Pre-order list: the “dammit dollar, why are you so weak” edition!!!

So this time, me and exilehero are doing a pre-order list together.

The pre-order list from last time, which was all my stuff.


To start off is a figure both exilehero and myself have sought after for some time now.

Annelotte from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. I know nothing about the OVA’s or about Annelotte herself but all those pictures on MFC sure have skewed my idea of her.

One disappointing thing though, I had imagined her voiced by Yukana sounding just like Tessa does. Alas she is voiced by Aya Endo who couldn’t be further from that high pitched cutsy voice… oh well… Aya Endo is still nice though.


I pretty much wanted her because of the pictures in MFC and after seening the OVA I wanted her even more, the Elf instructor included. She has such exploitable expressions, 3 really nice faces to tease her with. I also like that she’s a girl knight, I think I like that sort of thing. You don’t see many girls with functional armor out there. Not that she keeps it on for long, being Queen’s Blade and all.

This figure makes me quite happy, Makoto is another one of my grail figures.

Been wanting her for ages but I never saw it for sale anywhere at all. A helpful soul on directed me to a personal sale on ebay, after checking everything out and for a reasonable price no less, I bought Makoto.

Time to look forward to the likely emotional breakdown I will have reliving Kanon when I get to do a photo shoot for this figure.


I really don’t get why you got this one at all. I just can’t understand having not watched Kanon so I can’t relate to the emotional response. Being relativity new to figures I see this one as kinda plain in comparison to today’s. But hell whatever makes you happy. Though now that I see her from the backside in this picture she does have a rather nice fan-service-y skirt. I just don’t understand grail figures.

This is a pair of figures I have been eyeing for over a year.

When they where first released last year I did not see much interest in them, only a few pictures on flickr. I can probably make a guess why people disliked them though.

Still I find them to be charming, after all they remind me of one big reason I like Touhou, everyone has their personal take on the characters. These two figures are the sculptor’s take on Reimu and Marisa. I’m getting both since you can’t have Reimu without Marisa and vice versa.


I don’t really like this Reimu that much, but I like Marisa. Reimu looks kinda scrawny from the photo’s I’ve seen, and her face doesn’t look very Reimuish to me. Marisa fits the skinnier look a little better to me. She has more defined legs form what I’ve seen. But more Touhou stuff is always good. I’m still surprised you just went and ordered both.





Ah Mami, the ever so popular puella magi that got a bit ahead of herself.

I still plan on collecting all five girls, already got Madoka and Homura and next up is Mami.

Such a shame she got delayed from January until March though.




They included the angsty face even though it was just like 5 seconds or something from the anime. Poor Mami will never live it down. I like how all the Madoka girls come with a bunch of weapons. And it’s a good thing it got delayed, now my March shipping costs are shared evenly, yay!

Are you all ready for a squidding invasion  ~ de geso!

Ika Musume is a type of character that makes me so happy the figma line exists. While a scaled figure of her would be nice it would not be able to give me as much fulfillment as this figma will. To be able to relieve all those memorable antics of Ika Musume’s invasions would be impossible. Quite frankly, it’s because she is a figma that she can live up to the potential of her character.


I’m also getting her. I really liked the Ika Musume anime, it’s such an emotional rollercoaster, and because of it I can think of a lot of photos I want to take of her. I’m a little woried that her tentacles will get bent out of shape though.

I know very little of Sengoku Rance, one thing is that it contains interpretations of historical figures. Two the protagonist will rape any girl in sight, including a genderbend version of himself. Three it contains really cute looking girls. I remember the bigger scaled version of Kenshin that FREEing did a while back, always caught my attention but since I knew nothing about the character I never bought it. The figma is a nice interpretation, really love that cute blushing face. Good thing exilhero is buying one.



Erm, well Rance doesn’t actually rape himself as a girl, that’s just a Bad End, but the other two are correct. Anyway I did play Sengoku Rance and I got way more than I expected. In the end I was actually playing because it was fun rather than for, you know, ecchi stuff. Kenshin is one of the cuter girls in the game so I natually wanted to have her. That FREEing Kenshin was the first figure I actually considered buying, but I thought it was ridiculously priced at the time. I hope they make more Figmas of this series, maybe Senhime or Sill, hell Rance would be nice for funny comics.

Next up is that idiotic puella magi.

While I still dislike Sayaka a bit, I also still think she is the better looking of the puella magi in terms of her design. I look forward to her addition to my collection of puella magi figmas.

