It gets pretty cold when it snows! – A year in review

Heya guys, how were your holidays? Did everyone had a good time during the winter break?

I sure did, although my plans to get lots of gaming and picture taking done got skewed in the end. At the very least thanks to getting my one snow day of the year I was able to snap some nice pictures of the always awesome looking Ryougi Shiki from Good Smile.

That aside I wanted to share some tidbits from last year, a light year in review if you will.

According to the nice WordPress year in review email, it seem like 2012 was a good year for Otagamers. Views and visits where up from last year, higher overall monthly averages, except for the few months where we slacked off a bit.  Apparently the top three countries visitors came from where the United States, Philippines and Canada. Numbers of comments have also been good, specially from the regulars. Love you guys!

One last thing to mention, I was very surprised the actual keyword “Otagamer(s)” was on the top most used keywords.

Anyways, that aside I would like to talk a bit about the figures and their posts themselves.

The most popular scaled figure posts would be Exilehero’s lovely and sexy Muramasa, with good reason that figure is amazing. In fact, keywords related to the character are among the most used to arrive at this blog.

For my part it would be the super cool looking Aigis ART WORKS ver, out of all the figures I took pictures of last year this one is my definite favorite. It’s just so good, fellow blogger Chag sure went out and gave a nice compelling argument for it quite recently too.

I bet next year’s most popular post is probably gonna be Misa-nee, just a bouncy hunch.

When I did the giveaway and asked for feedback, people said they liked our original content like our figure comics, made me very happy to read that.

On the figure comic side it would be Exilehero’s Queen’s Blade and tentacle monsters. If search terms are any indication people sure love their Queen’s Blade and their tentacle raping action.

On my side of things it goes on to Madoka showing her love to Homura. Yup magical girl befriending action at its best.

These two posts sure tell me people are pervs, they like their tentacles and their yuri.

I’ll leave you with a simple video I made, an idea I been entertaining for a while now. This video shows the slide images I used to use for the homepage slider, I always thought since I had one for every post it would make for a nice trip down the memory lane.

Here is every post made in the last year on this blog in order of publication with titles.

I’m curious to know, what were some of your favorites if any?


Alright fellas, we’ll see you around, let’s have a great 2013 together!

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  1. “Otagamers”, ha! Always nice to get stray visitors from a completely different site. One of the top ten searched phrases for Poke the Merch turned out to be “sexy bikini boobs”, which gave me a good laugh.

    My favourite 2012 figure was Max Factory’s Samurai. There’s so much about her I love I don’t even know where to begin. Unfortunately, I missed out on Aegis, on account of having not played P3 at the time of her release. Every review of her looks amazing though.

    • Lol, I mean we do get some rather interesting post and weird ideas, some make me laugh, some me scratch my head others scare me.

      Oh yes, such a nice figure, if I had actually gotten around to shooting mine she probably might have been a big contender. My impressions of a figure change greatly after I take pictures of them.

  2. Which is my favourite posting?
    Hmm… Let’s say there’s a few but tentacles and yuri is definitely amongst it. XD

    Hmm… I think they’ll be an unexpected casualty in my next posting. ;)

  3. Yay Shiki!

    A lovely idea with the video at the end, I might copy that with MY crazy music XD Seriously, Miette such a synthesizer j-pop attack on my ears. “kimi ni” *whistle* Damn and now I even like this song *replay*.

    From the stories I liked: Madoka shows her love to Homura <3, War Machine’s big guns…? , Ika Musume Figma – Won’t you get lost? and Danbo Fights Iron Man Final – The Cardboard Returns! the most.

    Figure review related I loved the hentai angel, Sandaime Muramasa – Delicious Brown Elf Girl Maid , Hakurei Reimu Nemu Matsukura ver. and Sexy Dominatrix a

    • Shiki is so nice, never get tired of taking pictures of her.

      Crazy music huh? Now you got me expecting some weird German folklore music or something. I love the song, I never get tired of it, which is a good thing since I ended listening to it a lot when I made the video.

      You liked so many! I hope that you will like as many during 2013!

  4. My report thing from WordPress hardly said anything at all (although the message was clear – no one cares about your stupid blog!). Maybe it’s because the WordPress hasn’t been active for two full years, so I don’t get any comparison data.

    Everyone’s always keywording to my crap by my name (I still don’t understand!) or looking for that Tychus Findlay.

    What’s the song in that video? It sounds familiar. Also, I wonder how long Youtube will let you get away with those naked boobs.

    • Hmm… yeah that’s how it was for us last year, after I made the switch to my own domain and self hosted blog pretty much WordPress only used a few months which didn’t really say much of anything.

      Your name is memorable and StarCraft is always popular!

      The song is Kimi ni Mune Kyun as it appeared in the ending of Maria+Holic.

      That is a very good question, the video is unlisted so I doubt it will cause problems.

  5. Oh man… TENTACLES, ahahaha!

    Anyways proud to be one of the visitors here who comes from PH. More power to the site/blog I say.

    Anyways how will you fare this year? Hmmmmmm

    • Seems to be a favorite, everyone loves their tentacles.

      It was interesting it ranked so high, south east Asia has a big presence but primarily English speaking countries like the US, Canada and Australia would tend to dominate.

      How will I fare this year? Better than last of course, got plenty of idea. Just need to management my commitments accordingly to set time aside for picture taking.

  6. Madoka and Homura’s article was probably the best, but I’m a bit biased here probably…*start swinging his tail around*

    Let’s do our best in the 2013 as well! *_*

  7. Glad to hear that you guys had a good year as well. I liked what you guys did with the danbo vs iron man thing, it’s not something you usually find on figure review sites.

    • Yup, pretty neat year.

      Yup, that’s why I don’t tend to do many staright up figure reviews, lots of people doing that already.

  8. Philippines here~! Happy to have encountered your blog, more power to you. This is probably the third time I’ve seen Shiki’s photo around here. Can’t deny the fact that you’re improving shooting skill every time. Good job!

    • I’m glad you found mine and that I found yours!

      Yup shoot Shiki three times, funnily enough each time I did it marked a change in the way I take photos.

  9. Hey Miette-chan and Exilehero!
    Its been a while..long time actually since my last visit.
    Big apologies for that during the last couple of months.Been enjoying my long uni break again like last year.

    Its good to hear everything is going well with you and Otagamers. Lets hope it continues on the up!

    anyway now that im kinda settled for a while in London will try and get back to the blogsphere and catch up with fellow comrades.

    Love Ryougi pictures but her feet must be frozen! ^^

    • Indeed, happy to hear you are well! Hey, if I was off traveling and enjoying a long break commenting on blogs probably wouldn’t be the first thing I would do.

      Good year for us, 2013 is of to a good start too!