Let’s take Azunyan for a date <3

It’s been ages since I taken out a figma out and about with me, good thing I got a chance to amend that.

It was exilehero’s birthday this past week, everyone, say belated happy birthday!

As such our co-workers arranged to take exilehero to a restaurant of his choosing, a nice Japanese place.

Like any proper American Japanese restaurant they serve you some nice green tea and miso soup. Speaking of which, can’t for the life of me come to like miso soup no matter how many times I try it. What about you guys, do you like it?

As luck would have it, exilehero got the largest pieces of sushi I ever seen.

I found it amusing though, while he is used to me doing the picture taking our other companions expressed their amusement in their end at my antics.

Their reaction to me swapping faces on Asuza was priceless. :)

“Oh my god! You ripped her face off!”

Funny, how they also questioned if was actually gonna eat or just take pictures… =_=’

One of our co-workers took this nice birthday cake, it’s actually made of cupcakes with a layer of frosting on  top. Pretty convenient, makes it easier to eat, no need for utensils or plates.

Apparently Azunyan couldn’t wait and took a dive for the cake… come to think of it my camera ended with some frosting on it.

Like my co-worker put it, I guess it makes the picture sweeter?

Afterwards, I was a bit bored while waiting to leave to work so I snapped a few pictures.

Sexy figma legs?

Azusa was not amused to say the least.

I almost forgot to mention it, but this is part of a vaguely related series of posts featuring the K-On! girls.

We got Yui, and Yui again, some Mugi,  Mio with only Ritsu to go now.

It was fun doing this kind of picture taking again, even more so since I haven’t done it in a while.

I don’t see people taking out their figmas and what not out and about to take pictures lately. I’m not looking in the right place or is it out of vogue now?

Anyways, hope the pictures were enjoyable enough.

I’ll catch ya later peeps!


  1. Happy birthday, exilehero! Your cake looks like it was delicious. Pretyy cool idea with the cupcakes.

    Miso soup is great if it’s really salty otherwise it can be a bit bland for me. That is some huge looking sushi, I’d struggle to eat more than one or two pieces of that.. goddamn!

    I’ve always wanted the Azusa figma. I only have the Nodoka one that I won in a contest. The build quality is really nice.

    It looks like it’d be fun to take photos like that, you should do it more often! :)

    • I tried miso soups at different places, I wonder if one was saltier or not, still for being a staple of Japanese cousine according to anime and stuff I’m sure gonna stay away from it.

      Azusa is quite nice, first time I used her for anything significant out of the K-On! figmas she is probably the one I played with the least.

      I should take more photos like that, it is quite fun, taking pictures is half the fun, other people’s reactions are the other half. :)

  2. OH GOD, letting loose your power level in front of co-workers, OH GOD. Your balls must be the size of grapefruits. My boss once showed me his personal comic strip site, and for a split second I wanted to show him my own blog. Then I remembered all the proclamations of lust towards underage girls and my male friends.

    But man, that was a nice little post. It reminded myself of when I met you two at that bar — the exquisite mixture of discomfort and wonder.

    • It’s fine, when I go do this kinda stuff is not like I will see this people ever again.

      Oh wait!

      I never actually showed the blog or my pictures to anyone, although they do know, since some follow me on twitter and do check figure blogs at work. At least one actively reads this blog.

      I simply do not mention anything dangerous like saying I like lolis.

      Oh man, you got lucky, sigh if only I was still going to Otakon. I was gonna drop the dollfie on you there!!!

    • We were in a crowded place though so I don’t think everyone saw the picture taking. Though I don’t think anyone would care too much, everyone at work is at least a bit nerdy.

  3. You don’t like miso soup?! I fucking love the stuff, yet I have trouble with the main weeaboo food of sushi. I must be weird.

    I rarely take any of my figures anywhere mainly because I’m worried to death that I’m going to break something or lose a bit. I tried developing a few transport units that could go in a pocket, once, but the results were mixed.

    • I started with gagging when I tried that stuff, now I just drink it and not like it. As for sushi, never tried it, under cooked meat got me really sick, throwing up and stuff. I don’t want to see what raw fish does.

      It’s ok, breakage is rare and I never lost anything. There was that time I thought I lost Kirino’s smiling face at Niagara Falls, but it was inside my pants so it was all ok in the end.

  4. a date with Azunyan, lucky u :)

    myself i have not bring any of my figures out yet, very afraid they get dirty or damage

    and happy bday exilehero!

  5. Inhales air then concentrates… then exhales while exclaiming…
    *fireworks and some party poppers*

    Haha… this is one of the best ways to celebrate his birthday.
    But wait—HEY AZU NYAN DON’T GOBBLE IT ALL UP! Me want some too! D=

    And guys… that’s Miette-chan’s gift for Exilehero, the Sacred Pantsu-shot.

    • Never in my life did I consider buying that Woody, my childhood memories are messed up as it is thanks to all those pictures.

  6. I like how you balanced Azunyan on that chunk of rice. If she fell into the side that would be rather messy and oily~

    And Happy Happy Belated birthday Exilehero! =D

    • Oh lol, actually, she did fall luckily enough for me it was towards the other side out of the plate.

  7. Happy (very) belated B’day Exilehero. =)

    Wait, did you put Azusa on the rice? O_o

    LoL. Azusa just can’t wait to dig in (literally) into the cake. I bet the cake will finish a lot faster if Yui was there. XD

    I probably guessed that most figma and figures in general are a tad shy on doing some outdoor shooting, especially alone. Best to go in groups.

    • I did, put her on top of the rice.

      Good thing Yui wasn’t there or there wouldn’t be a cake left for me to have taken a picture off.

      I don’t think I even gone out in a group, usually I’m the only taking pictures. I think the only few exception was when I met up with Chag.

  8. Happy late birthday exilehero :D I’m indifferent towards Miso soup, but it’s yum on a freezing winter day/night lol! Lovely Azunyan pix, she looks very moe-some :3

    • Anything warm would probably do the trick, even then I suppose I could enjoy it.

      Azunyan is nice, kinda wish I had taken her more often before.