Let us commence with an All-Out Attack! Alter’s Aegis – ART WORKS ver.

Hello everyone, today we shall take a look at my favorite girl from the marvelous Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 games, Aigis.

As mentioned the lovely Aigis originates from the PS2 and PSP RPG Persona 3. Which is a spin off of the long running Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs from Atlus.

Aigis is one of the several party members that you recruit throughout the game. She is an anti-Shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo group which are the main backers of the party through the game.

In other words, she is a robot created to beat your resident monsters in Persona 3 created by your party’s benefactors.

I was captivated by Aigis even before I played the game when I saw this illustration which was included in the art book with the special edition of the game.

I really love Aigis’ visual design so much. She has this old school, steam punk style that I find rather cool, even more so now since robot girls seem to be out of vogue.

Speaking of which, this really nice rendition of Aigis is based on an illustration by Shigenori Soejima who is the character designer for the several iterations of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 games.

I actually own the art book that contains this illustration. If you are a fan of Soejima’s works, or a fan of the newer series of Persona games then this book is for you. I specially like the interview included at the end.

When I was playing the game I was so anxious to finally be able to have her in my party, alas she joins about halfway through the game or so.

After she joined Aigis was a main stay in my party even if at times it was disadvantageous for certain areas or bosses.

Luckily enough for me in P3:FES, which was a tweaked re-release of P3 with extra content, contained an epilogue where Aigis was the protagonist.

Boy did I get my fill as this epilogue was a nice long 30 hours worth of unadulterated dungeon crawling fun.

I really, really like Persona 3 so an extra 30 hours worth of dungeon crawling to learn and experience more about the events of the game and the characters seemed welcomed.

Persona 3 was one of those games that came along, where it picked my interest and just blew me away.

Everything from the visual design of the game, the character design, the music, the setting was something new and fresh to me.

The contemporary setting of the then near 2009, the modern Japanese metropolis setting was something that I had not experienced before.

After all until that time, the RPGs that I had played had been set in either fantasy, steam punk, or space operas.

The unique style Soejima has gave the game a unique look I hadn’t seen before and has come to become part of the series since then.

The music by Shoji Meguru is one of the most memorable things I experience in the game, his mixture of jazzy, hip hop and rocking tunes was something completely new for me. His work on Persona 3 and 4 are among the most memorable gaming soundtracks I ever heard.

Perfect example of this would the battle themes for Persona 3 and Persona 4.

I really love Persona 3, if I ever sat down and made a top 10 or even a top 5 list of favorite RPGs this game along with Persona 4 would be up in the top 3.

You wanna know how much I love this game?

I bought it four times, the special edition of the original release, the updated release of P3:FES, the portable rendition of P3P and now the PSN release of P3:FES.

As for the figure itself, the sculpting of the body is really nice.

Random person who came to this blog before, here you go, your “sexy robot ass” that you searched for and some arrived here.

The base is pretty simple and compact, reminiscent of the dungeons of the game. Aigis attaches with a single peg on the side of her left leg, she does not actually rest on the base.

The one thing that I love to bits are all the small details included on the figure such as the opened chamber on Aigis guns showing the single cartridge loaded.

The writing that you can find on her such as her shoulders, arm bad, head band and so on.

The mechanical bits that you find such as the wiring on her arm or her guns on her wrists.

The tearing on the coverings of her legs and her hips are quite nice.

I love her face quite a bit, her bright blue eyes, her lips, the faint blush on her cheeks, her nice long eye lashes. Aigis is one pretty gal.

About the only thing I did not like was her hair, I would have preferred a matte finish rather than the semi translucent that Alter went for.

This figure has gone on to become one of my favorites in my collection, at 1/6th she is quite an imposing figure, I think Alter really outdid themselves this time

Perhaps I am a bit biased since I love Aigis to bits.

That’s all for now, hope you liked the pictures were I put a bit more effort than usual.

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  1. Looks good — I love Persona 3, BUT … I’ve yet to actually finish it. I was doing some crawling near the end in Persona 3 (vanilla) on PS2 but I stopped for some reason. When I went to pick it back up … I misplaced my copy. o_O

    So I went ahead and picked up the copy for PSP. I’m still intermittently playing it, but it’s my go-to portable game for the moment. ;p

    Gonna pick up P4U when it hits in August, or are you fighting game fan?

    • Well, when I played the original I did for about an eight month period depending on how busy I was with school or not.

      P3P is really nice, really streamlined, plus to me since I already played the original it seemed to go faster for me to play through.

      I am picking it up, not only am I a big Persona fan but also a Arc System Works fan so this game is a match made in heaven for me.

  2. Oh god, Alter delivered yet another masterpiece. If I’m right, poor Aigis had been delayed for quite some time no..?

    Love those pictures and especially the green moon! Straight outta the game! =3

    • They sure did, their original was great and this one does not disappoint either.

