Procrastination is a bad thing you shouldn’t do!

Ayase is not amused, I suppose she very rarely was after she go exposed to the Kirino’s power levels.

Anyways, lately I feel like I been slacking too much when it comes to the blog, not posting as much as usual.

Haven’t really been feeling in the mood for picture taking this past few weeks. I blame in part that the scaled figures I been looking forward to the most got delayed or don’t come out until next year. Then again is not like I have a lack of other figures to pictures of right now either.

Argh, I hate photography slumps, fellow photographers what do you do to get out of a funk? Do just wait it out, do you force through and take photos?

Speaking of photos, I have been mildly interesting in buying a micro 4/3rds camera to complement my Lumix LX5 and D3000. The main reason I have yet to buy a camera in that category is the doubt that perhaps I should save up my money and spend it on a full framed body to expand my lens selection. Then again that’s a heavy commitment a least a couple grand if go for something like the D700 and the 105mm lens I want.

Curses why is every singly hobby I have so stupidly expensive?

I also have been distracted by such other mundane things such as my PC crapping out inexplicably for some reason. Somehow Windows managed to die in such a form that I could not even access it in safe mode and none of the repairs options did anything.

Oddly enough I could still access the drive and it’s data from an Ubuntu boot disc. In the end I just reformatted and reinstalled Windows. No big deal since my data lies elsewhere in a separate set of hard drives.

On the good side because of this incident I discovered that my thermal sink and paste had not been applied properly. A quick trip for some thermal paste and reapplication later my PC runs cooler and way safer for my hardware. Good thing nothing seemed to be damaged.

Although because of this I considered buying a laptop since I only got my PC as my personal computer. I got my eyes on ultrabooks specifically Samsung’s Series 9 ultrabooks but boy are they expensive.

Plus my friends have been coming over to play so that usually takes care of my free time during Saturdays which is usually when I have the time and mood to do my photo shoots. It’s all cool though, lately we been playing lots of Dead or Alive 5, bouncy!

Which leads to this latest weekend where I went out with my friends to watch a movie, Looper. Man, that movie pissed me off!

I hate it when movies just hand wave time traveling, didn’t like that the movie used both the theory where actions in the past directly affect a predetermined future and where different actions in the past create a new timeline.

The other thing that I found disappointing was the lack of Bruce Willis, his presence in the movie was not as much as I would have hoped. Plus I feel I got cheated out of the premise the trailer offered, a past self trying to outsmart his future self who has complete knowledge of all the actions he will take.

Oh well, not a bad movie, still liked it.

Aha! Now I don’t have that many random figma shots to use. At least this way I will be forced to take new pictures for a post next time.

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  1. But what happens if you try to procrastinate on procrastinating?!

    I’ve not wanted for content ideas in quite a while now. I’ve got a notebook that I’ve been filling with comic ideas and scripts, among other things, and I always figure if I really get desperate for something to post on my blog, I can always just dig up one of my more obscure figures and do a post on it.

    Though, I’m shit at thinking up and then doing random/themed photo shoots.

    • I don’t know, procrastination inception?

      I have this Google doc for ideas I wanna do, sometimes I want to do them right away but can’t and end up losing interest or have to wait for figures to be released. Occasionally I’m waiting for figmas that don’t exist like Cirno. I think though, that I will start using a physical notebook to carry around and write down ideas as soon as they come to mind.

      • I used to not write things down as soon as I had the idea, and just ended up forgetting them. Though, I like actually writing stuff instead of typing it out, since I find it better for transmitting thought flow.

        Those Moleskine notebooks are pretty good, though. Although my notebook is a wannabe Moleskine.

        I can’t say I’ve had ideas for figures that don’t exist, but I do have plenty for figures I have on order. I’m starting to see it as a gauge of how much I actually want a figure – if it was a impulse pre-order and I’m not thinking of anything I can do with it, I should probably reconsider.

        Right now, though, I’ve got like two months of material waiting for Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter. Everyone will be tired of me when I’m done and it will be great!

  2. I wish I had an answer to get out of photography slumps — then I’d give it to Ash so he’d shoot something!

    It used to be a non-issue for me as I would just shoot against black, but these days I can’t really get motivated on that anymore. I wanted to shoot Sabertits against some greenhouse flowers, but alas, I don’t have your mighty testicular fortitude.

    Also, bloody hell, A Micro 4/3rds? No one needs three cameras + iPhone camera. NO ONE.

    • Get cracking then, go, go, go! You have a higher stake here.

      C’mon go out and about, it’s only painful the first few times once you get used it to it’s quite nice.

      The iPhone 4 camera is nearly useless in my opinion, so disappointed in it for all the hype it got. You can’t never have enough cameras. I’m thinking that if I get one something small like the Sony ones or so I would end up replacing my LX5.

  3. A few weeks ago I was in a similar situation – no figures too shoot XD

    Ah yeah cameras are nice, for a short period of time I had an old SLR, a crappy digicam, a Canon 20D and my almighty Sony 550.

    Now I only have grandma 20D and Sony-sama left, *heck* I have so many lenses for both things, even though I don’t use the canon anymore. Without LED viewfinder I can’t work anymore ;D

    take care ^_^

    • I do have figures to shoot just no ideas for them and I do have ideas for figures I don’t have. :/

      Maybe I should just spend my money on more lenses but then again my selection is limited without a full frame camera.

      • Ah ok, well I have Louise and Saber maid here, but don’t really have an idea for the shooting. I also wanted to reshoot Momohime.

        Buying good lenses is a good idea. You can use the full frame lenses on the normal dslr body’s as far as I know from my Canon experiences

  4. Just, how many figures did you brought along? Looks a lot.

    Procrastinating… Lessee… I have many ideas on figure stories, yet ideas for a new 3D model comes which bumps into my ideas of new artworks and then real-life issues bumps them yet again.

    With November coming, a few new items are on the way, namely figma Reimu (FINALLY!) and Revoltech Toyohisa Shimadu from Drifters manga.

    As for my camera, I expect my Canon A3200IS will have a long career ahead. Good sensors, 3cm macro, image stabilization. Ah yes…

    • Haha, usually is just one, these pictures are from a bunch of different outings.

      Yeah, lately I find myself becoming more interested in new stuff so I keep postponing some stuff. I should really just pump out the ideas I have.

      I look forward to November I been wanting you to get Reimu since forever.

      My cameras are just fine, although if I replace my DSLR for a full body my options could expand.

  5. I missed this for long, O_O And glad to have seen a kind of post like this, lol.

    Homu, please… I still have to dive in to that food. :<

    Question: For all the cuteness, why is the token character (Reimu) not here? =/

    • Haha, yeah been slacking off lately, waiting on a few figures to arrive to act on a few ideas for new posts.

      You know, I never really consider that, I just very rarely use the Touhou figmas for anything even if they rank pretty high among my favorites.

  6. Procrastinating isn’t a bad thing by itself, because well…sometimes you really need to take a break from pretty much anything. The important is going back to us once the procrastination ends…:D

  7. Hahaha I just came back from a really looong break so I’m not exactly an expert on the issue. Based on personal experience, whenever I get something new, I would wanna go for a shoot with it. No new loot, no reason to shoot. =3

    However my friends do call me out for group shoots regularly so even though I have nothing new, I might still be taking photos which isn’t all that bad I suppose. =3

    • Hmm yeah, not a lot of stuff coming out that I was looking forward lately, that contributed for sure. Now, there is loot, now all I need is a single day for myself to sit down and take some photos.