Append Miku – Foot Fetish Figma

Hey all,

I while back Fabrice Requin had a contest where two Miku figures were up for grabs, and I was lucky enough to win :D! So thanks to Fabrice I own a Miku Append Figma woo.

With these photos I experimented a lot with all type of abstract backgrounds and lighting. I put a bunch of old boxes, some paper, I illuminated the background though and xbox case to make it green, but alas I didn’t like any of that. I ended up using the back of one of my storage boxes since it looks kinda futuristic, but even then I’m not completely satisfied. I’ll think more about what to do about backgrounds.

As for the title, I head some people complain about append Miku going barefooted (Miette included) so I decided to take it to the logical extreme and take some foot fetish pics! Ah, now you’re gonna think I’m some weirdo… I appreciate most parts of the female body, this includes feet and legs, however I do not have a fixation on those parts. I didn’t take that many of that type anyway… /disclaimer

Anyway I’ll let Miku take it from here.

“Oh? It seems another has come begging at my feet.”

“Don’t take me lightly human, I do not consider you my equal. I will not allow you to look at me with such lustful eyes so easily. You have been hypnotized by my beauty. Of course, I am a very special, it was to be expected. Ah, I guess there’s no helping it. If you want to be my follower…”

“I command you, lick the sole of my foot!”

“Oh? You’re enjoying this? You certainly are a strange one. Well, get ready to bask in my greatness, for my body is art itself!”

“How about this! Tip-toes, might satiate your perverted appetite. This scene reminds you of something? I don’t know this Tomoe person you speak of.”

“They say the back of the neck is one of the most elegant parts of female beauty. I bet you’re staring at something else, you pervert.”

“My body is quite elastic as well. My body flows graceful as swan in the water!”

“You are witnessing art in the making! Bow before me humans, for your savior has arrived. There is none else to match my godliness!”

*Ahem* “huh?”


Man, Append Miku is kinda harsh. Don’t let her bother you too much! She might have a harsh expression but I think she’s just playing around… probably. Oh and I forgot to complain about the base. God, she should have just had a hole to put in the base peg, so troublesome!

Till next time! When I hopefully will have a background that suits my taste. Maybe I’ll just go outside and get rid of the problem…


  1. the damn stand is a pain..for the 100th Figma it should be better than that.

    However someone just informed me that around her waist where the cable connects, there is actually a hole in which you can plug the standard Figma stand in..can’t try that out since my Append isn’t with me now.. =3

    Nice photos and I liked how you did the whole holy act with the adult Miku face-plate.. =3

    • Eh? Seriously? I just check and yeah that peg would have been very convenient orz.

      Thanks, I always found weird how she came with that stern face. I imagined her personality changing because of that haha.

  2. Haha, nice posing and congrats on the prize! There is a peg hole in her ‘belt’ if you don’t have her ‘tail’ attached, which is actually the most convenient figma peg hole ever. I’m interested to see what kind of crazy search terms bring people to your blog now

    • Thanks and thanks!

      JUST realized that. I can’t believe I missed that. Miku fell quite a bit while shooting the first couple pics. Sigh.

      I’ve been adding a whole repertoire of crazy terms to see if more people come to the blog. I just hope it doesn’t attract any questionable people hahaha…

  3. Good job, though I’m not really a foot fetishist nor a M *Ahen*I’m lolicon*Ahem*. One thing I did’t really like about this figma is how few accessories it has despite having a big box *sigh* Oh well, at least its Miku ^_^

    P.S. I also joined the figure giveaway before I started blogging, good job and congrats in winning =D

    • I’ve been told that denying the fact just makes you look more suspicious.

      Yeah, I supposed the different “open” body parts are the accessories? Bur other than that there’s nothing else. Ah, I should have done something with the open belly-button piece haha.

      I somehow had a feeling I’d win if I entered :P.

  4. Oh the feet perv brags about his price XD
    I wanted to win you know?

    Hahe the faces are so different one is moe and with the other one she’s a sassy tsundere. She looks like one of these female villains from US Cartoons, quite hot I would say.

    give her some weapoons like a Katana or a sub machine gun.

    you could try to put a lamp behind the cell pattern, next time.

    • Nooo I’m not a feet perv :P hahaha.

      I imagine her to be slightly tsundere when she has that face haha. Villain? Hmm maybe, but I can’t Imagine Miku as evil.

      Oddly enough my figures are peaceful for the most part. Among my accessories are, doujinsi books, a chair, tea cups, school bags, bug-catching net, sleeping bag, an umbrella and a big fucking sword. Hmm maybe I should get some guns in case of a zombie apocalypse.

      I actually did try that, it looked kinda weird and stuff got reflected even more than just like that. Maybe I just didn’t try for long enough. I shouldn’t underestimate backgrounds, I spent more than an hour trying to decide haha.

    • Ah yeah she’s great. I was actually a little obsessed with Race Queen 2011 but that price tag really deterred me from getting her. I still want her but not as badly as before.

    • Ahaha, careful, what if she stepped on a bug! hahaha.

      She’s quite beautiful with her face like that, but I find it to be very different from how Miku usually is.

  5. Ah her feet are so cute….must not lick! I do like the lighting in the photos though makes her hair look pretty cool.

  6. MANNNNN you creepy. Foot fetish is fine and all, but not when I know it’s dude behind the figure telling me to lick his feet! WAY TO RUIN EVERYTHING LUIGI

    • Well, you know all those doujins that are really hot and steamy, those with the cutest girls and all, well those are made by MEN, probably FAT, SWEATY, HAIRY, MEN. So if you suspend your disbelief for THAT you should be able for THIS!

  7. Congrats at getting the Miku figure!

    @Miku: You’re so full of it you want me to adore your foot? I decline… Haruhi will use it as a blackmail when I face her yet again. :’)

    Anyways I love the poses. Just disturbed when the neck’s “insides” shows up. O_O

    • Thanks!

      Hahah I never thought about Haruhi blackmailing people, but she explicitly threatens to do that in the show hahaha.

      I actually found the lack of a bum to be more disturbing, but not much I can do for her.