Madoka shows her love to Homura <3

Alright, here is a vaguely related late Valentine’s post.

No, no, no Madoka, Kyubey is not the right person(?) to ask for advise about anything.

Ok, this is totally made to pander to all those Kyubey hating folks. I hope you like it.

I love it when Nanoha stomps things. Just like she did when she blasted Quatro away on StrikerS.

Yes, if anyone is an expert about befriending magical girls look no further.

Everyone knows about Nanoha’s interesting way to “befriend” correct?

Sorry Madoka, you are not Madokami yet to go save yourself or something… I guess? I don’t know what I’m saying.

Do you really wanna know what happened there Homura?

Alright, who didn’t see this coming? I mean, Nanoha and befriending, teaching Madoka about it.

Well, finally got to do this, been wanting to do since I knew there was gonna be a Madoka and Homura figma. Somewhere along the line I got this idea into my head, so I am satisfied to finally getting it done.

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  1. Is that the bench from Haruhi middle school ver? Since I have that as well, been thinking of re-creating that famous Kyubey kill scene from the anime~ Glad to see you do it though..what’s that blood on them? Ink?

    really brave to smear that stuff over Madoka and Kyubey~ =3

    • Yes it is exactly that one that came with loli Haruhi.

      The “blood” is red water paint, so you can just wash it away with water no problems.

      • ooh right, that looks pretty creative there man. I was wondering if it was marker or something. That will be a useful top if I ever attempt to “kill” any of my figurines. =3

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man…

    Nanoha is the house, befriending your mahou shojou~! D=

    Ah yes, the fine art of befriending, always a guarantee hit.
    Looks like Homura will receive a lesson that she will never forget. =D

    p.s. did you apply red paint or just use Ye Ol Photoshop method?

    • Well, the sempai gotta go teach the newbies after all how to go about these things.

      I always wondered if Fate got PTSD from it, I mean getting hit by Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker must be quite traumatic.

      Yes, it was red water paint.

  3. Somehow killing QB is a norm for mahou shoujo these days (didn’t see Sakura kill criters before). . . . oh well XD
    Seeing HomuHomu with a Barrett made me want to play MW2 again, got to love how Nanoha “makes” friends :D

    I commend you for being brave enough to dirty Madoka-tan’s face, I haven’t even thought of doing that to my girls, seeing as how I clean them :P

    • It is? At least I can’t imagine Sakura killing much of anything, she is not blood thirsty like other magical girls nowadays.

      You know, the Barrett seemed huge when I saw together with Misaka-imouto but in Homura’s hands that thing is gigantic.

      It’s just water paint so it washes away quite easily and since I only use water to wash it away there shouldn’t be any damage.

    • Let’s see when Fate got penetrated by Nanoha’s big fat pink thing they ended up together with a child. I expect no less from Madoka and Homura.

      I would love to see that, sounds quite fun actually.

  4. Nice new story here, you tried some splatter effects ^^
    The depth of field looks very appealing again.

    The “Stomp” picture is priceless

    I never understood whats wrong with Nanoha’s way of befriending.
    It never appeared odd to me, you have to give a decent education to rascally kids like Fate :p

    • Yeah, it was a spur of the moment, I was originally gonna try something else. I think I over did it with the DoF on some of the pictures like the Nanoha close ups.

      I like to see Nanoha stomp things. XP

      Hey, she tries to talk to these people. they don’t listen so of course she has to get a little physical with them.

  5. Yes, exploding Kyubey! :D

    Your comic reminds me of an image I saw early in the Madoka series with Madoka sitting against a wall and Nanoha’s shadow over her. It’s so obvious what Nanoha’s going to do when she meets a new girl.

    • Yay, it looks like I was able to show that off correctly.

      Aha, I know which one, this was inspired by that image. I was originally gonna try something like that with Nanoha’s shadow but I was unhappy with the lighting.

      Of course, gotta break in the new girl!

  6. Oh my, I’m a bit in love with the photo of QB getting shot. Madoka’s expression makes me laugh for some reason. Is QB’s tail snapped off or does it just look like that? Homu looks looks so cool posing with her gun, lol. Do we get to see Homura’s response some time? :D

    • Oh lol, shame on you amusing yourself with poor Madoka’s suffering :P

      You can take off the tail, much to my relief as I though I had broken it.

      I rarely do follow ups, I really should.

  7. Aw man, Nanoha in the Madoka universe…now that is a interesting thought! Suddenly, Fate getting befriended comes the most graphic scene in anime history. Oh god the horror.

    • I’m sure Nanoha would have had all the firepower Homuru would have ever wanted.

      You know, I didn’t even bat an eye when poor Fate got blasted away when I first watched it happen.