Nendo Giveaway: Let’s Anniversary

Indeed, this post is to giveaway a nendo, may be more if there is plenty of entries.  The more entries the more nendos to giveaway.

The reason why this post is being made is rather simple as the title will suggest.

Indeed it has been one year since exilhero joined the ranks of this blog as my fellow co-author!

The prizes is either one of these three:

  1. Chaiki Minami from Minami-ke
  2. Sherlock Shellingford from Tanei Opera Milky Holmes!
  3. Hercule Barton from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes!

Much like the last giveaway I had, the only thing you have to do is make a comment on this post. Anyone living anywhere can enter the giveaway with the winner will be randomly selected among the entries.

Now this is the very important part, if your comment does not include those two things it will not be counted towards the giveaway.

For reference things you can comment on: are the look and feel of the blog, the content, the lay out, the types of posts, the frequency of the posts, length of the posts, the naming or design of the pages on the navigation, etc.

The winner will be picked next weekend after the deadline and be announced in another post shortly after. The winner will get to pick his choice out of the three nendos and if there are a large amount of entries more than one winner might be picked.

Get cracking and start commenting, good luck to the ones that decide to participate.


  1. Cool things:

    Photography quality

    Figure comics (a bit hit or miss for me, but it’s unique original content)


    Less than cool things:

    Your text bubbles in images are ugly as sin. Corners are poorly-rounded, and the distance between the text and the bubble outline varies way too much.

    Articles’ word:picture ratio. More words, more content would be nice (I was originally going to say fewer images, but that seemed kind of silly for a figure-centric blog). I dunno if it’d be possible, but shrinking down images and having them enlarge when clicked on or hovered over would be awesome.

    For example, your Alter Fate Summer Dress “review” has less than 500 words, yet it is 22 pages long when I copy/paste to OpenOffice. Admittedly, it’s not so bad with, say, your Good Smile Misaka where you talked about the source material.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Ohhay.
    The one thing I like ( and this may be just this post)
    Is the use of the doll. It’s awesome. I couldn’t say where is from to save my life :<
    Now this may be because im mobile but I'd like to see a better format in the blog.
    Happy Blogging !

  3. Really like how you use figures to do them posts… <3

    Overall background seems a bit too blank tho, a bit spice here and there should uplift the mood a bit… :3c

  4. congratulations

    how does the small nendo box trick work? I was like EHHHHH!?

    What I like the most here are the creative figma stories you two create every time, I love them :D

    Things to improve, mhh your review texts could be a tad longer.

    Oh my Hercule is enchanting, if I win please give her to me, not the other two XD

  5. hey congratz on the anniversary, hope this wonderful marriage will continue to bring us cool figures blogging^^

    btw the miniature nendo is very nice

  6. Ahh!! Congratulations!! Nyaafigurines became a year old but with us trying to sell house and move I didn’t bother with a post! Haha

    Great things:
    – Your humor and your comics
    – Your staging and photography

    Needs improving:
    – I feel like a broken record…. But review lengths… It does seem like you could have some more text in your posts. Everyone loves pictures but it shouldn’t feel like I could just skip out on reading….

    – And I agree with W your text bubbles could look way better. They look pretty bad. >.< Sorry!!

    Anyways I hope you have another awesome year!! Keep up the good work!!!

  7. What I really like about your blog are the figure pictures. I especially like your figure comics, they’re somewhat funny :D

    A thing you could improve is the lenght of the articles. Sometimes the number of words is a bit too little. And more loot posts would be great since I really like to see what other people buy xD

  8. Congrats !!

    The thing I like is your photographs. They’re really clear and show how nice the figures are!!
    I think you could improve on uploading some more DD posts and also more variety in your posts.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. The good – I like the overall look of the blog, very clean feeling, and I love the figure review section with really nice quality photos.

    The Bad (not really) there are no (or maybe i’m blind) Kotobukiya bishoujo figure reviews >:

  10. One thing I like are the picures you take! Some of these pictures are so nice that they can be used as desktop backgrounds.
    One thing that can be improved as mentioned by others above is that I feel more should be written in the reviews. But I’m happy with the number of pics taken in the reviews. :P

  11. I love the way you shot the figures. A lot more reviews would be nice, and review for some cases and display stands. I am just starting to collect figures so it would be cool to have some information on maintenance and how to display the figures so they look good.