Plus that “unlimited blade works” she has going on with her cutlasses is pretty neat.




Ehh I don’t know why you hate her so much, she was an idiot and all but I don’t see it justifying so much hate. And I also don’t get why you like how she looks, her design looks kinda plain to me. I still wonder what those triggers on her swords are for.

Alter’s Persona 3 figures are some of my more sought after past releases, but god, those second hand market prices.

Luckily enough for me Alter came to the rescue with the release this awesome looking version of Aigis. This version is even more detailed looking than Alter’s past efforts with Aigis, a perfect recreation of the illustration that this figure is based on.

Although it was annoying Aigis was delayed not once but twice, she was supposed to be released in January. I guess my lucky break of figures releasing on time is over now that 2012 has started.

This is my first scaled Aigis, only got the two figmas thank you very much.


Don’t you already have enough Aigis figures already? I rember you had like 4 or something. Well she does look pretty nice I’ll give you that. I really like how detailed she is and how striking her blue eyes are. I always thought that her robot hooves looked kinda gross though.

I have no idea who this girl is other than she comes from a visual novel from Nitro+.

I do remember debating whether I wanted to buy her. I like maids, I like the pose, I love her pouting expression, a nice tanned girl is nice once in a while too.

In the end though, I didn’t have to worry whether to buy or not.



Because I decided to get it. I also don’t know much about her, but when I first saw her it was love at first sight. I mean delicious tsundere brown elf girl in a maid outfit! How can I NOT have it? I was on the fence with her for a bit though. Her face reminded me of this one doujinshi where bad things happen to enslaved brown elf girls. Which reminds me of this other H anime where brown elf girls get abused some more. They just can’t catch a break. But I researched a bit and found out a little more about her and now I see the face as embaressed rather than sad.




See this bodacious looking sexy woman?

She is one of the few things that genuinely scared me when I played a game. God this woman, I will never forget her introduction into the battlefield.

Anyways, I don’t really like this figure, I think the body looks too elongated. I’m quite happy with Alter’s other Selvaria which I should really take out of her box one day and snap some pictures of her.


Man, the only comment you make of the figure and it’s a negative one. I think she looks fine really. The designs from Valkyria Chronicles are kinda like this. I think the figure follows the original drawings rather than the game’s design. Raita’s drawings tend to be a little exagerated in expression (and breast size), which makes them appealing to me. I was indecisive on whether to get her for a while because her boobs look a little too big and because that shower head is is just stupid. I took a good look at her face though, and I remembered why I like Selvaria so much in the first place. Anyway I can’t wait to see her when she arrives later in the year.

I arrived too late to the figure collecting business by the time I got into Zero no Tsukaima so I missed out on all the cute Louise figures.

Luckily enough for me, Alter decided to re-release probably the one Louise figure I sough the most. Actually lately I been getting some nice re-releases from figure manufactures.

Anyways, I find this Louise really cute, just look at that expression. I find it quite an interesting figure as it does not depict Louise in her familiar school uniform or that well known maid outfit she wears.


I really like Louise. She’s probably my favorite Kugimiya Rie tsundere. Violent temper aside, when she’s dere she’s really DERE, it just melts my heart each time she’s embarassed by whatever Saito is trying to do to her. And because I like Louise so much it was hard to pass on this figure but in the end I did. I can’t seem to find a Louise figure that I absolutely love.

Here we go, the last of the puella magi.

I don’t know what to say, Kyouko is probably the girl I like the least. I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her either. I think I ended up finding her boring or something.

Well, whatever, I look forward to get her to reenact some delicious yuri with her and Sayaka. Oh man, when I get her it’s gonna be so cool to finally have all five girls together, gonna make me feel quite satisfied for sure.


Kyouko is probably my favorite Madoka girl. I like her kinda rough personality, her long red hair tied up in a pony tail, and her character design. Not that many people like her for some reason. As much as I liker her I’m not really getting her. I can’t do much with just one Madoka girl, and Miette is getting her so I’ll get to see her anyway.





Much like last year the figure I look forward to the most is a rendition of Yukari. Reimu might be my favorite Touhou girl but Yukari is the one who gets the nicer figures. She comes with some nice options to display her.

Although I’m quite weary of this figure. It has a quite higher price than a similar figure her size normally goes for, plus she is by QuesQ a manufacturer that I have yet to see up close. Reviews of their figures have turned out fine so I have high hopes for their work.


