quesQ Yukari Yakumo – the Border Between Posts and No Posts

If there’s a touhou that comes close to being my favorite it’s probably Yukari, she’s in my avatar and all. Yukari is from the 7th Touhou game, Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Her main power, and what makes her famous, is her ability to manipulate borders, also called gaps. The most convention use of her power is just to use those gaps as portals, so she’s often seen zipping in and out of scenes in the most improbable ways. However the border manipulation also extends to abstract concepts, like the bordered between life and death, or maybe the border betwe-

Yukari is the hidden boss after the hidden boss, so her stage goes beyond the normally hidden “extra” mode and is classified as “phantasm”. All of this makes you think that she’s quite strong, and well I believe she is. I tried many times to get for her stage in preparation for this review, however I have yet to get there. I however watched a lets play of her level so it’s as if I had played it… right?

It’s hard to really grasp the personality of a touhou because half of it is taken from random lines from the games and half of it is made up. So you end up getting your own interpretation of how the character is. Yukari is one of the characters whose interpretation varies widely, from very cutesy demeanor to dark and twisted witch.

But to me, because of her relationship with her minions/family, she seems a bit more like a gang boss… that’s really bored and sleeps all day… Well maybe she’s more like spoiled brat that does whatever she wants, maybe this is one of the reasons I like her so much. She may threaten to unbalance the nature of the world in itself (like she did in Touhou 7), but i believe that her intentions were in good spirits!

Anyway on to the figure! Yukari is made by quesQ, they are a company i had no previous experience before getting Yukari so I decided to give them a try.

Her hat is removable. But don’t do that, everyone knows that touhous die when they are killed- I mean touhous die when if you take their hat off.

One of the better aspects of the figure is the shading, here you can see a slight brownish shade on her hair that really gives it volume. On the downside the ends of the hair a rough and you can see a molding line on the right side near her head.

Another great thing about this figure is that it’s sculpted in such a way that her outfit hugs her, ahem, body really well emphasizing her figure which really brings out her perky personality.

Yukari comes with her signature umbrella. It’s quite simple. Her hands lack detail aswell, though it’s nothing major. The umbrella fits into a little hole in the base that at first glance seems to be chip damage but is actually a feature!

Rather shameless mold line on her other hand, tough this is rarely visible when displayed. You can also see Yukari’s other signature item, her fan. This one is rather nicely made with pretty nice details. It’s a little scary to pu on since you have to kinda shove it in stretching Yukari a bit in the process.

Yukari’s base is a gap. It’s kinda roughly made and one of the pegs scarcely helps to hold her in place since it’s not tight at all. Think they could have done a better job on this. Yukari is able to stand without her base if needed.

On to more fun suff. She comes with an alternate hairstyle with her air picked up. She looks a bit more conservative but extremely cute this way. To change hairstyle you take her face off and put it on the new hair. They share the fringe though. The picked up hairstyle has its own hat to accommodate the large bun that results from picking up hair.

One of the wonder of a picked up hair is that you are able to peek into one of the forgotten points of female beauty, the nape, or the back of the neck for the uninitiated.

More fun stuff. Her skirt actually is able to come off in pieces. First off, if you cast off the bottom most piece, her outfit turns into a bit more modern skirt that goes slightly above the knees.

This is as naked as Yukari gets, no hat, miniskirt.

Taking off the final skirt peace leaves her in miniskirt mode. You can see her garter belt and everything! I think it looks very nice. Also notice the slight fold in her stockings around the knee area, aswell as the shading there, pretty good.

Miniskirt mode results in some pretty sexy shots.

I’m conflicted with what’s under the curtains. On the one had details like the painted garter belt and the little dimples that result from pulling on the stockings along with he little indentations done on the flesh by the tightening of the clothes are really nice. However there’s very noticeable mold lines and the panties are pretty rough in comparison with the rest of the undergarments.

Overall I wish Yukari was of slightly better quality, she has a lot of very nice features like the hair and the nice sculpt, but the lack luster quality really ends up making me wanting more for a character that I like so much.

While I don’t want to make my writing longer without a good reason, I do believe that I can make these reviews a bit more clear and give them a sort of structure. So I plan to add the following section after the regular pictures and random incoherent banter.

The good

  • Two different hairstyles, three different length of the skirt and the accessories give you a wide variety of ways to pose Yukari.
  • Good sculpting, sexy body / underwear.
  • Nice shading.

The bad

  • Molding has many rough edges and mold lines.
  • Butt’s a little small and flat, seems disproportionate to the rest of the body.
  • price is a little too much at 10,500 yen, and that’s with the amiami discount!!