      Aha! Someone realized that it was a moon and reference to the game, makes me happy.

  3. Beautiful!
    The face could have been better but man I didnt expect it to be that good! the details especially with the suits and such.
    Love the colors, its just that the face doesnt really give out the feeling of her with the illustration where it looks more robotic maybe its the eyes.

    Heck Its still wonderful!

    • Yes, it is quite a beautiful figure.

      I agree actually, the face is by no means bad any way but I too would have preferred for it to be closer to the illustration.

    • It is quite a nice series of games, they do have their nice unique take on the genre.

      Persona 3 and Persona 4 are a nice start to get into the series since you get introduced to several concepts from the franchise.

  4. Good that you are that satisfied with her.
    She has a cool design with the white suit and the robot parts.
    She’s an armed Steampunk Macintosh.Im not familiar with Persona 3 so I don’t know anything about her or the game. it appears very different in comparison with Persona 4 and the high school friends ^^

    With the orange hair she seems to have irish roots XD
    The face turned out a little softer than on the illustration not so mischievous.

    I really like your setup with the red cloth and the green moon, I’ve already favorited the pics on your Flickr account.

    • Hahaha, a steam punk Mac, that’s a good one.

      Persona 3 also has the school settings and what not but it is a bit more serious than Persona 4.

      Yes, your favorites on flickr greatly helped with choosing the pictures.

      • Oh somehow I can’t imagine Aegis in the middle of the class :p

        Glad I could be of help ^ – ^
        I’ve taken a look on most of the pictures

  5. I never played a single game of the Persona Series. The first games are expensive? And where would I start? There are lots of alternate versions and stuff. I wanna watch the anime too but I feel like I should play the games first.

    I got a good laugh out of the pictures. She looks like she was giving the speech herself! XD Great review and it was a good read.

    • The original releases on the PS1 might be a bit expensive, the remakes on the PSP are more reasonable.

      A good start are either Persona 3 or Persona 4 since they are easier and have more modern gaming concessions. The P4 anime can be watched just fine without playing any of the games, sure if you played P4 you will notice a few nods to game but that’s pretty much it.

      Glad you like the pictures!

  6. Great figure indeed, but we all know we are waiting for a Chie Satonaka figure from Persona 4! Maybe made from Alter or some other good company…:Q__

    • Great figure indeed!

      I so totally wished that Alter would do some P4 figures that are not exclusives. Their Yukiko is really nice and all but that price nowadays, not gonna happen. That’s the same really for any of the Persona figures in general really.

  7. I really like the curves they gave this Aegis figure. It’s slim and really well rounded like I expect her to be. Aigis was always a favorite character of mine too…I still haven’t done the FES content but will someday (do have a cleared Persona 3 save at least). I always liked how when she attacked she just like jumps up and shoots the enemy heh. Great games. Really well done shots for sure! Also cute butt on her!

    • She sure does, didn’t really think much about it at first but the more I took pictures the more I noticed her curves.

      As for FES, you can just start it, no need to finish the game at all. Aside of course from spoilers and a higher difficulty by default.

  8. Sweet photos, miette-chan!

    When I first saw this figure, it was instant-preorder, no questions asked. I was super excited to receive it. The thing I noticed about this figure is that she looks way better in photos that she does in real life. The detail is clean, and catches lighting really well, but as a whole, on display, she seems a little too clean and lacking. Still, she occupies the main shelf on my detolf. Definitely worth it, since she’s my favorite Persona character.

    • Yes, oh so yes, instant pre-order for me as well. Even more so since I been wanting Alter’s previous Aigis for ages. There was just no way for my to pass on her ever.

      I think I know what you mean, all things considered Aigis really ranks high up on my list of most well liked figures. Whenever I get around to displaying my scaled figures again she is going to become a mainstay for sure.

  9. I’ve never touched anything from the Persona franchise, though I have been interested in the character designs of a few, including Aegis here. This is a beautiful figure, and your pictures did it nothing but extreme justice. It was also nice to learn a little bit about her because quite frankly I know next to nothing about Persona aside from it being a game series with an anime. Robot girls are win :D

    • It is a nice franchise, never before had I played anything like it, it single handedly made me an Atlus fan.

      This is sure one beautiful figure, just as good or may be even better than Alter’s previous attempts.

  10. Aegis looks stunning. My favourite part about her is her face with her big blue eyes and her bright hair. She was actually on my “maybe” list for preorders, but I didn’t know anything about her character or artist so I decided to pass.

    • Yes, her face is gorgeous, love it too bits. As a fan of both the source material and artist I couldn’t go wrong with this one.

      A must have for fans and a wonderful figure non the less for others as well.