  12. I love the figure reviews you do! It’s so colourful and you always take to inspiring pictures (:
    Your reviews are great to read too, you really seems to say what you really think.
    To improve: maybe take more outdoor pictures? Haha I just love the light that you get in outdoor pics. Especially when you can see the sky too! (*?????)?

    One more great thing is these give aways! So awesome and generous! ^_^

  13. Well, when it comes to this entry, I really love the pictures. They are great and really give the site a fun feel. The thing I don’t like, though, is how everything is repeated by the text underneath. You kinda need to choose one of the other. Text bubbles or real text. Aside from that, though, keep up the good work!

    – Lots of great figure-related content with excellent photography.
    – Clean, easy-on-the-eyes layout.

    – About page!
    – nav bar could use perhaps a bit more distinction from the rest of the site.

  15. HI~!

    Let’s talk about the less than optimal first:

    The site is extremely vertical (not entirely only your problem since I notice that this is an ongoing trend nowadays) so there is a ton of scrolling to be done. It’s only one picture with a little caption before I have to scroll down to another. I tend to prefer sites with more of a horizontal layout, so maybe it’s just personal preference.

    BUT. The thing is I think for figure reviews, the vertical-ness also works out very well. You get to focus on one picture at a time plus the information. The information is short and to the point so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the most important point: The figure.

    Anyways happy one year anniversary of working together!

  16. The figure reviews and figure comics on this blog are lovely. The pictures in the reviews are the best quality that I have ever seen and they really do the figure justice, and this really helps prospective buyers of a certian figure see if the purchase would be worth it. The comics are also really entertaing and they help brighten my day when I”m down.

    I think more posts about Dollfie Dreams would improve the blog. There are so many things you can do with them and pictures of them would be really beautiful; so, I think many people would like to see more Dollfies.

  17. I think less posts about Dollfie Dreams would improve the blog. There are so few things you can do with them and pictures of them would be really horrible; so, I think nobody would like to see more Dollfies.

    Jokes aside, CHANGE YO URL. Luigi has been with you for a YEAR — he deserves that much.

  18. Whoa wall of text coming through~

    – I think the about pages are very cute. It allows us readers to understand who is running the website and why they take part in it. Exile’s page was a good read!

    – The Figure/comics/Dollfie pages are great! I love the preview boxes. It makes it very easy to see what is being photographed without taking up too much space.

    – Your reviews are really nice to look at. So many photos and I love the background choices. Some of them look so nice against the outside.

    – When I click on Blog to see the most recent posts, I kind of have to continuously scroll up and day to understand just the summary of the article. The images are very large so I find it irritating to read the text while the image is missing a head. This also creates a very long page.
    Since it is just a summary of the actual article, perhaps the image could be smaller? Like on the other pages! But perhaps not as small.

    – Now when I click on an article it has the same problem but it appears to be not as harsh since all the images are related. On a Mac this would probably look very nice. But the sentences are quite short! More depth would help the reader understand what’s good and bad about the figure more.

    – The Blogroll is a nice way to show other places to check out but it is very annoying to scroll through it. It’s actually impossible for me to get to the bottom of it without using my arrow keys. Perhaps direct it to a new page?

    – Curvier speech bubbles would keep a cleaner look.

    Overall your site is very nice and helpful. With a few improvements, it could be amazing! Good job.

  19. Congrats on your anniversary exilehero!

    -Posts every week, awesome job!
    -Photography is improving.
    -Site is clean, something I’m still working on, haha.

    -Picture sizes. I’ve noticed they’re bigger export thingys from Flickr lately; while it shows them off nicely (because really, barely anyone clicks to see the full version), its a lot of scrolling in articles and makes for huuuge page sizes. Where they were < 2MB for Squirrel Girl, they're 5-8MB for some of the latest ones, which is really killer for data caps. Not only for mobile data plans but theres a lot of international ISPs that have tiny data caps. Also, somehow Google Search ranking takes page size into account.

