Mikuru’s close encounter part II

For those few people that wondered what ever happened to Mikuru after her close encounter, here you go.

A continuation from last year’s Halloween post.

Soooo, I totally wanted to make this post for Halloween but here we are almost a month later.

Actually would have done this sooner but really wanted the original Giger Aliern revoltech, wanted that facehugger a lot. However, for some reason the price on that revoltech shot up really high, going for as much as $120+ USD, a price that is too much for a single revoltech in my opinion. I wonder why, wonder if it was because Prometheus got released or something. Nevertheless I was able to acquire it second hand from AmiAmi for pretty much retail price, sure makes me happy I lost all those auctions.

I totally did not document the lighting set up I used for the first part I did last year, so I had some mishaps trying to recreate something similar I was happy with. That’s why this time I documented right away so I wouldn’t forget.  You can go take a look to see my rather unique set up for it.

Also, I broke Kyon’s camera holding hand, that makes me very sad.

Well then until next time. 



  1. Mikuru, having a good suspense-terror at the wrong place, RIGHT time.

    Oh man, too bad Kyon’s camera holding hand broke.

    At first I thought it was a pokeball, but then Samus. Lol.

    Wait what, Xenomorph?? Me gusta! But I facefaulted at the price—$120+ ( o_o)

    • As long as it is fun right?

      Yeah, such a shame, maybe it can be fixed but it looks doubtful.
      Those prices were ridiculous, more bothersome the only reason they are that high is because someone keeps paying them.

  2. Oh cool a second part, it’s was a great continuation of this story and I liked all of your “panels” the scary light looks pretty cool.

    So you really paid that much for the Alien action figure?
    Well,sometimes it can’t be helped if we badly want something.

    A question to your setup, have you linked the PC with your camera or just to your monitor?

    • Glad you enjoyed it, generating that lighting set up was pretty fun.

      No I did not, kept loosing all the auctions for it. Luckily enough for me I saw listed one day for about 3000 yen on AmiAmi’s used section.

      No, my camera is not that fancy, can’t do any of the cool PC connecting stuff. Instead I use an EyeFi card to transfer the photos as I take them to my PC.

  3. That’s a good entry by Samus. Or is that REALLY is Samus… >.>

    Sorry to hear about Kyon’s hand piece tho…

    Yow, 120+ USD for a Revoltech figure? That’s unearthly (pun intended).
    Well, good thing you managed to get a 2nd hand one. =)

    • Of course it is, it would be silly if it wasn’t.

      Yeah, only once did I pay such extravagant prices for a figma. After that I decided that never again, not worth it no matter how much I want it.

  4. Mikuru, that’s why they made dem things called Pulse Rifles, you can never go wrong with dem Pulse Rifles XD

    That aside, man 120+ USD, that makes me regret not getting the only Revoltech I’d like (that is putting aside Nanael) sigh

    Btw, sorry to hear about Kyon’s hand. Come to think of it, I haven’t even repaired my Mikuru’s arm ball joint.

    • Hmm… luckily enough I can count with one hand the number of cases where it has happened with stuff I like. In the end just playing the waiting game is better than haltingly dropping down the cash.

      Too bad the hand broke in such a way that repair seems unlikely.

  5. Man, that facehugger is so cool. And damn, I’ve already broken 2 of Kyon’s hands, figma hand pegs back then were so fiddly! I ended up superglueing them back together but the wrist bit is stuck in one position now

    • Yup, just for that I held on doing this post for months, pretty neat.

      Man they sure were, so afraid I’m gonna break the pegs when I used my older Haruhi figmas. Don’t know if I can fix Kyon’s hand haven’t taken a close look since it broke.