First thing I said when when I saw her was “Ok I’m buying this”, then I saw the price, and said, “Ok I’m buying this”, then Miette said he was getting it too and I said, “order two”. I might have been joking but she looks really damn detailed. The more I see of her the more I want her. I really really like how she looks in the photos so far so I have high hopes for her. The price tag doesn’t looks so unreasonable now. Did I mention I like Yukari?

One day, I was noticing a severe lack of swim suit figures in my collection. I only have two of them. I also noticed that I was being a bad Nanoha fan and skipping on her figure releases. Finally I noticed my ratio of loli Nanoha to adult Nanoha was not equal.

Then Alter came to the rescue, not only do I get an adult sexy Nanoha to balance things out, she is also wearing a swim suit. No wonder Alter is my favorite manufacturer.

This figure is based on a poster featuring Nanoha, Fate and Vivio leaning against a wall. The inclusion of a chunk of that wall makes me hope Alter will release a Fate and Vivio to match this Nanoha.



This one looks really nice. Ever since I got summer dress Fate I’ve become somewhat of a Fate fan, so the first thing I thought when I saw Nanoha was, “Is there a Fate like this?”. Sadly not (yet). I’ve been meaning to get another Fate figure but I can’t quite pick one I like. I kinda wanted to get the enormous 1/4th swimsuit Fate but I’d rather wait and see if they make one to acompany this Nanoha… which was supposed to be the main focus of my comment here. Oh well.

To make sure we do not have a lack of swimsuit clad girls during the summer exilehero is buying this Cecilia. Cecilia is my favorite IS girl, I think she is a fun gal, she is also voiced by Yukana.

I been curious about the Beach Queens line for a while, never got interested in any of the figures to actually buy one. The one exception was Biri Biri but alas, I missed out on that release and re-release. Only one thing I dislike already is their size, 1/10 makes them kinda tiny.


I’ve been wanting a Cecillia figure for a while and this one was the one I liked the most from what I’ve seen. Miette’s been telling me about swimsuit figures in the summer for a while so she takes care of a couple things at a time. Hmm I didn’t even realize she was 1/10th scale. I love her drill hair!

This figure I find quite charming. I’m sure only Touhou fans, by that I mean actual fans who play the games, will enjoy this figure.

ZUN, creator of Touhou has a rather unique art style. This figure is based on his art rather than some artistic interpretation of it. In fact this is pretty much the menu screen for the twelfth Touhou game, Undefined Fantastic Object.

The figure itself is really cheap, more along a prize figure, it’s also from a manufacturer that I never hear of before. Still as a Touhou fan I can’t pass this up, it’s just too amusing.


This one is just silly.







Alright, raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming?

After Robocop I suppose the figma line is branching more besides cute girls and Kamen Riders.

There is also apparently a Link figma now so I wonder what other Nintendo characters will come out. Some people were being idiots on 4chan one time because this Samus is based on her Other M incarnation. I liked the game, a nice Metroid game, a nice action game, a nice gamey game.

My biggest complain is that Samus was not voiced by Jenifer Hale like she was in the Prime games.

I mean, just imagine, Samus sounding as cool as FemShep!


Oh don’t remind me of the Prime fanboys, oh the humanity! Anyway I’m also getting her. I’m kinda glad that recently I’ve been seeing more video game characters getting figures. I already have a million ideas for Samus. It’s easy for me to come up with stories for game characters it seems.

Here is Rita from Tales of Vesperia the game I bought an Xbox 360 for. For some reason I really, really liked the party characters a lot in Tales of Vesperia. That single handedly made Vesperia my favorite Tales game.

I did find it odd that Alter went and release a figure of Yuri, the protagonist, and Flynn, his friend and rival, before any of the girls.

Now here we are and Alter is releasing Rita, here I hope Alter does the other girls too. Give me Judy, Judy! Man I love that woman!


I’ve yet to play Vesperia. I was gonna play it and then literaly that day the PS3 version with extra content was anounced. So I decided to wait for the PS3 version to get localized to play it… AND I’M STILL WAITING! haha.. I’ll play it some day.. *sigh*, on the 360. Oh yeah, only Miette is getting this one.




Another Ques Q figure, this time of the the titular Neptune in her goddess form as Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptuna.

My one disappointment from this figure is the lack of the armor that goes along with this form in the game.

That game was sure a mixed bag. A game where you play as the anthropomorphization of the current console war and their fight against piracy. If you are a person who has been gaming for years and watching anime for years the reference fest that is this game is a rather amusing experience.