  20. pros:
    -site is a clean layout with easy to find archived posts- I absolutely love the layout for the review page, it makes the figures easy to find. I think you should definitely expand on the figure reviews as I can never find enough sites that do good ones.
    -fantastic reviews! I like how easy they are to read and how bluntly they review items.
    -the photography on the reviews are great! They show all of the angles and point out the details that many sites overlook. Gorgeous shots and backgrounds. =)
    -The occurrence of posts- rarely do you see a blog that posts more then once a week, and it’s great to see you keeping the site alive.

    -There are a lot of dollfie posts, but that’s opinion on my end as I come for the figures. XD

  21. As Sgt. Rick said, the repetition of text below the pictures are a bit redundant. Maybe, continue a thought or expand the idea/concept in the Third Person below, instead… using a variety of backgrounds in the posts?

    Otherwise, very original and clear use of a website! I’ll come back more often!

  22. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary Exilehero! ^_^

    lets get started! \(0w0)/

    things I like:
    -I really love and enjoy your reviews , quality pictures, good detail and the way the blog is organized is pretty good to me.
    -I love how creative you are with your post like in this one (the way Homura is explaining everything)

    Things that can be Improved:
    -firs I would like to start with the background, the white is a little to plain and boring and most users probably want to see something more eye catching :D

    -the paragraphs in between or sides of the pictures the words are small and difficult to read(at least for me they are), i was wondering if there was a way to make them bigger and more noticeable

    -A mascot! you guys should come up with a cute mascots i mean everybody loves a mascot and i would be cool to see one all over the blog xD

    Thanks for everything <3

  23. OTANJOBI OMEDETTO ^______________^ Exilehero!

    Now let’s mode to the objective points about yours ^^ #
    Nive and sweets things
    – The effort you put in being original and picturing the scenes to let your heroines show us what you want us to hear
    – The reviews are a major argument of your site : easy to read, explicit and improved once again with beautiful pictures, it’s just so kickass that I always reread some of the reviews just to make my day :)

    Where you can gain a bit of good points :
    – The layout of you site is a little too raw, meaning that an errand who just entered might just click away without even read a bit of your review just because of the simpleness of your design.

    – I agree with Andres when he is talking about a mascot.
    Maybe you can just design your own little moe mascot or just choose one you love when asking your reader, but you need to personalize your posts and who you are :3

    Once again, I really love this blog, and if I could help, just let me know.

    Congratulations again for your 1rst birthday, I’m sure that the next will be even happier and happier X3

  24. I really like the site, I think its nice how you haven’t tried to use LOTS of colours, instead you kept it a nice clean colour scheme, meaning users are able to see the images etc without getting distracted by background colours.
    I feel that maybe the images are a little too big on some pages, and that the text under them could be a little more descriptive.
    If was going to be a pain, would maybe change the white background to a darker shade, not enough to make it grey, but enough to just knock the brightness down a little. :)

  25. mosh mosh ~ well to be honest this is the first time on this site >< i like the plain background and like what others said it doesnt attract the readers attention to somewhere else. ((: i also LOVE the photography and the pictures are really professionally taken! the reviews are not too lengthy but still simple and detailed. The background for each picture was chosen really well to fit the figure ~ as for improvements maybe there should be more dolfie pictures ^^l'l other than that the blog is awesome x33 lovin it already hehe .
    Hajimemashite , yoroshiku ~ let have fu~n ! =w=b

  26. I wish you happiness in your one year anniversary Exilehero!!

    Ok, lets get this party started.

    Here is what I like here:
    – Amazing figure reviews ! It’s really well made and especially, with great and detailed pictures.
    – Figure comics are fun and original.

    – The site could use some cool background pic.

  27. Good points: The usual photos and reviews – images have sharp quality, reviews are detailed and quite fun to read (have been trying to learn from you) Blog navigation is superb as well!

    To improve: Probably the blog background – too much white, some other colors wouldn’t hurt XD

    If you really insist, I wouldn’t mind taking Minami-chan if I won XD Tanjoubi exilehero! More years and figure oppai for you!

  28. I love how you do so much original content ^_^ The figure reviews are awesome and nice to look at! Many pictures inside a post is always a BIG plus for me xD
    However the site may be hard to navigate for people with small screens.

    What confused me a little on the page is that the “Home”-Link doesn’t direct to “Blog”. I don’t think the current “Home”-Page really helps since there’s not much new info on there and you’re supposed to click on “Blog” instead if you want to see the latest posts.

