How To Pick Up Chicks – Featuring Tony Stark

It’s been a while since I made a comic so here you go. This time it seems production values went up! Oh and you might want to play this in a loop while you read: background music.

I don’t think that’s a standard way of ordering a beer. I usually just ask for names and pick at random.

In truth I wanted to make Tony’s lines even more cheesy and inappropriate. But the cheese is not strong with this one.


On the other hand, I think I captured the exact amount of creepiness I wanted in this one.

I really like the faces Kuroneko has, though they are too subtle to use most of the time. She also doesn’t have any where she doesn’t look like a complete bitch so I tend not to sue her as much.

The hearts are a bit pixelated but I still thought it was a neat effect so I kept it.

What every man wants in a girl: magnificent pauldrons! How did Tony know it was a girl inside that suit? Maybe he doesn’t know.

When picking up a lady be sure to bend your knees and keep your back straight to prevent injury.

You don’t actually have to scream the name of the ability to sue it, but I wanted to use an action bubble.

I always find it disturbing when someone asks to be hurt more in a fight.

Tony got beat up and thrown out of the building, not sure if I expressed that well enough in the comic. Not shown: Annelotte’s sexy fan service shot.

A chick was picked up in this comic so you can’t blame me for false advertisement! Hope you liked it.


Till Next Time~


    • Most of the time she doesn’t give a single… that’s what makes her fun!

      Samus might be used to fighting all sorts of aliens and monstrosities, but she probably never encountered a perverted man in power armor hahaha.

    • No one must disturb tea time!

      His affection for Samus is so much that he’d turn M for her haha.

      Can’t be showing fanservice all the time! Sometimes you gotta tease the audience a little to make the actual thing more exciting.


  1. Ahaha sounds like me in a bar XD Ok not really.

    The picture how Tony drinks his bear is hilarious and squid girl has such fitting face expressions, geso geso she’s so kawaii =D

    cool comic again

    • Haha, I can’t imagine you being rude like Tony, even less so to girls.

      I like making Tony splatter things on his helmet while trying to ingest them hah.

      Ika musume is one of my favorite figmas, she has the best expressions :D.