Tiger & Bunny – the movie the 1st

This city has a cancer, the cancer is crime. For years a single sentinel has stood against it.

Heroes! Champions of justice that protect the innocent and weak!!! Champions of sponsors big and small!!!

This summer, an unlikely combination…

… a hot blooded veteran hero, a rookie hero with a cynical view on life…

… will be forced to put aside their differences…

… and become the greatest hero combination of all time!

Faced with different views, their sense of justice will be tested!

BUT THEN! An unexpected twist! A murder of a high ranking official! The prime suspect…

… a hero, in the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent man, framed for a murder he did not commit.

Forced to battle against his former crime fighting comrades.

The bond between partners stretched and tested to the limits.

So, recently I listened to a podcast about Tiger & Bunny and I thought, hey this sounds interesting. So after getting over the yaoi bait stuff and my extreme weariness of anything western mainstream anime fans like, I watched the show. I liked it, quite a bit, I loved how it plays with the usual super heroes tropes both in how they are applied and subverted. My only complaints are the two hanging plots that were Lunatic and ouroboros.  I hope the movie and other stuff takes care of that.

Then, I bought the Tiger & Bunny figuarts and this idea happened.

One last thing, to the person who complained that I hadn’t done a silly thing like this in a while, I hope you are happy now.


  1. I read the entire comic in generic movie announcer voice, and holy crap I’d watch it so hard. Kyon needs to lighten the fuck up, because I give this movie 5 Golden Globes out of 5 Oscars.

    Still feels weird to hear the term “mainstream” anime fan on anything but the stuff that ran on North American TV and the usual dozen of shounen manga, but I’m glad you liked Tiger & Bunny! I seem to remember REALLY hating how it ended, but the overall impression it left still is very much positive. I hope the movie will fill in the big gaps left by the TV series, but after the trainwreck that was the Gundam 00 movie, I TRUST NO ONE.

    • You sir, read this post the right way. You get 5 out of 5 king of heroes!

      I like to think of it as leaving the show open ended for more sequels. Which we are getting, although I’m worried since it looked like it is gonna be a retelling. Hey it’s not like Bandai and Sunrise are directly involved in this like in Gundam… oh wait… never mind.

  2. Something tells me this is a wham episode… most likely because of the last few shots and dialogues.

    So this is some Tiger Bunny huh? Might as well do watch what I obviously missed (half intentionally though).

    • Haha, I think it is!

      It’s worth a shot, turned out much better than I expected. Although it is not without it’s problems, I still think everyone should give Tiger & Bunny a go.

  3. Ah cool new story, you really know how to do it.
    Haha you boosted my mood by 70% thank you =D

    I love how you’ve set up the “Judgement” headquarter

    Too bod you’ve decided to kill Haruhi, kill Mikuru XD

    amazon, softbank and bandai?! are these heroes sponsored?
    I might give this anime a try next.

    • Ehhh!? Only 70%?

      Yeah, I like setting that shot up… to bad it was only one shot of it.

      Poor Mikuru, what did she ever do?

      Yes, yes they are. I find it quite amusing how sponsorship for the show was made. It reminds me of Code Geass with the Pizza Hut stuff. You have my full vote of confidence, watch the show!

      • Hehe, well it wasn’t your fault, but RL was a bit of a moodkiller recently. Mikuru did nothing actually, but she seems to be the best victim in most cases :D

        Ok, maybe after I’ve finished Acchi Kocchi ^^

  4. If I might make a suggestion? Speech bubbles should start in order of when they’re being spoken from the top. Some of these panels were a bit confusing since the person speaking first had their speech bubble below others.

    Unless they’re all Jedi anticipating what will be said, or something!

    • Sigh… yeah I figured as much while I was placing the bubbles. I blame my inability to have the arrow pointing upwards. It really is time to go find a some more robust speech bubbles.

      Actually, what do you use to make your speech bubbles?

      Come to think of it, in movies and stuff sometimes it does feel that way. Characters end up speaking as they knew what others will have to say. I suppose if you have people think about what to say and stutter and what not.

      • I make mine in PaintShop Pro. There’s a tool that makes “rounded” rectangles that I use and then just cut a line out of it for the call out thing. It’s not completely satisfactory, though, since the rounded corners get stretched as the shape of the rectangle is changed, rather than being constant.

  5. Ahahah, it was an entertaining adaptation. Must be very complex to prepare the pose for all the various characters, do the photos, etc…
    Great job!

    P.S. Chie’s love for steaks RULES! *_*

    • Main reason I don’t do these as often, takes too long! Usually it ends a day to take the photos since there is a lot of trail and error then another day to add dialogue and effects.

      Still, I always have lots of fun doing these, much more than the typical scaled photo shoots.

      Yes, don’t get in between Chie and her steaks.

  6. Oh my oh my…I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed that…it absolutely made my day!

    It’s like the storyline of Tiger and Bunny..except with a whole new random cast of people…the Dragon Kid really made me LOL. Ahahha and Chie really does look like Dragon Kid…XD

    • Well, you made MY day! You actually noticed what I wanted to be noticed!

      I had the idea for this a while and thought, hey I’m using Tiger & Bunny might as well go all the way. When I saw Dragon Kid she reminded me a lot of Chie so I just had to go shout out that. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  7. Amusing comic XD I also read it as if it were a movie trailer, it just works. Why can’t crazy crossover movies like that be made anyway? Too many copyright issues I suppose. While I know very little about Tiger & Bunny, I could still enjoy the comic. I don’t really have a good reason for not having watched it yet, just haven’t.

    • Good, you read it the way it was supposed to as well! I would love to see cross over movies like these, even if it was only shows from one studio I think it would be still be cool.

      Give Tiger & Bunny a go, really liked the show.