The Shrine Maiden of Paradise Take Two – Hakurei Reimu Nemu Matsukura ver.


Today we get to take a look at a figure of my favorite Touhou girl once more, Kotobukiya’s Hakurei Reimu!

Just to make sure, everyone knows what Touhou is right?

No, it’s not some anime with cute girls in overly frilly and eccentric outfits.

Why of course it is a bullet curtain, “danmaku” , styled shoot ’em up developed by good old Zun the one member Team Shangai Alice. Zun does the interesting feat of taking care of the programming, design, music and art of the every mainline game.

Not only is Reimu my faovrite girl but her battle theme from the eighth game, Imperishable Night, is my favorite Touhou song which you can listen to in the video above.

On a related note, I dislike fighting Reimu in Impereshable Night, I find her spell cards rather annoying. I have a hard time being able to hit her even more so when she is cheating zipping about the screen. Much rather fight Marisa while flashy her spells cards are not too bad.

This figure is named after Nemu Matsukura who was the illustrator for the Touhou manga, Eastern and Little Nature Deity. According the Touhou wiki she stopped working as the illustrator due to health reasons, the manga did continue under a different illustrator and a name change.

This figure reflecting her style is a reminder of one of my favorite things about Touhou. Whether it is ZUN himself, the legions of fans creating their own material, or simply the people who enjoy the games we all give the Touhou characters our own take.

This figure by Kotobukiya is actually based on a kit that looks essentially the same. Glad Koto went and made it a regular PVC release since I just don’t deal with garage kits and stuff like that.

I’m quite fond of the expression this Reimu has as it changes my perception of the figure. From some angles it simply looks like a smile, on another that smile is more akin to a smirk add to that the talismans in her hand and it makes me think she is ready for battle.

Lose yourselves in the gap of my boundary ordinary magician!

From head to toe I’m quite pleased with this figure, there are no glaring issues with the actual quality of the figure.

Although, exilehero did say Reimu’s legs look kinda lanky but I think they look just fine. If there is one major flaw this figure has is that Reimu is wearing panties instead of bloomers, what is this blasphemy in my Touhou?

If you look really closely you can find some rough edges such as Reimu’s finger nails, the talismans or her bow. Although it is the kind of thing that seems really noticeable only when you are looking through a macro lens and is really nearly invisible when looked at with the human eye.

In closing, I like Reimu, I like this figure and I think Kotobukiya did a nice job with it.

If you want more Touhou you can look at my past review of Gift’s Hakurei Reimu or exilehero’s review of Griffon’s Kirisame Marisa.

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  1. Oh my, she’s lovely, if I would be more into Touhou and if my preorder list wouldn’t be so full right now :( I’d really considered to get her. Her face is showing so much personality, the brown beveled eyes are simply beautiful and the hair with these short pigtails <3

    The very dynamic flow of her looks also very well done.
    Oh and I really like the shuriken design of the base.

    Reimu doesn't like her oldschool bloomers anymore XD

    • She is, I’m quite fond of her expression, I find quite interesting it is a sideways glance rather than looking directly at the viewer as figures tend to do.

      I forgot to mention it in the post but I love how dynamic this figure is, made for some fun in taking pictures on my end.

      When I saw the base I asked myself, why? Kinda out of the blue to have that shuriken like design rather than using a jing jang orb or something.

      Nonsense, my Touhous have to be wearing bloomers! ;)

    • Oh really, happy to hear she is your fave as well.

      Thanks, happy to hear that, they might be pretty simple but I am quite pleased with them, something that hasn’t happened in a while.

  2. nice pictures there. It’s nice that other than Griffon, Kotobukiya is churning out mainstream Touhou figurines! The base is cool as well with the shuriken design although it’s not very typical..

    Do you anticipate any leaning issues with Reimu, being that she balances with 1 leg?

    • Indeed it makes me happy to see someone other than Griffon making figures. Koto’s figures where nice, so was Phat’s Yukari and now I look forward to see Ques Q too.

      I don’t think so, I had a figure from Koto in essentially the same pose with one leg on the base and have yet to have any problems even after some 3 years or so.

  3. Kotobukiya’s Reimu certainly looks nicer than the figures that Griffon Enterprises is pumping out. I like the style of her eyes, it doesn’t look like the regular rounded eyes that people draw on Reimu.

    • Indeed I like her more than Griffon offerings, I think Gift’s Reimu is my favorite out of the bunch.

      You are right, I rarely see figures with this type of actually.

  4. Her face stands out to me as particularly nice.. sure beats Griffon face any day. I like the Touhou figures Koto are bringing out! My favourite of theirs would have to be that Aya one. I kind of thought about getting it just because it looks nice as I don’t play Touhou (or any other bullet hell for that matter!)

    Another thing I love about it is the motion they have captured in the sculpt, it’s niiice.

    I gotta admit they I don’t like the base much though. I don’t think the design goes well with the figure although it probably makes sense to a Touhou fan and it’s just being picky, lol

    • I really liked the faces, I apparently tend to like Touhou figures with stylized faces apparently rather than the typical normal ones. That Aya figure looked quite nice as well, really liked her pose. I fail spectacularly at other shoot ’em ups not Touhou.

      I love it, one of the things I really liked how dynamic the figure is, like.

      I don’t really like it either, as far as I know I don’t thing that base has to do much with anything really.

  5. Her face is certainly a different style, I’m not sure which I like better. Watching that video makes me never want to play bullet hell games, it just seems to be the sort of thing that would make me want to curl up in a fetal position. Also, I think this is one of the few times I’ve seen Reimu with long hair, it looks nice on her!

    • It is, I would like different styles every now and then, it’s fine if differs from the original.

      That video might not be the most representative of your average Touhou difficulty. After all it is on Lunatic, the harder than hard difficulty.

      That’s quite interesting actually, most of the later games have Reimu with longish hair but most people tend to depict her with short hair.

  6. She looks so SO clean and perfect, the colors are simply WOW, love the red. and the details as well. And finally i see a nice figure stand, even if its in color (i prefer just plain transparent) i love that they at least added a design to make it more appealing.

    • I’m happy so see someone like this figure as much as I did. I agree the colors are really nice, nice job from Koto.

      I wonder what my preference for bases are, ones that don’t take up too much room I guess?

  7. A very nice review to a very nice figure. I totally love the fact that her pose seems to be like she’s in mid-air, which is where we see most of the Touhou girls anyway XD

    Panties, well that’s new. I don’t mind her wearing pantsu over bloomers =D

    • Hmmm… you know I would love to see a Touhou figure of a girl flying and shooting danmanku.

      I don’t mind every once in a while and it depends on the girl but Reimu has to have bloomers! >_<