Nendo Giveaway: Let’s win!

There you have it, Älva Montell, Zai and Shyloe I will email you during the course of next week.

As for the rest, I appreciate your feed back very much.

In summary you liked:

  • Big clear pictures
  • Original content in the form of reviews and figure comics
  • Simple visual design for the blog

In summary you think we can improve on:

  • Longer reviews, saying a bit more about the figures and related information
  • Think we can spice up the blog with a little color

Of course there were more things mentioned but those were the most common that I saw. Until next time lovely readers.


  1. Congratulations to the winners. =D

    Looks like Homura’s serious and neutral expression makes her the best in giving announcements. =D

    • Indeed, I been head over heels for my Homura figma since I got the school uniform version. Twice as many expression as your usual figma, so nice.

    • May be next time.

      Come to think of it you should get a prize for being the longest lasting regular or something. XP

  2. Woooooo, thanks heaps you guys! Pretty damn stoked. Was having a rather shitty day and learning of this improved it for sure, lol. Didn’t expect it at all, especially considering I live on another continent.
    Never really considered myself a nendo collector but she’ll be my 6th excluding the another I’ve ordered, haha. The gremlins, they’re invading my house!

  3. Yaaay! I’ve never won a contest before (:
    I’m so happy, thank you so very much!! But how do I know which one I’ll get? o; <3

    Thank you again,
    Älva Montell (:

    • Coolness, don’t worry you will get your first pick. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to reach you.

    • I’m doubly excited you won, being in the same country as me, much easier to get your prize.

  4. congratulations to the winners!

    Now you are starting on the addictive road of Nendoroid collecting! They are so adorable..but money-sucking XD

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    This contest was a nice way to get a lot of feedback. Sometimes it seemed a bit like a shooting range but overall, it’s usually quite hard to get good feedback like that.

  6. Hi, just wanted to tell you I got my figure today!
    She is so adorable, and I think my mom wants to get one too! lol

  7. Hello Homura, fine day it is.
    Thank you for the announcements, Congratz to the winners!

    Tbh i prefer having your pictures when doing reviews, as you know pictures has 1000000000 words lol
    I think a short description is fine no need to go into details.

  8. Wow, I missed a giveaway. Well congrats to the winners, and pretty cool you did a giveaway. I’ve been meaning to do one for ages but never figured out just how I’d go about it. I definitely plan on doing something this “blog year” though. Looks like it was based on blog feedback, I pretty much agree with what the others liked and said you could improve upon, though color doesn’t really matter to me as much on the blog itself.