I got a new toy, yay!

Just a quickie today.

So I upgraded my venerable Lumix LX5 to the next iteration the Lumix LX7.

I use my LX5 way more than my DSLR. For simple snaps for Twitter and other social media, family gatherings, friend gatherings, it simply is my go to camera. I also use it in mostly in low light conditions, inside homes, in restaurants, etc. Plus the LX7 has a new faster F1.4 – 2.3 lens, the sensor swapped from a CCD to a CMOS sensor, upped ISO performance and new easy to use controls for aperture and white balance. It’s all too perfect for my needs.

To make it even better Amazon had a sale on Point & Shoots during Black Friday and I had an Amazon gift card allowing to buy the LX7 for essentially half off the regular price, considerably less than what I paid for the LX5.

With this my “imaging armory” now contains my lovely Nikon D3000 with the stock 18-55mm lens, a 40mm micro prime lens, the LX5, a fancy Eye Fi card for easy transfer of pictures to my PC at home, an IR remote and now the LX7. Someday when I’m more willing to drop a few grand for the Nikon 105mm micro prime lens and new DSLR that allows me auto focus non AF-S lenses I will add those to the list as well. I would also like a nice portrait lens for when I take pictures of things that are not figures, like people.

What about you guys, what’s on your “imaging armory”, what do you want to add to it?

Higher ISO doesn’t look that bad right?


  1. I’ve got an outdated hand-me-down DSLR, a cheap Canon point-and-shoot, and I guess my phone.

    I don’t actually plan on getting anything other than an accessory, if I can find what I’m looking for. I take terrible photos anyways, so it always seems like a bad idea to me to bother investing heavily in camera gear when I’m no good at it. I doubt I’d have even purchased a DSLR if I never got the hand-me-downs.

    • I think your photos are just fine, if your current camera works for you I see no need to buy something else.

      I wonder if I jumped the gun buying a DSLR barely after using a so so P&S for a few months. In retrospect I could do just fine with a high end P&S like the Lumix LX5 and LX7.

  2. My so-called “armory” consist of my trusty Canon A3200IS and my Galaxy S3… Then again, I mostly do close-ups so these are adequate. I think. Think-ish…

    It’ll take so time before I eventually jump to the DSLR wagon. Eventually.

    • The DSLR wagon huh, I wonder if for out type of use it is needed, I suppose a median like micro 4/3rds cameras would work just fine. Then again for that price might as well buy an entry level DSLR.

  3. Oh a CMOS sensor sounds cool, does the cam has a better depth of field with that? Well, sell the LX5 now, you don’t need two point and shoots ;p.

    I shouldn’t brag about my lens park, I have to many since I changed from the Canon to the Sony platform. I accumulated 5 Canon and 5 Sony lenses. I kept most Canon lenses since I can’t tell if I will change back someday.

    Too bad that your dslr restricts your choices of lenses, well the lens prices are another topic ^^ 100ß0€ equipment is out of question for me.

    What I would like to have is a better tripod with ballhead.
    And a big studio room, I hate to tidy up after every shooting and having a room full of decorations XD

    • Selling stuff, feels like a pain, plus my LX5 does have quite a bit of tear and wear. I wonder how much I could get for it.

      You got 10 lenses, that’s a bit… hardcore? Ah, but I do remember you mentioned you used to do other types of photography before.

      Indeed, that’s what I’m waiting on Nikon to announce an update to the D7000. Depending on what they show for the D7100 or whatever they call it and its price I might be getting it or a D7000 in the near future.

      I love my current tripod, it has a metal ballhead so it wont horribly break like my first tripod. It’s made of pretty sturdy aluminum and it’s not to heavy and pretty cheap.


      This, this oh so much, I use my desk so I have to clear it off, then put everything back, put aways my props and any figures I used. Such a pain in the ass.

  4. I’m currently using my XZ-1 and currently playing with wider apertures, apparently although Olympus isn’t up there in the noise department it does compensate with sharp details and nice shades of colors :3

    • If you mostly shoot indoors where you can easily control lighting I don’t find ISO performance to be all that important. Wider apertures are cool, more bokeh and more light in the camera.

  5. I recently bought a D5100 that I’m loving so far. I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to cameras but I guess I’m getting used to how to use a DSLR. Once I get more antiquated with the D5100 I’ll probably pick up some lenses as all I have is the kit lens. I wouldn’t mind picking up a nice point and shoot like the Lumix as it’s a pain to lug around a DSLR since it’s a bit bulky. Hopefully I can save up for one if I stop spending all my money on nendoroids ^^.

    • My fellow co-blogger has a D5100 it’s pretty nice. Using a DSLR all the time in manual is a nice way to learn as it teaches how cameras work, what does what when you take a picture.

      That’s pretty much the reason I bought the LX5 in the first place. A DSLR is nice and all but not preferred for some casual shooting. I suppose an alternative would be getting a micro 4/3rds camera as it gives you the flexibility of a DSLR and the portability of a P&S. Too bad it’s just as expensive as a DSLR itself.

  6. And by new toy you mean new Lumix LX7. Yep.

    Was still looking for my additions to my little imaging armory, lol. Now that you’ve stated good things about LX7, I’ll add it to my comparison list and choose.