The extra

  • She comes with an extra faceplate that’s exactly the same for some reason.

Who should buy this?

I’d recommend you buy her only if you’re a really hardcore Touhou or Yukari fan. Anyone else might want to pass on her given the price. Perhaps consider Phat’s Yukari as an alternative, tough even that one isn’t completely to my liking. I don’t think there’s been a Yukari figure that I really liked but this one and the Phat one are the ones that come the closest. I’ll continue to hope some other company steps up to make more Touhou figures, because so far it’s been somewhat underwhelming.
Till next time~


  1. I agree with you, 10.500 yen (especially with the current sad currency exchange) is too much for this figure.
    Unless they do some special offer 50% or more I’ll definitely pass on it. :P

  2. She looks great overall, but those mold lines and rough edges look terrible. I’ve typically boxed up my figures that are of the same quality or lower unless I really like that character.

  3. Well, that’s a rather expensive figure but I’d pay that much for a nice figure of a character I love too.. especially if there weren’t many figures of her. The multiple cast off options are really neat too as well as the extra hair piece and would probably be well worth the price if the quality wasn’t shoddy. In any case, she looks better than a Griffon Touhou.

    I’ve got my first Ques Q figure on order (Erio) and I’m really nervous about the quality since I’m such a fussy bitch. It’s such a cute prototype that I can’t give her up though and hey, your Yukari still manages looks nice despite her seam lines.

    • Yeah my biggest problem is that there’s just not that many companies making touhou figures. At least not much nice ones. Probably the nicest touhou figures are the figmas and nendos.

      ques Q’s quality seems a little shoddy. Yet they put a lot of details into the figures, at least they did with Yukari. Ah if only they could make cleaner figures they would be great.

  4. Damn, so great figure and so great is THE PRICE! xD

    Who’s not to love the beautiful gap youkai that is Yukari?
    And damn, it’s all complete—from her official art style… and the fanservice styles, mostly about having mini-skirt and how the dress hugs her breasts so fittingly. :3

    And now I am bragging, I defeated her only on my 3rd try of the Phantasm Stage… *muffled laughter*

    • The price is probably the biggest detractor from this figure haha.

      Oh you must be pretty skilled then, if you managed to best Yukari. I run out of patience a lot with touhou games so I can’t manage to beat them hah.

      • Here’s a tip if you’ll still pursue Phantasm Stage:
        Most of Yukari’s spells are expies of Ran’s spells, only harder in difficulty. When you have mastered Ran, tweak that a bit, and you’re good for Yukari.

  5. There is a lack of nice Touhou figures, well I like the ones from Kotobukiya, even though they only adapted the popular ones. For the other ones you only have Griffon *cough* *cough*

    Orchid Seed will adapt a Flandere Scarlet…

    Sorry to say that, but here I thought Ques q was an aspiring manufacturer who would improve with every next product, I owned their Taiga – tiger version one of their earlier figures, but her quality was good without much mold lines and rough areas. Despite her really nice overall look and design Yukari lacks in certain areas, it appears a little rough overall. The price tag feels quite overpriced for what you received.

    btw: now I have canceled my Nanoha from Ques q

    • Yeah griffon seems to be the only ones that pump out Touhou figures like crazy. But most of them are just so-so to me. I do like some of the recent ones though, but no Yukari yet haha.

      That Orchid Seed Flan looks kinda nice. I’ll consider it if it’s not really expensive haha.

      Aww poor quesQ. A lot of their figures look really nice on the promos, wish they stayed that way in the finished product.

  6. Wowza, I had thought Ques Q was alright, but looks like they trip up when things get complicated — Yukari is definitely more complicated than China. I do like the multi-stage skirt cast-off, though — it’s as if she’s a Touhou rocket blasting through the stratosphere!

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading reading the review. It was informative without being long-winded, and I definitely like the more defined structure — good job! I do suggest going easy on the aperture, though — the shots are starting to look mushy with so little in focus. Her breasts are out of focus! That’s kind of a big deal! =P

  7. “Gangboss” – I guess that’s an accurate description of her since that’s how Silent Sinner in Blue portrayed her. I was expecting a lot more from a quesq figure (I think my expectations are too high) and the figure seems expensive for a price of 10,000+ yen (bet that it made a “gap” in your wallet). The figure and it’s features are awesome though *bow down to miniskirt/garterbelt Yukari*

  8. With all due respect to ques q, looking at the quality of the figures want to swear swear words. My copy was broken stand. Just collect the umbrella was nearly impossible. Judging by your review, each instance has its drawbacks.
    I also need to finally write a review on it, that people would not cheat promo photos.