Too bad playing the game itself was a pain in the ass.


I think she looks very nice. For some reason I really like her face and hair and eyes and body and suit. Though I’ve never really played Neptunia, so that really keeps me from buying it.


  1. Really great figures! I really like the last one even if I don’t know the character…

    Btw shut up with complaining as Euro is not in a better position right now against Yen…Where are the times the Euro was rated 170 yen?! :(

    • I like it, I just hope Ques Q doesn’t turn out to be sub par in their quality.

      Ehhh…. the US dollar didn’t even reach that high, I miss the days of 100 yen per dollar rates.

    • I don’t know her either but it like it. There’s something about her, maybe it’s the odd eyes. Looking forward to seeing her when he gets her.

      I remember the dollar being 110 yen or so a couple years back and I thought that was too little. Wonder if I would buy more figures if it was stronger..

    • Yes you do, right now the yens is around 75 Yen/1 USD.

      At least my wallet wont explode since it’s gonna be empty.

    • Not to mention Paypal takes it’s cut from every transaction. “Oh hey Google says the dollar is 78 Yen today!”, “Too bad here have 74yen per dollar”. orz

  2. Hahaha, perhaps a good thing about moving to Australia is that it makes figures cheaper for me! Except everything else is more expensive :(

    We’re getting all the Madoka figmas as well and man, it’s going to be awesome having them all together. I’m still hoping for a figma Godoka, their scaled figure of her looks amaaazing.

    I think the figure of this list that I’m most looking forward to is figma Kenshin. I actually preordered her and started playing Sengoku Rance just to learn about her character. And she’s pretty awesome although I’ll have to say Rance is by far my favorite character in the game.

    • So I hear from my Australian buddies.

      Indeed, it’s gonna be so neat to have them all. I hope for a Madokami figma too, I liked how she looks. I was surprised with the scaled figure it’s the only one out of the GSC Madoka scaled figures that made me consider buying it.

      I tend to do that, since I don’t buy figures of characters I don’t know I will go find out about them.

    • Then again you get all the poisonous animals and bugs trying to kill you so I’m OK paying a little more to be safe here :p.

      Haha I did the exact same thing for Kenshin when the FREEing figure came out. I was really interested in her so I went and played the game. Never got around to getting the FREEing one but once I saw the Figma I just had to have it. Here’s hoping they make more Sengoku Rance Figmas.

  3. man, pretty comprehensive pre-orders you have there. I also have the Madoka Figma girls on my P.Os and the rest are Nendoroids. Was considering Ika Musume but didn’t get it in the end due to budget constraints.

    The Koto Reimu and Marisa looks pretty nice though, maybe it’s the eyes that people don’t like? On a side note, are you guys considering the Pettanko Reimu and Marisa?

    • It sure is, quite a variety of different companies. The Madoka figma set sure seems to be well liked. You must get Ika Musume she seems so exploitable.

      They do, I like them, since they have a different style than usual. Which was probably why people didn’t like them as much.

      I’m not at least, I much prefer stuff like figmas rather than stuff like those Pettanko figures.

    • No Ika? That’s a shame, she looks like a really fun Figma.

      I really didn’t know those existed. I kinda like girly proportions of scaled figures or Figmas better so I think I’ll pass.

  4. And there’s going to be more pictures of other items as the days continue, to the sadness of our wallets. XD

    So far, none of them I have any interest (well, except the nendo Ika…).
    Figma Samus is a surprise, but so does Kiritsugu and Link~!

    • God, just from the stuff people where spamming twitter with I know I’m getting a few things.

      Link and Samus where for sure, did not expect to start seeing Nintendo characters turned into figmas. Kiritsugu not so much since there is some Fate/Zero figmas already but man he sure looks cool.

    • There’s a bunch of stuff that came out on Wonfest that have my interest, even some kinda ecchi figures haha. Though I don’t know how many of them I’ll end up getting. I’ll listen to my wallet before going all out.

  5. Ahahaha what a huge list is that and the new Wonfes just started today :p

    Annelotte is so funny with her ecchi faces.
    This old Makoto is really adorable, her arc was so sad

    I agree with Miette on Sayaka, in the anime she was stupid with her attitude as magical girl, but her outfit is probably one of the best of the magical girls in that show.

    exilhero don’t remind me of the poor elf girls *damn*
    I felt like crap for days and now again X( they should have warned me before XD Anyway the maid looks very good with her base, I guess Max Factory will deliver a great product.

