Queen’s Blade and Tentacle Monsters

Hey everyone. This is a short story of Annelotte from Queen’s Blade Rebellion. Technically no actual tentacle rape occurs but this is still probably NSFW.

So I’ve been wanting an Annelotte for the longest time now. Ever since I saw some of her pictures on My Figure Collection I wanted one for the whole purpose of putting her in fun situations.

One of the best things about Annelotte is the wide variety of tease faces she has. Not only does she have beautiful eyes and lips, but they’re really fitting for awkward situations such as this. Also, this has to be the lewdest thing I’ve ever photographed. One more thing, if you put that on your sword you can beat the Maneaters more easily!

I also recently got Guts Figma from Berserk! It’s really detailed!

Not sure if you guys are familiar with Berserk, but this is what Guts usually does, he sweeps in to save people. That or he’s being horribly treated by the universe.

I’m not sure what a tentacle monster sounds like when it’s agonizing in pain. I took my best guess.

Gut’s cape is a pain to work with, it keeps getting in the way and won’t do the woosh woosh that I want. Oh and even though Guts mentions it, don’t pay any attention to the disappearing forest.

What could possibly go wrong?

Of course it wouldn’t be Queen’s Blade without clothes damage!

Incidentally, Annelotte’s default hands are pretty disapointing, they look like she has boneitis or something. However in this pic you can see, if you take a moment to look away form the breasts, that regular Figma hands work quite well with her. Though most my Figmas are midgets with smaller hands so I coudn’t use those..

All in all Annelotte is very cute, sexy and exploitable and Guts is awesome.


    • She’s certainly one of the better looking ones I’ve seen, probably the best looking. They made a much greater effort on her face than on the older ones. As a result she has the most beautiful face I’ve seen in a Revoltech, and her body isn’t bad either!

      Haha, probably not a good idea to show her. She might get traumatized!

    • Haha thanks! I used play-doh which is water based. Using something oil based would probably been better since it kept drying up! Apparently I’m so slow in taking pictures that tentacle monsters dry up and crumble.

  1. She’s really cute and has damn lovely faces, maybe I’ve fallen in love ^-^

    I didn’t expect that you were brave enough to show some liquid shooting from the monster. You couldn’t resist to tease her, ehh? Or have you watched some dirty H-anime lately?

    I guess I wouldn’t have the Guts (wordplay) for such tentacle action, but it was funny. Its a nice putty monster by the way XD

    • That’s exactly what happened to me! Her faces are too damn cute and full of blush, I just had to get her!

      It happens in the OVA, it’s natural plant secretions nothing naughty :p hahaha. But yeah I couldn’t resist teasing her, too much fun with those faces.

      Well it was pretty gutsy for the monster to try that, but in the end it was the one to be gutted. Haha thanks! It turned out better than I thought.

    • Sculpting purple penises was a lot harder than I thought. You can’t just make a random rod and expect it to look like a penis! The shape and form are very specific and if you’re even a bit off you’ll end up with a sub-par penis.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I never knew you were such a talented sculptor! :D

    Annelotte sure is pretty though, I’d like her for myself.

    • Hahah thanks! Though I’m not sure if I’m talented.

      She really is. Right now she’s my favorite and I can’t help but keep changing her pose on my desk.

  3. I never wanted to see that clothes explosion scene… it would trigger my actions to clothe Annelotte as soon as possible *gentleman status*

    Meh, overall I’m liking the rescue and the sexy pose. o/

    • Hahaha suure you would sure you would.

      I put a lot of effort into the sexy pose actually. She’s kinda hard to stand on her own, not that the base would be visible anyway.

    • Clothes seem to randomly disintegrate in Queen’s Blade. Granted they make up an excuse like ‘it was cut’, but I decided to get straight to the point!

  4. Lawl @ clothes explosion!

    Ye should ahve included all the other cast members of QC if you had like Elf lady-san XD. Hmmm i wonder if our tengu reporter is snapping paparazzi shots of her here and there XD

    • Hmm I don’t have the elf lady YET. But i’m really leaning towards getting her too haha.

      How do you think these shots were taken in the first place! That tengu is a fast one I tell you.

  5. Annelotte looks great, I should probably pick her up before she sells out everywhere. Revoltech’s QB line sure has come a long way since they started. I hope we get new versions of old characters too, like Ymir and Elina :3 Nice play-doh tentacles and Guts looks pretty awesome for a Figma. Also like how you used Figma hands on Annelotte, they look great!

    • Yeah, she was kinda hard to find when I was looking to buy her. I only found her on ebay for more than 100 bucks :/ But in the end u was able to get for for less than that so I was happy.

      The old QB Revoltech don’t look as sharp really. I was looking at some pictures of them to get some company for Annelotte but they have far rougher construction. Re-releases would be nice huh?