Selvaria Bles – Alter’s Bikini Clad Commander

Hello boys and girls! Today I have a post about one of my favorite female characters, Selvaria Bles by Alter. You might know her from games like Valkyria Chronicles, or Valkyaria Chronicles 2, or Valyria… 3, well you get the idea.

As I already mention Selvaria is from the video game series Valkyria Chronicles, which is developed by SEGA, and she’s a design by Raita Honjou for the games. The games are a sort of strategy/action mix that works very well and I’d highly recommend them.

You might notice that this Selvaria’s face and overall style looks quite different from the older Alter Selvaria with lance and shield. It’s seems to me that this is because this one is made with reference to one of Raita’s sketches directly, while the other one seems to be more akin to the 3D model of her from the games. Interestingly enough the original sketch included a summer hat and beach ball. I think I would have like that better since it gives her a more summer-y and soft look, rather than the weird shower head thing. She is sculpted by Yagyuu Toshiyuki which has done number of other figures which I find very appealing. There was also a limited edition version of this figure with white bikini rather than black.

Whenever Raita draws her, her eyes become intense, serious, but melancholic almost sad as well. I think this better fits her character best. In contrast others will make her come off as simply an angry and domineering drill sergeant, which is pretty far removed from how she really is. Selvaria is a woman with a troubled past and is trying to cope with her life by doing her duty as a soldier, not an S&M queen trying to destroy the world.

I think this warm feeling was translated well into the figure, as her eyes and face are quite beautiful.

You probably already noticed but, Selvaria has enormous tits, which is not a deterring factor in the slightest. As a very nice detail, here you can see the bikini top pressing against the breast to create an indentation on the flesh.

You can also appreciate how the breast begins near the arm pit and on the upper chest and flows down on to the actual mass of the breast. On the upper part of the breast you can see that the skin has separated from the cloth, leaving behind a tense golden string that seems to barely be able to contain the weight. These details really give a sence of weight to her bosom making it feel more life-like.

Her hair is of a blueish silver color instead of the usual silver, almost white, that she is usually portrayed in. This doesn’t really bother me since whenever she has her powerful Valkyria aura her hair glows with a blue outline, so this color seems natural to me. The hair is also quite soft and each strand can bend quite a bit. I don’t think I saw any seam lines either, as far as figure hair goes, Selvaria’s is pretty damn beautiful.

Her abdomen is actually pretty well toned, she’s a soldier after all. Here you can also see her fancy belt which is supposed to be for the sheath of her sword.

It connects to that belt thing with shiny gold patterns. You can see the hole where the peg goes into. You can also see her wonderfully nice buttocks and delightfully plump legs.

The sword has been inserted.

Her sandals follow the same gold pattern on black background. You can also see the finely sculpted feet and painted toenails. She connects to the base only though the peg on the rock beneath her foot here. The base also has a little seashell which is surprisingly soft.

While she only connects with one peg the was is sculpted so that it fits almost perfectly into her lovely bottom. This and the fact that she’s holding on to the shower head with her right hand makes her very stable.

Her outfit has the imperial army sigil and is in its colors. She even has a choker very similar to her battle uniform. Makes me wonder if the imperial army has an official swimsuit uniform. Hmm maybe the empire is not that bad after all.

Selvaria seems to be ready for battle even when taking time off on the beach.

She even has a backup knife just in case.

Overall I really liked this figure. I was a little hesitant that her proportions would be a little too ridiculous but once I had her with me I thought she looked good. Very darn good actually. Writing this has reminded me of just how much I liked Valkyria Chronicles and how much I liked her as well.

Till next time~


  1. It’s a funny coincidence that I just finished the Valkyria Chronicles anime, good to see she’s still alive ^^

    I like her slanted red eyes the most, but her long face gives her a quite coldhearted look which is less appealing to me.

    She is full off weapons XD I guess it must a kind of military uniform, no casual swimsuit. It’s nice that the bikini straps are sculpted seperately, it shows that ALTER put some effort in this figure. Im a bit surprised that you got this quite big boobed lady ^^ Personally I don’t mind, overall the body turned out nice I would say.

    • Oh what a neat coincidence, and it seems she has a tragic fate in the anime as well. I never finished the anime, it felt a little too different from the game.

      Hmm never thought about the long face like that, I guess I just see her as Selvaria and don’t think she’s coldhearted.

      Surpsied? Hey big boobs can be really nice!

      • Well, I like big boobs :p that should be no secret considering the figures I’ve purchased in the last few months ^^

        But I didn’t know you also liked such sizes ^_^

  2. I always find it weird when they make an armou-clad character wear a swimsuit, it feels so out of place. Selvaria does have a nice sculpt though. I think she would’ve looked better with some beach items instead of her weapons.

    • I agree, a nice summer hat or a palm tree to make it looks like she’s having some fun. But it seems that Selvaria can’t get away from work.

  3. She looks beautiful outside in natural light, gorgeous photos of her! My partner and I ended up getting her too.. she’s actually our very first swimsuit figure and I’m more than impressed with her. Finding her pretty damn photogenic too.
    Although I have to agree with Nopy.. the weaponry and the swimsuit are an odd mix, lol. Can’t say it doesn’t look good though!

    • Oh you guys got her too? That’s great to hear. I was feeling a little sorry for her since I haven’t seen that many people talk about her.

      Hmm maybe I can buy her a hat or something haha.

  4. They did say that “the less clothes/armor you wear, the easier you can move in the battlefied” XD Selveria is looking quite great, nice amount of detail all around. Still overwhelmed by oppai . . . . I am a lolicon after all ^w^

    • Hmm that might be true. She probably doesn’t need armor since she’s pretty much impervious to bullet fire and even tanks!

      Don’t fear the oppai, embrace the oppai!

  5. I was thinking to myself “hmm the face looks kinda weird” then I saw the picture and went dang, Alter nailed it again! I don’t know anything about the character but Alter did a great job again! XD Love those details

  6. Dammit. Who needs armors when you are bullet and shockproof? But then again… being like this is such a tease. With her curves and beauty she can make distractions to her opponents and wait… *averts my eyes to her gaze, hides my expression of being turned on*

  7. Oh, Selvaria…she was such a tragic character in the anime series. I felt really sorry for her final destiny…:(

    Talking about the figure…sbav…she’s HOT! :Q___

  8. Maximillian’s prized asset.

    Try playing the game, she’s a pain in the neck with or without her powers @__@ She dodges tank shots, machine gun and rifle fire like it was nothing. No wonder she doesnt need armor. She can go commando like this in battle for all I care (Sorry for punning to much =p)

    I like how they tied up the idea of being a seriously die-hard imperial soldier and a sexy bikini in one with Selvaria. It makes any soldier stand up in attention (sorry bout that again DX)

    How are you two? Haven’t been able to blog/reply to anyone for a while

    • She was the first one I had trouble with in that game. Nothing beats her dodging sniper shots from the other side of the map! She must have some sort of 6th sense or something.

      Looks to me that they put some thought into the design of the swimsuit, I like it.

      We’re doing fine, posting stuff as usual haha.

  9. Haven’t played the game for a long time. Selvaria looks paler than I imagine, especially in her swimsuit.

    I like how her swimsuit has gold lining that is similar to her style in normal attire, and she still keeps her sword with her even for leisure times. Not someone to mess with at any time!

    • Hmm she is pretty pale but my photos might have made her look even more pale haha.

      Poor Selvaria can’t relax, or maybe she’s more relaxed with her weapons on her!