    This Louise looks cool, but I would wish me a more dere looking figure of her, after three, nearly four seasons I slowly get unpatient.

    As they’ve painted this Nanoha swimsuit figure, they somehow lost the slightly sexy expression of her face.

    Cecilia is also my favorite IS girl,she’s so cute and funny :D

    • Surprisingly, it’s not that much stuff just a few more figmas. I do still have to take a closer look at the scaled figures but I know I’m buying at least one for sure.

      Yes she is, oh so many possibilities with those expressions.

      Makoto’s arc is probably the one I like the best and most likely why I want the figure in the first place.

      Sayaka tried to be an ally of justice on the wrong kind of world if you ask ne.

      I think I know which doujinshi that is, such a sad thing to fap to I suppose. I look forward to when exilehero gets her, not enough maids in this blog.

      Hmm… a dere figure of Louise huh, I seen several of her smiling and what not but not when of here being dere dere, would be nice actually.

      I do not remember what her face looked like unpainted but I am happy with how she looks now.

      Yes she is, I demand more figures of her and her IS.

    • That’s probably the main reason I want Annelotte. Her faces are just too damn good to not tease her.

      Sayaka has one of the best outfits? Maybe it’s because of the girl who’s wearing it but I don’t really find it all that special :p.

      Don’t worry elfs don’t always get the low end of the stick. I don’t remember somewhere where they’re peaceful and happy… but I’m sure there’s something like that somewhere! At least from what I’ve read of this VN they don’t get abused that much haha.

      Cecilia is damn cute. Who else would try to cook with her IS as a heat source?

  6. I already have Aegis and Louise on order, so I guess you’d say they’re my favorites from your list. ;)

    Sandaime Muramasa (the dark-skinned elf maid) looked interesting. I definitely liked the original illustration they used as a basis for the figure, but something about the head in the colored prototype is throwing me off. I think maybe it’s that her hair seems to lack depth, like it’s just solid white without any shading. Not really planning to order her at this point, but I may regret it later. :-\

    Ques Q seems to be popping up a lot all of a sudden. It seems like I year ago I had never heard of them. Both Yukari and Purple Heart look pretty good from the official pics, but I’m still a little leery of ordering one of their figures without seeing their work first-hand.

    BTW, I like this post format where you two both give your own commentary for each figure presented. Gives it a conversational feel.

    • Hey, nice picks, Alter really delivers.

      She looks nice, her expression did turn out being a bit different than what I thought after she got painted though.

      Indeed, before last year I never heard of them. I only saw a review of their Taiga figure and that’s pretty much all I seen from them. Their other Touhou figures look fine but I am putting a lot of faith in them with Yukari.

      Glad you like it, it wasn’t such a pain in the ass dealing with WordPress I would love to do it more often.

    • I kinda liked the dark elf girl better in her non-colored prototype. You could see all the little details accentuated because of the white figure. However I think she’ll turn out well in the end. If I didn’t order her I feel like I would regretted later so I went ahead and ordered her.

      Ques Q has been getting my attention lately with some of their Touhou figures. They might not make the most dynamic ones but they sure look unique and pretty. Yukari is somewhat of a shot in the dark since I’ve yet to see anything from them up close. But from the promo pictures she looks good.

      I like it too. We usually just do our own stuff individually but this is fun once in a while too.

  7. Hmmm… I’ll take:

    -The FIRST chibi miko Reimu image… =3

    -Reimu and Marisa as a pair (already ordered)

    -Ika Musume

    -Tomoe Mami (already ordered)

    -Louise Francoise la Blanc de la Valliere, maid version

    -Yukari Yakumo

    -Swimsuit Cecilia Alcott

    Alright, TAKE ALL MY MONEY figma makers! >.<

    • It’s a nice image.

      I’m happy to be able to get them both on their rel-release. Even more so since I missed them because I was stubborn and wanted them together.

      Ika Musume is a must, there is no way I would pass on such a figma.

      Just Mami? Not the other girls?

      I’m so happy to finally get that Louise, man so much cheaper than second hand sales.

      Yukari! God, May can’t come soon enough for that.

      I want more Cecilia figures, period.

      Yes, Max Factory has been taking all my money for years now.

    • Hmm touhou and Ika musume huh?

      Oh Louise and Mami too so it must be about girls with magic!

      Ah my money, how I wish you would last a little longer in my hands.

  8. You confused me for a moment with your talk of a “pre-order post” only to start with a figure that came out half a year ago.

