Ika Musume Figma – Won’t you get lost?

Hey all! Today we take a journey along Ika Musume and her ever-present goal of world domination… or something.

I suppose I should talk about Ika Musume and just how nice and clean her figma came out but…

…I broke my Haruhi and it kinda made me sad for a while haha. You can see the patched up wound in this picture. I wonder if the Power Rangers aired outside the US, maybe not everyone will get this one.

That’s a lot of ~de geso. Ika has really nice and expressive faces.

Her character lends herself to be put into plenty of amusing situations.

But she’s probably best when playing off of someone else.

Incidentally, Mayoi tends to appear when people get lost. The more you know~

Mayoi, another really expressive figma. Very unrestricted because of her short skirt and picked up hair. Ika’s skirt is made of soft rubber so there’s less restriction even if it’s long.

Loli fight! Loli Fight!

Behold my amazing balancing skills! She’s actually harder to balance by herself than when she was carrying Mayoi… The ankle bracelet things restrict the movement a bit so you have less space to work with when balancing.

Ika Musume is very good at making friends.

And so Ika Musume forgot she was invading… again.


  1. Random Haruhi steals the day all day. There’s not a soul in the animeverse that could overwhelm HER presence. Hahaha Infinite sadface for her injuries. You have my condolences.

    Great skit. I enjoyed it mostly for Hachikuji. I love her character. This display almost makes me want to get them myself but I try my hardest to stay away from Figma that show all their joints. Figma that are as close as possible to a statue interest me a lot more. Examples of such that I’ve ordered would be



    • She always ends up being the oppressor in my comics even if I don’t intend it to hahaha. I’ll see if I can repair her or get another Haruhi to bring her back to life.

      Strangely enough I don’t even notice the joints anymore. I’ve seen figmas so much that they just blend in to me haha. Max Factory has gotten way better at hiding the joints though.

  2. Your picture stories are always great :D

    *damn* that must be the cutest figme ever. I don’t like the show, but the design of Ika Musume is adorable ^^

    These tentacles are really funny

    We also had Power Rangers in Germany, I loved the first 3 seasons afterwards it became a bit lame.

    • Aww you didn’t like the show? She comes with some really nice faces that fit her character well.

      I think that’s how much I watched of Power Rangers as well. I find it interesting that Power Rangers got exported but not Super Sentai.

  3. Ahaha I like how the whole thing played out..just like a typical episode of Ika Musume. Her invasion just keeps getting postponed. XD

    And props on those crazy balancing skills! Ika and Mayoi together without toppling? *salutes*

  4. so much loli, loliception @_@ Ika-chan seems plenty fun to play around with.

    Same with comment above, I salute for being able to pose without stands (I usually give up half way when posing them then resort back to using stands:P)

    • The tentacles do add a lot of things you can do with her. I’m just afraid to bend them too much.

      The trick is to start from the bottom, plant both feet on the ground and try to balance from there.

  5. Ouch… poor Haruhi…

    Now that’s some skill to pose Ika and Mayoi.

    That opening Rita’s line. Cheesy as always. XD

  6. The number of different poses that you can do with Ika Musume is impressive. Being able to wrap her hair around stuff is nice too.

  7. Loli Ika + Loli Mayoi? That would be a powerful combo, especially as Mayoi is able to manipulate people easily (see Koyomi)

    Anyway, great post! :D

    • I was going for 3 little girls saving the day, like Charlie’s Angels, just smaller and scatter-brained. I ended up with something slightly different, maybe some time later.