  29. I really like how the site is strcturally organised; it’s clear and organized in appearance. Though the stark white background does get a little tiring on the eyes. Perhaps Tinting the background with alittle colour?

  30. I really like the feel of the site, like the white – it’s not distracting and the sizes of the images are really nice too.

    Something to improve on … hmm lets see. Maybe a better banner? Or a different banner each time you refresh the page if that’s even possible XD Overall, I think it’s a really nice blog <3

  31. Alright, let’s do this!

    What I like: The quality of your photos :D They’re beautiful!
    What I don’t like: Profanity :/

  32. Hmmm what can I say about the blog…

    – Beautiful photography (very clear details showing all the beauty and also defects/paint runs/etc on the figures/Dollfies/whatevs)

    – Comics are fun (Likely my favorite every now and then posts. Funny and entertaining)

    – I also like the simplicity of the layout. It’s pretty easy to find my way around the blog.

    – Comics are a rarity now and imho sometimes seem rushed for the latest ones.

    – Some of the commentary is a bit sparse between photos. It’s always better to get all you’re feeling out and provide all your thoughts even if they seem lame. It may be the thing that causes someone to buy a figure or not.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. I just came across this blog from and I am enjoying what I see. I love the content and the figure photos. I also have to say doing a giveaway to celebrate is very generous and enticing!

    I think the only thing that could be improved upon is maybe the frequency of the posts. With two authors, one could keep the Sunday slot and the other could go for a midweek slot. But really, things could stay the same and it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  34. WHAT? From two to choose from the last time I joined, now three?

    Well I’ll worry about that when I would win, :P

    Things to like about the duo’s blog: Those high-quality photos capturing different poses of figmas/figures in different angles.

    Things to improve: *ponders for a while* Hmm, text length of the review. Would want more review as much as I want flavorful description of the figmas/figma stories.

  35. wow. your blogsite is superB.
    just these recent, i came to be amused with figures and i just know that you can do so much with nendroids. thanks to your site. i love the photography. its simple but it catches attention and i have learned a lt from just taking a look at it. This blog has turned out to be my inspirations for my shoots as well. Also, i like the term you have come up with.. otagamers. otaku+gamers is such a brilliant idea. In addition, your site is easy to explore and navigate. thus, user friendly. :3
    for improvement, i guess it would be.. more posts and to keep the site alive most/all of the time.Thats it. Good luck!

  36. Happy happy anniversary, Mr Exilehero.

    Updating every week is awesome, keep it up. I like the clean look of the blog too.. nothing too glaring or flashy to clash with your photography.

    But guys, I really think you need more plasticine tentacles!

  37. Congratulations on the 1st year anniversary, Exilehero.

    Cheers for this year and the following ones.
    *breaks open a bottle of ice cream soda*

    Keep up with them story posts. =)

  38. Pros:
    -Site has no ADS or pictures on the side cluttering up your site.
    -High quality photos
    -Funny comics
    -Nice setup
    -No prices on the figures
    -No links to where you can buy the figures
    -No pro or cons on the figures
    Overall, your site is setup very nicely. Keep up the great work.

  39. Image quality for each figure is quite nice and the variation of series is really great too. The website style is simplistic and something to appreciate. I also like the bits and pieces of Touhou stuff sprinkled around the website ww

    Some things to improve on /may/ be:
    Including places to purchase the figures and expanding a little on thoughts (i.e. pros/cons) regarding figures. Beautiful pictures usually only cause figures to shine without giving much insight on actual quality.

    Happy anniversary, exilehero~!

  40. I would enter, but I already have Chiaki and I’m not into Milky Holmes. I guess that’s one of the problems of buying every nendo that I like, there’s no point entering in contests.

  41. Happy Anniversary exilehero! Just thought I’d leave some more feedback on the blog even though I haven’t been here lately (sorry for that).

    Personally I like the layout of the main page and the posts themselves. Easy to find new posts, easy on the eyes and the pictures are nice and big and clear. I don’t know what screen resolution it’s meant to be viewed on but at mine it’s just perfect. I like the reviews and the comics especially. You do a great job on the blog and it’s always pleasant to visit it and check things out.

    For things to improve upon, maybe a bit more detail on figure reviews but really I think it’s fine the way you’ve been doing them. More gamestuff would be good :P