    Ha ha, you guys are going to be so poor. That or you’ve got really nice salaries.

    I’ve only got a few things on pre-order myself right now, and I’m waffling on almost every one anyways. Thank you for having the best pre-order cancellation policy ever, HobbyLink Japan.

    • Hey, pre-order does not only mean future releases. XP

      Well, I’m splurging while I can but it’s mostly because I don’t pay rent. My salary is under the average for my profession though.

      If AmiAmi and Hobby Search hadn’t forced my hand with their lack of cancellation policy I wouldn’t pre-order as much. I do know how you feel I’m so undecided on which Erio figure to buy.

    • She’s been out for that long? Man no wonder I couldn’t find her anywhere. She was a pain to track down somewhere not ebay I telly you.

      Miette is the one who’s going way overboard if you ask me. I only have like a thing a Month really so it’s not that bad for me.

  9. I want one of those Queen’s Blade Revoltechs too. I was thinking of getting that Siggy one that’s coming out but more recent photos of her look pretty average.. hmm..

    Sayaka and Kyoko are my favourite puella magi. I feel so alone. My like of Sayaka might be out of pity though, haha. It’s gonna be fun to own all the girls. I hope you guys make comics with them all.

    I sorta demanded to Luth that we get the Ika figma. I don’t think he’s into Ika Musume nor as easily enchanted by cute girls.. err, squids as I am.

    That brown elf is really pretty. I sort of want it if only to mix up our really white collection a bit.

    Selvaria is sexy but I still have nightmares about her. I didn’t know Raita did the character design, explains the tits then! She’s great looking though, we ordered her too. :D

    I love the character designs from Hyperdimension Neptuna but I heard the game itself wasn’t all that great so we never bought it. Looking forward to seeing how that figure turns out though.

    • I think they are quite fun, I’m happy to get one of the Queen’s Blade revoltech. At least if you go for Siggy it would be easier than a past release.

      Poor Sayaka she just doesn’t get any love. I do have some ideas for the puella magi. I just noticed though I have no idea what to do with Kyouko.

      Well, you can go tell Luth that he should become enchanted by the tentacle filled ball of awesomeness that is Ika Musume.

      Yeah, I don’t think I got any dark skinned girls on my collection. Should go find one I like.

      Ah Selveria, she did what I dislike the most in a game, crush my sense my security.

      The characters do look nice, they are really fun, they interactions are really amusing. Too bad the dungeon crawling and game mechanics to get the true ending where a bit broken.

    • After watching the OVA I kinda want the elf instructor girl as well. Maybe after getting Annelotte I’ll get hyped enough th buy her too.

      Hmm I haven’t heard that many people who like Sayaka. Kyoko does have a small following though, I like her myself too haha.

      He’s a guy! Being enchanted by cute girls should be in his nature! But yes, I’m really looking forward to getting Ika. So many possibilities!

      That’s some affirmative action taking place in the figure world! I like her because she’s a maid and because she has a cure pouting face haha.

      The first game doesn’t look that much like Raita’s art but then for the second one they made it much closer. He does draw girls with big “assets” huh?

  10. We are getting Louise, Rita, and Purple Heart! The Kanon figures are really cut though…. but we don’t have the money to be buying ebay items right now. >.<

  11. That is a LOT of figures o.o

    I’m trying to cut back on figure spending, but it seems cutting back for me means less money on scale figures and more on nendoroids, so I’m actually still spending as much as before. I would get that Makoto figure too, if only there were good Nayuki, Shiori, Mai, and Ayu figures to go with her.

    • I’m actually doing the opposite, splurging while I can. Soon enough I wont have as enough purchasing power.

      I would love figures of the other girls, such a shame only Makoto and Ayu got a figure from Max Factory.

    • At least it’s a shared list!

      Cutting back then spending it anyway haha. That’s not helping you :P. Well all that matters is that you’re happy with your nendos.

  12. That’s quite a lot for a pre-order list :), good job on pre-ordering Yukari, I heard her gap can reach even the deepest part of your wallets, beware!

  13. So many figures, and I wish the dollar would make a comeback but it seems helpless at this point. Lot’s of goodies here that I would like, and a few I’m ordering as well. I’ve fallen from grace as a figure collector (not getting as many, nor anywhere near as often) but I still love my hobby. My backlog is an unconquerable foe that I still need to battle.

    • I hope it does, someday it might go up but not anytime soon.

      As long as you get what you really like I see no problems then. I gave up on that backlog, too many figures, too pricey to go back and get them all.