It was a good run but it’s time to break up!

Well, pretty simple me and exilhero are breaking up.

It’s back to Otagamer, singular, only one person.

Heck the address for the blog is anyways.

Apparently exihero thinks I’m a prude, sorry for being a person with morals.

I had enough of his whining. I mean, every single time, every single post, for months to no end.  Wanna go post all that fetishistic, perverted crap?

Simple, let you do a better blog prick!

I bet if he made a blog it would be trash.

See, crap just like I thought.

Using the default theme? So lame right? I mean, just look at the theme in this blog! So much prettier!


So, anyone want to partner up?






Edit: Also, yeah, bad April Fool’s joke and etc. Move along, move along. By the way, did anyone noticed the header while it was up? :P

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  1. I think kicking that other guy out was a great idea! He was clearly holding you back! And, we all know Cirno can’t do anything right anyways, he must be pretty dumb to make her the mascot of his blog, the stupid baka.

    • Yeah, I should have known better. I would say choosing Cirno is a very apt description for him, lol!

    • I’m sorry but when have I ever made an April Fool’s joke on this blog?

      A post is published, every Sunday, every week with no exceptions. If it happened to fall on the 1st that’s just some crazy luck.

      • Ouch, the opposite now i know. ^^;
        Anyway, better to go solo than having a blog partner whose in conflict with your ideas. This blog wasn’t made to have perved fetishy stuffs to begin with.
        So when are u gonna delete ExileHero’s posts? :3

      • Nah, just messing around. Never done an April Fool’s joke because I always forgot until the actual day. :)

    • Oh shush, that sounds like too much work. Besides, we only decided to do this while prof reading this week’s original post. So it was literally at the last minute.

      I totally forgotten 3 years in a row to plan it, hopefully next year I don’t

    • Yeah, I was thinking about that, since I noticed people check stuff throughout the week rather than the actual day a post is published. Oh well, it was rather obvious so no big deal I suppose.

  2. Welp, I’m sorry crumby. I like you and all, but clearly Luigi’s blog is superior. The prettiest girl makes the prettiest post, which by extension means Luigi has the prettiest blog. For all your fancy polished theme, you cannot deny the truth in those animated sparkling letters. Remember: Blingee never lies.

    • Pfft… so easily bought are you by a few shiny sparkles? I expected better… I expected better :P