nice, I’m glad the case and handgun where included, a nice addition of detail.

  6. She looks pretty good for a 2006 figure! I remember seeing her in person almost a year ago and she was so cute and tiny. I like her expression, how she’s looking off to the side.

    It’s a shame about the scuff marks on her hair and headband although they don’t look too bad from your lovely photos.

    It must be awesome to get a grail figure, congrats!

    • She is, she was way smaller than I thought she would be. Quite tiny even when compared to other 1/8th figures.

      They are not bad, one of those things barely noticeable in person but quite apparent in pictures.

      Sure is, only two more go, can’t wait to get them all.

  7. If I’m not mistake, Henrietta is re-released to be in tandem with Triela, similar with how Saber and Rider Figma was re-released during the run of Fate Zero. I caught a glimpse of this figurine before and for a GSC figurine, is actually a pretty affordable. Simple but attractive I suppose? I will have to take a closer look the next time I pass her by…maybe she will find a place in my collection…?

    nice pictures by the way, the background really goes with Henrietta. =)

    • I find it odd since Triela came quite a bit afterwards the second Gunslinger Girl anime. To release both her and then Henrietta seems a bit strange. Either way, I’m quite pleased that was the case as it allowed me get Henrietta.

      She is, even at full price she is cheaper than your typical release nowadays.

      Thanks, glad you liked the pictures.

  8. Looking back, I remember watching Gunslinger Girls when I was in 5th grade, never understood what it was all about, just amused with all the shooting and stuff, after sometime I rewatched it in my 1st of HS and pretty much got a hang of what was going and now that I’m a figure collector, really surprised to see that Henrietta got her own figure and rereleased at that. . . putting that aside the figure looks great for a 2006 rerelease, the proportions are all perfect, just like how a loli should be :D

    Nice job on the background btw

    • That has happened to be before, where I watch things again now that I watched when I was younger and realize there is a lot more to it than I originally thought.

      I have no idea what the average figure was back then but I’m sure Henrietta would is one of the nicest ones from the years. I mean other than being a bit small it is comparable to figures today.

  9. Ah,Gunslinger Girls. I had the pleasure of catching it on Netflix last year along with the second season, and it made quite the impression. I thought about getting Triela when I saw her coming out. Henrietta looks pretty good for how old of a figure she is, and I can see why you’d like her. This just reminds me that she was one of my favorite girls from the series. Gunslinger Girls remains one of the anime that I wish I’d reviewed immediately after watching.

    • Sure did, I don’t think I have watched an anime like it since. Triela did not pick my interest, mostly because I feel lukewarm about the character. Don’t particularly like or dislike her. As for Henrietta she might just be my favorite girl as she is the one I remember the most.