Cecilia Alcott – Swimsuit Beach Queen

It’s summer and it’s damn hot here! To keep with the summer theme I’m gonna talk about another swimsuit figure: Wave’s Cecilia Alcott of the Beach Queens line.

Cecilia is from the light novel and anime series Infinite Stratos, think mechas and harem. At first I was disappointed with the anime because I expected something like sky girls, but then suddenly a guy shows up. Thankfully the cast of female characters are so quirky and fun that I soon came to love it.

This is actually the first Beach Queens figure I’ve ever gotten and I gotta say I’m impressed, then again I wasn’t really expecting much.

First off her face is actually really nicely modeled, her eyes have pretty good detail, her cheeks have really cute blush and she even has a bit of gloss on her lips, which fits her ojou-sama vibe well. One thing to note on her head is that her headband feels like it’s sorta just pasted on top of her fringe. You can see how it’s just slightly too small to fill the valley that forms on her front hair, there’s a bit of hair peeking out on either side of it.

Cecilia wears a very simple 2 piece bikini with a towel or something over her waist, a little too simple for a high-class lady like herself, I’d say. Where are the frills, the lace?! I guess the headband has a bit of that.

Of course like any good ojou-sama she has hair drills! Ah the allure of those golden spirals, symbols of wealth and status, though that’s probably not why I like her. The reason probably has to be that she is voiced by Yukana, which plays the ditzy sheltered girl to a T.

One thing that’s interesting about this figure is that she can stand fairly easily without the use of a base. Also notice the nicely sculpted abs and navel.

Her sash thing can be cast off to reveal a very skimpy string bikini bottom. Hmm… her boobs can look a bit unnatural, almost floaty, from a couple of angles.

One great thing about her tiny swimsuit is the way it digs into her, must be uncomfortable haha. I also like the way they sculpted her butt, as it shows a little Y forming between the cheeks, quite sexy.

Her head swivels and can be taken off. 

Her hair is surprisingly crisp with little to no excess plastic left from the molding.

Detail of her earring. Incidentally that right there is also the mecha she uses.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with wave’s Cecilia. She was pretty cheap, quality is good and she wasn’t as tiny as I expected her to be for a 1/10th scale figure. I’d definitively get another Beach Queen’s figure if it was a character I like.

I’d go as far as saying that Beach Queen’s might be a very good starting point for anyone interested in getting into the figure collecting hobby. They have pretty accessible prices and the variety of characters available is pretty big, perfect for someone who’s not ready to commit a good chuck of money for a pair of plastic tits.


Till next time~

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  1. I always feel wary of figures sculpted to hold something removable. Usually looks awkward when the thing is removed.

    Her left hand looks like it’s supposed to be holding something, too. Or does it link up with another figure in the series somehow?

    • Hmm I looked at the other IS girls and she doesn’t seem to link with any of them. Maybe they were going to put something in her hand but then decided not to at the last moment? It does look a bit odd though.

  2. I also like the Beach Queen line up, the figures look pretty and the quality is more than ok. Even though the scale is that small, I just prefer 1/8, 1/7, 1/6.

    Cecilia looks very nice, the face seems very well done. I could imagine that her hairstyle looks super nice in that smaller scale. funny that she can stand on her own ^^

    • Haha I’ve been preferring bigger and bigger figures lately, I want to see a 1/4th one to see just how huge that is haha.

      When they’re small you tend to be more forgiving I think.

  3. AGH! I was drinking some lemon tea and saw that severed head playing with a ball! Tendrill powers!

    I like her rear! And the bikini that goes along with it. Kinda “hugs a lot”. Is that a paint scratch i see?

    Hmmm i just noticed how thin her rib cage is, must be using all those waist clamps to get perfect bottleneck figures :P

  4. I like her from the girls Ichika has in IS (second to Houki… which is still my all-time favorite).

    The hair is well spread, the bikini hugs her a lot. And makes you mouthwater. :S
    Hope I won’t be seen by Ichika having those eyes at Cecilia.

    Anyways, dat sexy back… ALL OF IT.

    • I’m surprised you like Houki, not many people do D: I like her well enough.

      Her back makes a big first impression in the anime as well!

  5. Holy crap dat ass, dis girl can CLENCH. I wonder if that’s part of her training — butt-clenching. Maybe it’s a part of controlling the robots. Those robots be complicated, these girls need all the methods of control they can get.

    • What could possibly be controlled with a butt-clench? “Look out Cecilia it’s going right at you!” “I’ll deploy my shield desu wa!” *butt-clench*

      • “I’ll deploy my shield desu wa!” *butt-clench*

        AHAHA! Can’t stop laughing at her Verbal Tic… and then, I am starting to get turned on… wait.

  6. Although not my favorite character in the stratos series i do admit her curves and all are enticing :P

    Was that the same bikini she wore in the anime series?
    I forgot ^^

    • She usually wears a one piece that looks a lot like a swimsuit, but at the beach she wore this one. It was just as tiny in the anime too haha.

  7. I’ve found Wave’s Beach Queens figures to be decent, but not top-end quality. I agree that they would make good starter figures though, and they also offer a lot of characters in bikinis.